“We Are Radiant Spiritual Beings”

Thanks to Robert’s advice we have been listening to the 21 Day Meditation Challenge with Oprah and Deepak Chopra. This particular meditation series deals with our bodies and health. Anyone experiencing health issues, large or small, would do well to listen in to these 15 minute activations. It is a free subscription and you can begin with the first meditation even though they have completed the 7th one today.

Though I have been meditating for some time now there are moments when my dearest ego wants to negate these simple yet poignant programs. The more I meditate and grow within the sweetness of the NOW the more I find how little I really know about the fullness of life and the answers to the Cosmic Lila/play. We can grow smug within our growth, as the ego tugs us, but be assured that the greatest truths are sometimes found in the most basic expressions. Those of us who feel they are above these simple meditations may find the most illumining experiences within them. Every thing that comes our way is an experience toward awakening. Every person that touches our life is an angel of awakening.

Here is the link for you to begin a wonderful experience and know that your day will be better because of it. And as Oprah mentioned on day 6 of the meditations,  “each one of us is a radiant spiritual being.”  Namaste…


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  1. Thanks, Stefan. I had a very similar reaction to the one you described. When I saw that Deepak and Oprah were doing this together, my ego rolled its eyes and wanted me to feel that I was too “advanced” for this kind of mass-market, internet-based meditation.

    Luckily, I’m taking a wonderful weekly class at Temple University (OLLI program) in Philadelphia, entitled “The Inward Journey”. The teacher is the delightful Iris Cutler. She encouraged all her students, whatever their level of spiritual progress, to try out the 21-day meditation challenge. Perhaps the “challenge” is really to get our egos out of the way for 15 minutes a day.

    I’ve gone through the first week now and I truly feel blessed by stepping into the simple, humble format of these meditations. There is a marvelous feeling of oneness that arises when we recognize that all pilgrims are on the same level. The only “progress” we ever really make on the path toward enlightenment is to see through the ego and little mind into the place we came from originally, the Source. That Source is indeed the destination of all our spiritual ambitions.

    My advice: Sit and enjoy. Each day’s offering is joyously uplifting and healing.

    Robert Potter


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