Dialogue Alive


I awoke this morning wanting to write poetry.

I lay there thinking about how the stars in space continue to move away from each other—at unimaginable speeds. We are like them in many ways; we want togetherness—twin suns, solar systems, galaxies, limitless bands of galactic webs. Three quarters of all stars in the universe are ‘twins’. We all want to move closer. But in the same wanting, we push away. Wanting, is itself, a pushing away—against ‘what is’.


Aging is such an interesting, frightening, enlightening process. It’s an opportunity to really wake up—if we would—to be alert to the forces that hold us together with one hand and push us apart with the other.


The great teachers have said it’s an illusion that we are ‘separate’, they say the universe is all One, that ‘all this’ is Allah… or God or Source. We can even feel this force directly for ourselves at times. it is in our flesh and bones, blood and breathing. Yet we are held away, drawn away, to live and carve out our ‘individual’ lives for a few score years on Earth. How quickly it all dissolves back down to essence though!

Oneness is this. It is not a fuzzy, warm, smarmy thing at all. It strips us to the bone, to the atom down. Down. Down. Wake up! The message of separateness is that we must go beyond all form to find Oneness. We must crush all our atoms into mist to find Openness. That message will not cease to pound us in the ears (and hearts) as long as we are identified, in even the slightest way, with forms.



I can’t keep reiterating enough, that we intuitively know that the Oneness Choir resounds with the greatest sound of any other sound. I’m a sound guy so sorry for all the sound imagery, but you know what I mean. The form world is made up of multiple egos on every level, perhaps this is the Divine Ego in its greatest form, and the natural tendency of ego is to be separate from all else. Atoms to Galaxies to Universes there is a push-pull that keeps the mechanism working seamlessly. This is what gives us the ability to manifest in an evolving stream. I am sympathetic to all that is happening around me now and my tears are just as strong for the ‘bad guys’ as they are for the ‘good guys,’ however my devotion to truth makes my tears for bad guys tears of disbelief and for good guys tears of hope. this is a purely emotional, empathetic approach, not an approach that stems from the highest wisdom. But, I am human and enjoy the emotional catharsis it provides and when I am deep within my formless self I intuit that it is all good. 

Robert, as always you are right on point. I’m glad you stirred the pot a little today.


From V (the Voice of the Void, speaking through B):

“To know your isness is to know the isness of all creation—the ‘Great Isness’, shall we say. Who you are is a non-detachable fragment, an eye-slit, of the Great Isness. The eye-slit, of course, is what you use to peer through the mask—the persona—of your particular incarnations. Human beings identify so thoroughly with the ‘eye-slit’ that you cannot imagine yourselves otherwise. Imagine, for instance, what a blow to the ego going blind would be. ‘No, I am my eyes!’ And, from extension, ‘I am my mind!’ Imagine what a blow to the ego going mindless would be!

“The intention of this message is to aid you all to identify with your true identity. The one that lies beyond form, beyond Life itself even. Source. Source is the ancient of days, the ‘one about whom naught may be said’. To ‘say’ would be to put a form on it. It would then become ‘untrue’. Source has no form. It IS truth! It generates all form, yes. But the intention here is to connect you and transmute you, not to form you, not to give you another form to identify with.

“Begin again! This has been a relentless mantram and initiative for all the ages. Why? It’s not just that it keeps us moving, aspiring, inspiring, breathing. It’s not just that creation is always a beginning, unendingly. Beginning again is a pointer into how the dissolution and evolution of the universe operates beyond separation.

“As we truly begin again, we must shake off the baggage and chains of the past. And we must embrace the unknown. The ‘unknown’ presses every button in our psychic array. It makes us sit up, shake, and know intimately this moment, this Now. ‘What’s next? It could be frightening! It could take me far out of my comfort zone!’

“The most basic nature of our duality awareness—the heart and the head—demands that we feel alone, abandoned, separated off from the Oneness that we innately know we are. ‘What a cruel trick of incarnation and nature!’ But no. Not a trick; just another pointer. The head is one eye-slit; the heart is the other. To ‘begin again’ is to take off the mask. It is to find the merger point, the rising point, that brings the two together and mimics the One, the Source. The third eye is the first eye, the One Eye. Christ said “If thine eye be single, the whole body shall be full of light.” To ‘begin again’ is to focus your attention (light) in the single eye.”

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