It’s Time for Compassion to Embody the Earth

Have you ever watched the movie “Fierce Grace” about Ram Dass, his story after his stroke? Baba Ram Dass, for those who do not know, is the Harvard Psychology professor who went from LSD experiments with his colleague Timothy Leary to an enlightened life of yogi and author. “Be Here Now” was one of the most celebrated books of the New Age beginnings and now, this movie ‘Fierce Grace’ chronicles his life after stroke. This movie will bring out of you the deepest emotions that lie within the Divine circle. It will make you weep for joy, of knowing that there is something deeper in life than our ‘small self’ story. This is a masterpiece of transcendental proportions.

I have chosen an excerpt that brings true love and compassion from the highest realm into our understanding. I will be excerpting more of this magnificent life in future posts. Enjoy through your tears of understanding.

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