Reflection in the Wind

It seems as though the energy flow of the conscious channel has stopped for a while. The downloads have quietly come to rest. I have no words, as before, I only have sensibilities. Empathic connections to the world at large and the drama that sparks our day-to-day. I’ve tried to elaborate it, several times in the last month, but nothing clears through the passageway of communication and I am dumb for it. Perhaps it’s best that the inner voice takes charge and keeps the rough edges of interpretation mute.

The sweet wind of May is dancing outside my window now and the present moment is all that really matters. I shall leave the adults to ponder the rest of the madness and know that solutions for the continued success of our species is in questionable hands.

I can only pray for success…


  1. We look forward to more words of wisdom from Robert Potter. Also wondering about meeting with Robert for face to face discussions.Lew Ross


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