21 December 2012 – NEW Message from the Star Nations

Dear Friends,

I find this to be a most compassionate film.  It’s 11 minutes long. You don’t have to believe any of it. That doesn’t matter. I invite you to just feel the good vibes, if you choose to watch.

Please receive this in the spirit of wellbeing for humanity and for the Earth during this week at the end of the Mayan calendar.

In the words of neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander (NW Times best-selling author), when he returned from his recent 7-day near-death experience, “All is well.”

1 Comment

  1. I fully resonate with all that was said in this film. For those of us who have been seekers of spiritual truth for many years, this seems to be the time for everything we have hoped and dreamed of to come into fruition.


    Lew Ross


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