Testimonial from David William Gibbons

Letters from 500

This trilogy of books through which I have seen clearly a man’s journey, brought me to a windswept shore where together we shared moments of realization. In this octave of life through which we travel, those shared moments on that blustery shore resulted in one heart and infinite connection. To know that you know of the secrets of this cosmic creation, is as sublime as the exquisite chalice from which we both sipped the fruits of our oneness. These books tell of great times written from afar and yet unknowingly so near. The author has a thirst for truly exploring among the layers of strata from which our legacy is stored. The book and its characters feel and yearn for our surrender, in seeing the now from this actual moment and yet also from 500 years ahead. This intrigued me during our ensuing moments of blending and shaping together in dialogue; moments that would manifest in those endless opportunities that we harness today so that in 500 years time the very characters in this book will say “they made the dream come true.” To read these books, is indeed to find one’s own infinite potential. David William Gibbons broadcaster, historian and writer.

It is with great joy that I announce the upcoming, online, interview with Robert and David Gibbons of DG Networks. DG Networks produces International broadcasts, delivered by David Gibbons and created through deep dialogue across diverse areas including science, philosophy, spirituality, environment, health and technology.

We hope that you will take time to listen to Robert and David in this broad-based conversation on Letters from 500; its beginnings, its ideas and the hope it provides for our future human species.

The interview airs this Sunday, July 7th (6:00pm eastern time, 3:00pm pacific time.)  It can be accessed at this link:


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