Day One – The New Explorers

Joyous New Year! A time when reflection and introspection can spark a conscious wave of awakening to the muddled mind, that has been sequestered from the true nature of existence, through the mental noise and visual distractions of the material plane. This is the world we live in, but we don’t have to abide by it. Now we are getting signals from our successors that the time has come for a more conscious drive toward waking up out of the dream.

The myth that we use only 10% of our brain power has been rightly reversed among scientific circles. Of course we use 100% of our brain function, else we would not be whole as human beings. What is now becoming a more important part of the conversation is the activation (turning on) of multiple strands of DNA, leading to a more awakened being. The question is who is doing the ‘turning’ on? Some over-lord that controls this part of the universe perhaps or maybe it’s the god that we pray to, the god created by man to serve man’s will. 

Okay. This is just part of the illusion we bathe in every second of every day, as we stay [dulled down and mired] in the waves of unconscious living. Now that the Mayan calendar has come to a close and the new cycle has begun, it’s time for us to get our molecules together and add some amperage to the currency of life. With the help of Conscious Evolution, which is an ongoing process of the Soul’s creative force, we can turn on some more light. 

I have excerpted this passage from Book Two – Portal, which describes they way we can start the process of seeing beyond the illusion. I hope you will take the time to try it out. After some  practice you will see a new world before you. One that has pure intelligence, living and breathing all around, and within our grasp. Here’s to Day One of the New Exploration…Happy Journey…

“Being able to see into the Void is the most urgent matter of all in the coming years of your time. Your illusion will be crumbling all around you in many ways. It obviously needs to. This is happening right now before your eyes—in your news media, in your politics, in your personal lives. Behind all the crumbling lie other illusions, ready to replace the one you’re currently in.

“If you do not comprehend what lies behind all the illusions, you will simply substitute one of these others for the current one. It may perhaps be fresher, shinier and more comforting for a while. But it will still be an illusion. The opportunity you now have, as a species, is to realize reality! To enter true empowerment, you must be able to touch the Source of your power. That means knowing the Void!”

“Would you please tell me, then, how can we see the Void more clearly in ordinary life?”

“Here is a simple way. It requires no great technique or practice. Relax. Breathe. Hold your gaze on a single object, one that is not moving.” You point to a paper clip lying in front of me. I look at it intently.

“Do not blink your eyes as you stare at it for a minute or so. Blinking or moving your eyes is a reset button. Do not reset your eyes or mind.

“As you gaze at the object, notice what happens to your vision of it. Notice the distortions that begin to appear around it. It is partially your motor-perception making this happen, of course. But soon the distortions will be apparent within the object itself. The image will fluctuate as it comes into and out of focus. It is not just your eyesight creating this phenomenon. The quantum physicality itself is fluctuating, coming and going, vibrating in and out of existence continuously.

“You are observing the transiency of form—both in your eyes and in the object before you. You saw this in our hands upon the altar outside my house. If you were to stare long enough at any object, it would disappear completely. Without the continual ‘reset’ to physical reality, the forms of the world would be much more transient and transparent. This is the way vigilans see reality. The Veil of Forgetfulness, the curtain between the realm of spirit and mind, is the mechanism for circumscribing your incarnate awareness. The Veil is programmed, in your species, to continually reset itself.

“Now, back to the object. As you see the fluctuations in the image before you, understand it as a portal beyond form. The opening is there right before your eyes, right within the object itself, and right inside your eyes as well. The Void is in the eye of the beholder. Take only one small step toward that portal, and there you are—in the Void, feeling the Void, sensing that it is all around you, beyond time. This exercise can be speeded up, with a little practice, to mere seconds.” You pick up the paper clip.

I blink and the image is suddenly reset to solid. “Thank you, O. That worked for me. I wonder if it will work for anyone else. The Void is right there in front of me, and within me. I like being able to sense it like that.”

“Sense it and use it, my friend. Use it to touch your power and find your presence. Knowing the emptiness that embraces all things is to know the Source and destiny that embraces all things. This can be known by anyone with a strong enough resonance to do so.

“You are now ready for one more clarification. Going within is actually not what the mind thinks it is. We say that reality—truth, power, the whole Cosmos—lies within you. What that means on a more subtle turn is that within you is a portal into reality. It is not that the universe is actually contained by your individuality; the individuality archetype is your icon and access point into the great, ‘undivided’ nature of creation.

“Lying deeply within us all is the Oneness, wholeness and emptiness. This is accessed by means of portals. Study of portals is a major science for vigilans. These portals exist at the quantum level everywhere—non-locally. They are the thresholds to formlessness. In truth there is only one portal everywhere.”

You gesture broadly with your hands. Your facial expressions are captivating me in a way I haven’t sensed since we were with the old man in the far future.

“I guess that makes sense. So, when I enter the Void within myself, or perhaps have any transcendental experience, I am really passing through that portal. I sort of get it. Can you explain a little more about how that works and how it is relevant to us now, during the Great Storm?”

“That portal is, of course, how I communicate with you. You have felt it before as a tiny, subatomic point within yourself. This has been described by some of your scientists as microscopic black holes, lying at the center of every atom.

“To repeat myself in other words, it is actually the non-linear, non-local Threshold of the Void itself. There is no distance you have to travel to reach it. You do not have to seek it ‘out there’ somewhere. It is everywhere—in all space and time and matter. It has no form and, therefore, is not bound by any of the laws of the form world. It is the presence and point of you in each manifestation of consciousness. When any creature realizes this point, it awakens—the creature awakens, and the point awakens!”

Copyright ⓒ 2010 Robert Lee Potter


    1. Yes I have some suggestions. First of all, open eye meditation is common among many meditators. Look at depictions of the Buddha. Many of them have the Buddha’s eyes half open.This is a high state of consciousness, when the eyes are open and the material world dissolves around you. The key is to relax the gaze and not stare with tense eye muscles. Allow your eyes to un-focus and let the muscles in your face relax as well. Bring the eyelids halfway down and concentrate on your breath. Don’t think about the blinking process. After some practice it will become easier for you to enter into that state without blinking. Once you can do it successfully it will feel natural. Also your meditation will become active instead of passive. You’ll understand when you get there. Hope that helps you and Happy New Year to you and Jamie.


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