The Soul’s Twins – Love and Wisdom

This blog has recently gotten recognition from another blogger DivineGrace, whose blog is entitled Soul Love. She visited Letters and was kind enough, or interested enough, to  read through several of our posts here. Peaking my interest, I clicked on to her Soul Love and found that her posts elevate the consciousness of the reader and evoke a purity of love that is missing in so much of our lives. The title Soul Love pretty much sums up the essence of her writings and I would recommend a visit. It will brighten your auric field and delight your inner child.

Since there are no coincidences in life, it was surely synchronistic that the day I was writing on Why Souls Love the Earth I ventured into the world of DivineGrace and the door to Soul Love opened for me into another realm. This seems to be the pattern for Conscious Evolution, to move us above the spectre of our species self destruction and awaken the pearls from their beds of slumber. Now it is time to continue the discussion, as this is a celebrated weekend for remembrance and the Soul is ever more successfully chopping through the underground of our consciousness and exposing the dense fabric to the light of delight. While you meditate on the memory of your beginning let the following excerpt enhance your resonance and expand your field into Delight’s ever-loving embrace.

“How is wisdom a twin of love? I’ve always wondered about so-called ‘love-wisdom’.”

You answer, “Love is intimate knowing. So is wisdom. The distinction our minds perceive hinges on the nuances of ‘intimacy’. One side of this metaphorical ‘hinge’ swings into profound, personal closeness; the other swings toward the depths of integrated intelligence. Both definitions merge when we contemplate ‘intimate knowing’. Love places emphasis on the intimacy, while wisdom focuses on the knowing. As one, they employ an identical power in nature. Such is the duality of Oneness.”

I ask, “The soul has duality?”

“Ah, but of course. You know about ‘twin souls’. You know about the dark night of the soul, and the bright solar angel. You know that the soul is the bridge between two shores, linking heaven and Earth.”

“Well, yeah. I guess that means there is some kind of duality.”

“As love-wisdom—via the soul—approaches the Earth plane, it creates the game of yin and yang. Love’s presence encounters ‘objects’ of love. Wisdom meets particularized, objective knowing. Projected Oneness transforms into individualized duality. In terms of projection from Source, the soul becomes a lens for all sacred properties shining into us.

“So, why do souls love the Earth?”

“First, they are the embodiment of that love within themselves, in their ethereal vastness as well as in their particularity. Second, their destination, Earth, is itself a personification of love. Though this planet has seen long periods that were most unloving, remember, everything is its opposite. Therefore, that which is ‘unloving’ is a disguised form of love. I remind you that opposites are the extreme poles along an axis that unites them wholly, as one. Looking from beyond duality, the true Earth is a prime vehicle of the divine Logos. Logos is the ‘word’ of planetary life and compassion. That word is ‘love’.

“Third, since the mission of souls is to inject compassion and integrity into incarnation, they inject love into us. So, to say that ‘souls love the Earth’ is actually a three-way redundancy. It’s the same as saying, ‘beings of love bring the energy of love to the embodiment of love?’ ‘Being, energy and embodiment’ are the answers to the question of ‘why’.”

I shrug, amazed at your words. “OK, since you put it that way…”

You continue, with a smile, “From another angle, we can say that souls are drawn to Earth by their empathy for a place of such struggle, pain and turmoil. They enter here as the cleansing, purifying agents of Conscious Evolution—even as their incarnate forms create all manner of mayhem. Souls look upon our planet as a birthplace for love. That is to say, Earth is the lowest plane—the ground—on the involutionary arc of spirit, coming into form and matter. It is the densest physical point of all. Thus, it can become the launching platform for rising again, up through the evolutionary arc. It is the base for rebirth and renewal.

“In the greater scheme, soul embodies the prime intention of the Solar Logos: to redeem consciousness in matter, to lift it up from its ‘fall’ into separation and obscurity. It seeks to fulfill the destiny of a truly peaceable kingdom on Earth.

“The ultimate mission of the soul within our planet and within all species—mineral, plant and animal—is transcendence. Under its auspices, all species move into ever expanding awareness and appreciation. At the end of the long progression, we step off the Earth at last, into the vital, welcoming Cosmos. Our forms transcend themselves into formlessness and freedom. This is mastery of incarnation. Thence we come to embody wisdom, love and ascendancy, ready for birth into ever greater mysteries.”

Finally I ask, “O, this is all very illuminating. But why are we talking about souls right now?”

“Look back at the other epilogues. We always return to the soul in the end. For us, in incarnation, it is the same as returning to Source. We come full circle when we return to the soul. But for me, speaking personally, I talk of the soul because the soul talks to me—of itself and of the One Self.

“There really is only one soul, after all. It presents itself to us as many, just as our own forms paint us as separate from one another. This is illusion, of course. But, in the end, it is a useful illusion. The soul comes forth in these epilogues, to speak through us, in order that we will see through the mirage, in order that we use the illusion and not be used by it. The soul would have you know its presence behind the words and spaces of these books. It would have you know its pure love and wisdom.”

An excerpt from Letters from 500- AMEN Copyright ⓒ 2012 Robert Lee Potter


  1. Can I just say what a relief to unclver someone that really knows
    what they are discussing over the internet.

    You certainly know how to bring an issue to light and
    make it important. A lot more people myst check
    this out and understand this side of the story. I can’t believe you are not more popular because you
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  2. I love my twin flame as my own life. We have 6 years it started. That the divinity and the universe conspired to make our will meet again. It was a painful situation, where time passes and our spirits were found but not yet our life together, wahoo something inside me tells me that our time is very close. But really qud has been a time of trouble, dd uncertainty, but where prevailed
    Infinite love we have. I confess that since I find that the really my other half, my twin flame, my spirit was more calm.


  3. Reblogged this on earthengirl and commented:
    This love for my Rainbow Twin Flame who says he is my Soul Mate is the most profound love I have ever experienced. It has transcended time and space, casts its light out into multiple dimensions, and began its journey with me when I was 12 in a vision.. From there into the dreams did we travel until in real time did our lives touch and intertwine and evolve a deeper love within us… a pure love ..


    1. And this love you feel so deeply can only be the essence of Source resounding inside you. This is a love Divine and is measured not in time or space, but in the vastness that is the Formless. To touch this no-thing-ness is to touch the eternal Divine in its Ultimate Home. Thank you for visiting our home.


  4. This is, wonderfully, masterfully written. I am intrigued that I’ve acquired a new insight thru this passage. I’ve never heard it as Conscious Evolution before. And hearing about love and wisdom going hand in hand. Love it.


    1. Thank you Hannah. This new insight has been resting beneath your conscious mind since your soul entered the physical. You have found a sign post that you have been looking for, as I did when I first read Letters from 500. This resonance elevates our hearts to states of bliss, for the Soul has helped the conscious mind find the road it has been searching for through incarnations. There is no better nectar than this.


    1. And thank you, Andrea, for finding us. Your resonance with ‘Letters’ is affirming. Your dedication to the Awakening of our planet is evidence that we are in an upward spiral through Conscious Evolution. I will follow your creative expression, When In New Places, with abounding joy.


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