A Time for Divine Silence and Divine Love

It’s been a rough week since the event of last Friday.There is also a stark awareness that there is a festering unconscious mind still preying upon the planet. Immediately after this heinous crime the only thing to do was allow Divine Silence to embrace the grieving, yet there were voices aplenty and few with complete understanding of such a loss. Having lost a son, who was three weeks away from his sixth birthday, I am well aware of the depth of sorrow that is felt by those parents. Nothing can be said to aid in the healing for the healing comes over great lengths of time and only the one that suffers can or cannot provide release of this pain. And maybe there will never be any relief at all. So my heartfelt love goes to those parents, and we who have shared similar grief will give your souls divine support. We will be tied to you eternally. God Bless…

1 Comment

  1. divine love back attcha….:). hugs to you both and all the parents affected and all the people of this world….12.21 sock the love to us!!



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