One for the Good Guy

At the moment, on this planet, it is very rare to see the good guy get his due. And when one does we must applaud and applaud LOUDLY. This is the case with Rupert Sheldrake, a biologist and writer whose path has taken him on an amazing journey, the discovery of the  morphic fields and morphic resonance. I’ve linked to his website, above, so you can peruse more clearly his thoughts and ideas.

However, this post is dedicated to his banned talk on the iconic TED TALKS website. This talk on the dogmas of science raised many eyebrows from the lauded scientific community and was deemed heretical by them for what they perceived as preposterous claims.

We can not exclude those who see life out-of-the-box. For up till now inside the box is the only life we have been given by the keepers of the box key. We’ve been good penned animals, allowed out to graze for a moment and then shepherded back to the closeted world of the pen. Now it’s time to break the locks on the gate. This Sheldrake talk is a wonderful addition to our ticket to freedom and I hope you will enjoy it as much as we did.

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