Imagination – Form Through The Formless

About a week ago I was out on the West Coast and picked up Origin Magazine for the first time. Boy, have I been missing out. Wonderful interviews abound, with people of renown, known for creating timeless works . The great surprise was the depth to which each interviewer goes to extract gems of wisdom from the voices of those we respect . One remarkable interview was with the iconic designer Milton Glazer. Famous for creating New York Magazine in 1968 and the fantastic “I Heart New York” slogan, Milton Glazer is  guru to most hopeful designers starting out today. I bring attention to this interview because of the deep understanding Mr. Glazer has about the imagination and the realm from which it comes. It moved me so much that I had to share it with all and I hope that it works its magic with you as it has with me. Please click on the image below and enjoy the read.

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