Looking Back from 500 Years Ahead…

As we reach the close of 2012, our tendency, as always at the end of a year, is to look back to what has happened; the good, the bad and the ugly. Unfortunately the majority of the news we focus on is the bad and ugly. This morning on the CBS “Sunday Morning” show one of the segments focused on the good about our humanness. I have posted the segment below so I won’t go into detail, but I thought how interesting our future selves, of 500 years ahead, will find this morsel of love and civility when they check out the events of this year and come across this one. They will see the hope they believed in from their ancestors. They will find amidst the  horror and destruction of this year of transformation there was greatness, humility, compassion, loving kindness and the will of mankind driven by the LIGHT that creates us all. It’s not hard to see that we are, by nature, a good species, sometimes going astray by a corrupted ego. We love from the depths of our hearts and this is what we are born to do. It’s no mistake that our true nature is for the good of all.

And with this said here is one other observation. On “Meet The Press” this morning the show started with David Gregory interviewing Barack Obama yesterday at the White House about the impending ‘fiscal cliff’ threat, as well as other pertinent topics up for discussion. After the interview Gregory set upon the usual roundtable discussion that follows. His first question was posed to the esteemed, conservative NY Times commentator, David Brooks, whose sophisticated, clear thinking approach  makes for the kind of dialogue that is mostly missing in political circles today. Brooks’ first comment was on the brain freeze the republicans have had even after their stunning defeat in November. His second comment was about Obama and it was suddenly the most telling factor about our civilization’s ability to produce greatness even in the face of unimagined unconscious life-forms like our present society. Brooks comment about Obama was the following: “Sometimes he governs like a visitor from a morally superior civilization.” Bingo! You got it right. Wow, what a perceptive eye you have David Brooks. Of course Mr. Brooks sees this as a fault. Sad. Even one of the most sophisticated political and cultural commentators can’t see the brilliance in this being who we have given our trust in for 4 more years. What stroke of fortune helped vote this man back in for another term, even after a campaign was waged against him the moment he first came into office? Many think it was Providence that intervened here and perhaps it’s so. For with all great men that lead the way for society’s growth there is a bit of Providence being played behind the scenes.

Now that this galactic precession has come to a cycle-end we are made to create leaders who have the where-with-all to show us a new path. As the direction points to a greater mind-heart union it is only right that our soul’s choice is the defining factor. It is clear that Mr. Obama is something greater than the usual fare and it’s more than chance that Providence has used its unyielding power to make it so.

Let’s face it, it’s STARING US IN THE FACE. The power we’ve always believed in, prayed to, fought for and died for, is taking charge of this new beginning. All we have to do is surrender to the obvious. Love, humility, compassion, kindness, civility, harmony, oneness – this is our future heritage. And with it all comes the simplest of all qualities, Appreciation. It starts here.


  1. Hey Stefan,
    What a beautiful story—Paying it forward like Jaydan. Thanks for staying alert to this kind of reporting. Needless to say, it brought copious tears to my eyes.
    With great appreciation,


  2. you’re a greatly profound and relevant writer Stefan…always look forward to your personal comments on life…:)

    Happy new Year!



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