AH Training Wave with Jonathan Goldman.

As we enter the month of Pisces we are reminded of our inner life and the need for introspection and contemplation before the Spring Equinox arrives in mid March. I am fortunate to be in Jamaica at the moment and feeling the warmth of our solar system’s life giver. I have completed a session of Jonathan Goldman’s AH Training Wave which elevates the vibratory resonance of the heart and emits the complimentary waves to mother earth’s tone. It is a powerful exercise and one that can transform all the negative vibrations that are absorbed by our body on a daily basis. We cannot defend ourselves by way of the mind’s reasonings or logic. These are only ego’s proud friends and not the saving grace we need to thwart the forces that beleaguer us constantly. Our true friend in this battle is our heart. Our sweet heart. No judgements or damnations has this friend. It only smiles at the naughty scoundrel which calls itself ego and dismisses ego’s fantasy with life as lessons learned.

So here is the link to help you on your way to heart consciousness. Let it start your day with peace and resonance. AH Training Wave

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    You are such a great writer – I really love the way you express yourself – so clearly and poetically.

    Doing better, finally getting my sea legs. Just celebrated Jamie’s 60th and am feeling extremely grateful for him and his love for me.

    Want to see you guys when you return to our area….:)




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