“Portal” Seminar this Sunday January 13th

It is with great anticipation and joy that I announce our third Letters seminar, being held this Sunday January 13th, at the Starheart Farm in Big Pine, NC. For all of those who have signed up for this event I am posting the day’s information below. Robert, Judy and I look forward to seeing all of you and  communing together with this most important work. Be prepared to be moved to a new level of resonance and experience in a world that is waiting our presence. See you there.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

10 am to 3 pm (4 hours of meditation, inner journeying and dialogue, 1 hour lunch)

Starheart Farm, Big Pine, NC

What is it?

A four-hour dialogue about the messages in the “Letters from 500—Portal” material—Book Two of the trilogy.

This seminar is about portals into destiny—your destiny, our group destiny. The practice we will employ, without a strict agenda, will be dialogue amongst ourselves and our souls, triggered by periodic guided hypnotic meditations, accompanied by inspiring music. We will allow the soul to enter us through the portal we create together. Then we will speak amongst ourselves, with inspiration. Our own words will inform us; that is to say, our words will be the vehicles for our souls to bring spirit into matter, formlessness into form—to inform us.
During our dialogue and inner journeying, we will enter the Void and establish a firm link to our “new universe”—the awakened universe—where a part of our awareness is already being born, where it is now maturing and does reside. By this means, we will place one foot in the ‘new’, and retain one foot in the ‘old’. Thus will we become energetic bridges to awakening, for ourselves and others.
Through all this, we are taking a sacred journey into our collective future, which is to say, into Now. Only the intensity of Now—pure, simple and infinitely profound—can generate the energy and spirit we need to step through these portals and to create the bridge.
O has guided me to suggest reading pages 99 through 101 in Letters from 500—Portal to get a specific idea of the nature of our dialogue. The reading is listed at the bottom of this itinerary.
Finally, out of our small group engagement, we will become a radiant center of silent inspiration, holding the space open for many, many others to find their own ways through the portals that are opening in and around them throughout the world.

Who will be there?

A small group of participants, including Robert Potter, author of the “Letters”, Stefan Bright, blog author, producer and photographer, and Judy Welder, editor and hostess of the farm.

What is the process? 

A variety of approaches offered during the 5 hours, including:

• Stillness group meditation

• Group dialogue (refer to topics list below)

• Guided inner journey, using future progression hypnosis techniques

• Follow-up conversation based on our experiences

• Informal, spontaneous lunchtime conversations

• Journaling from the soul

• Preview of Book Three—Amen

Some topics we may entertain:

• Opening and creating portals into greater awareness

    • Projection of Oneness into many-ness

• Knowing your own ego

• Ego contracts

• The grace of freedom from karma

• The Apocalypse

• More “Suggestions” from Orange, Old Man and Black

• The twin avatars of our age

• The greater project—26,000 years

• Why souls leave the Earth

• The Void and the Source

• Bridging into the New Universe—resonance between our two worlds


We recommend that participants be familiar with the Letters from 500 books before attending. Segments of all three books are available to read online or to purchase at www.lettersfrom500.com. Please read pages 99 through 101 in Letters from 500—Portal

Materials to bring:

• A journal for writing

• A lunch for mid-day break

Suggested donation for the day: $20.00

To register or for more information: Reply to this email or call 828-649-2192

The following is from pages 99-101 in Letters from 500 – Portal. It is a recommended read prior to coming to the event:

“This is all too much! I don’t know what to say. I guess I see your point. My ego will certainly bring us down to Earth, if that’s what we need.”

“Precisely. But the major work has been wrought. You have demonstrated the pattern for release—for yourself and others. My continuing advice for all participating in this exercise is that you focus on the work of aligning with the greater vortex. Alignment in this case means emptying out yourself and everything you have ever created in all your lives on Earth. It is aligning your self, your being and your body into one synchronous whole. In so doing, we are opening the passageway between the universes. Now is the time for this.”

“Excuse me, but what do you mean by emptying out what we have created?”

I sense you smiling, “I thought you might ask me that. The great game we are playing here is the emptying out of the soul. The aspect of the soul that faces into duality carries much baggage from the past. I speak here, not of the oversoul, or the greater Ego, but of the localized conditional soul. This is where karma accumulates—as the soul breathes Life into its repeated forms on Earth. Allow me to explain.

“In the action of creating a form, each soul projects a breath of itself into the vehicle of incarnation. This great exhalation becomes the opportunity for karma to be attracted, in the first place. To apply emptiness, the soul needs to breathe back the energy of aware- ness it has sent out, and empty its incarnate forms. From our incarnate perspective, the breathing is reversed. That is, we inhale as the soul breathes out; we exhale as the soul breathes in.”

“Whoa. I’m getting lost here. What?”

“You do not need to understand my explanations with your mind.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that, because my mind is having some real difficulty with it.”

“What’s important here is the breathing. The soul’s breathing is the means for clearing karma. Our forms take on esoteric emptiness as the soul breathes back its essence from our forms. This is what we experience as stillness. By emptying the vessel of incarnation—the little self—we prepare the way for deep presence to arise. The Void is that presence. This is the practice of stillness—feeling the soul’s in-breath.

“Then a most exquisite paradox comes into play. The inner emptiness finds resonance with the fullness of our energy bodies, and resident in the universal wholeness around us; this is the fulfillment of our intercourse between form and formlessness.”

“Please wait. I’m feeling particularly dense about this. What does breathing and emptiness have to do with wholeness? And what does this have to do with form and formlessness?”

“I can only suggest, for now, that you feel what I’m saying, rather than understand it; jump over the mind for this. Reach out with your ‘other’ awareness—through the stillness. Breathe out to your fellow humans. Use your energy body to find the wholeness in you, and reach out with it into the wholeness of your species. Use the breath to link your essence with that of other like souls. For now, let it sink—through forgiveness—into your heart. Note the relationship between lungs and heart. You will eventually know what I am saying.

“In linking with others, you may physically gather in actual groups. But most importantly, you may imagine and intend non- physical formations fusing, more upon more, becoming the wider open portal. Of course, doing both would be best. At this moment in history, you have the blessing and grace to go between the universes. Cross back and forth persistently through the portal, and plant the seeds of transformation where they may grow. Create the pathways for any to follow. Breathe this into being.”

“Are you asking us to create a passage for others as well as our- selves then? Can we do this? What about people who will never hear these words?”

“Very good questions. The answer is ‘yes’ to the first two. There are those who will join you in the passage without creating their own individual portal, and without releasing the ego contract. Not many humans can actually accept the grace of freedom yet. Their genetics will have to transmute first.

“Once the greater portal is open and active, all who can imagine the new universe may enter—regardless of their awakening. Their passage will be more disorienting and turbulent, but they will not be turned away. There will be many who will discover the opportunity only after the Great Storm has passed. For this reason, the portal will remain open as long as is necessary to fulfill the individual destinies of humanity.”

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