Giving Thanks for “Life of Source”

Thanksgiving is such a soulful holiday. Unlike all the religious holidays, with all the hoopla surrounding them, Thanks Giving is just that, the day for consciously Giving Thanks. For most of us, we are thankful for good health, good living, good friends and good times. Along with those, today I am giving thanks for the new messages that are coming from our brothers and sisters 500 hundred years in future time.

The stream is flowing once more and it is bringing us “Life of Source.” From the outset of this new information Robert has decided to post each chapter on the blog as it clears the physical plane.

So, Thanks for Giving us this amazing gift future selves. We love you as we love ourselves and look forward to your wisdom guiding us through the portal of transformation.

Life of Source


“Shall we begin then?” I murmur, still a little doubtful.

“Yes. There is no time like the moment.” This is a voice I know from my travels in the future dimensions. “I am the one you have called ‘B’, after the black robes I wear. But you know this color is only symbolic of something much deeper. Here, look closely once again.”

I feel, more than look, at the fabric she holds up to me. And yet I do see it; I touch it and press my fingers into its rich, thick texture. It is very dark, yet not a flat black. There is a magical depth in its color; it is streaked with occasional crimson threads. And the fabric sparkles; it brims with energy. I’ve always heard that black is the ‘absence of color’. But there is no ‘absence’ in this blackness. It invites me to search deeper into it, to behold a rare beauty and fullness. The cloth has a distinctive presence of its own—it’s alive!

The soft, strong feminine voice continues, “Notice the sparkles. Our scientists have developed a material that magnifies the true light of individual atomic particles. Thus, even individual electrons and photons register upon our vision. The point of this is not merely decorative; it provides us a direct, ocular connection into quantum reality. It leads our perception straight into essence.”

“I see what you mean,” I murmur, looking intently into the cloth. ‘The light is not reflective. I used to think it was picking up light from the surroundings. But no—it’s coming right out of the fabric—tiny, tiny sparks. I love it.”

B’s voice answers, “So do I. That’s one reason I wear it, of course. I also love the continuous reminder of the Void. These sparkles are symbols of the Threshold. They are more than mere symbols though, to be sure; in a physical sense, they literally are the Threshold.”

“OK. Are you saying the ‘subatomic’ is the Void? And the tiny particles are the doorways into that?”

“Almost, yes. You are coming to a new revelation. The subatomic field could be called the Threshold. And the non-locality, of and within it, is the emptiness.”

I take a breath and respond, “Do I sense a seed-link in this? I’ll save it to ponder later. Ah, the Threshold in a fabric that you wear! No wonder you are so magical.”

The invisible voice laughs lightly. “It is true, my son. We are all literally magical.”

I muse, “The Void is a wonderful place! It is so full of…” I pause. “…so full of the unknown, eh?” Will we be revisiting the Void in these writings?”

Before she responds, I ask, “B, please excuse me. Is it all right to keep calling you ‘B’?”

“Your sensitivity is growing. I see you have detected a subtle shift in my form. As it turns out, ‘B’ will not be entirely accurate for this transmission. That is a symbol you chose for the Letters. But here I will be bringing you deeper. I would have you look more deeply and see what I truly am.”

“Uh, certainly. I’ll do my best.”

Her voice continues. “Good. I ask that you call me now, V, instead of Black. It is not about color. Allow this V to stand for the deeper formlessness. It is in fact the Void. V also connotes other ideas—the Voice, the Vulnerable and the Victorious, the Vastness. Lastly for now let it denote the Vesica. Call me, henceforth, V. It is this voice that you shall know in these conversations.”

I reply, “I like that, V. It feels ‘V-very’ good to me.”

She smiles. “Hah. The ‘V’ can appear in many forms indeed. And I acknowledge the V-value of humor in all this.”

I grin and she continues, “So, as I’ve told you before, this is the commencement of my new project. We call it ‘Life of Source’. For a thorough introduction, I refer you to the description given in the epilogue to Letters from 500—Amen. The objective of this project is simple: to bring forth an accelerated appreciation of Life. By better knowing Life, we honor Source. In addition, through enhanced appreciation, we enable greater access to the power center within. The portal into Life and Source is the profound unknown. Another word for ‘unknown’ is the Void.

“Through reconnection to Life, all humanity can benefit. It will amplify its sense of deeper identity. Human beings—in spite of their apparent, enormous challenges—now stand on the threshold of presence, with the potential to enliven and enlighten all incarnate forms. Most importantly the presence will guide them to generate actions of authentic value. This is what we’re doing here.”

I nod. “It sounds pretty serious actually. I don’t know if I can handle too much seriousness right now. I’m still recovering from writing and publishing that last book. You know the whole experience of that took a real toll on my health and mind.”

“I know. And you know it was all by design. This project is also by design. Have no fear, we have examined your physical and mental state—albeit from afar—and have found you ready and stable enough for our purposes.”

“Stable enough? Hmm. You say, ‘your purposes’? What about my purposes? Aren’t we supposed to have our own destinies and free will?” I pause, thinking about the contradiction here. Destiny—predestination—seems to be the opposite of free will.

“Yes,” she answers my thought question. “It’s a paradox you’re pondering. So, what’s new? You’ve been there before. And do not be too concerned for your health; we have a good understanding of your capacities and your destinies. We know your soul, after all, and its purposes. As for free will, you are choosing to do this, are you not? Is it not your hand on the keyboard, producing letters on the screen?”

I pause, wondering why I keep this up. What if I just stopped? But as I contemplate the idea, I realize my mind and my persona are not controlling what I’m doing. They are in fact like coachmen onboard a higher vehicle. I know innately that my present form is a mere instrument, a channel if you will, of some deeper-subtler aspect of me. I do want to do this. I’m not being forced. Even if I am!

I admit aloud, “That’s correct. Some inner part of me is acquiescing … No, it’s more than that. It feels like some kind of instinctual duty has a grip on me. It’s occupying my body and mind. My ego isn’t exactly happy with it, to tell the truth. Yet my ego doesn’t have the power to stop it anymore. Its resistance has been worn down.”

V replies, “I would say so. Don’t you think it’s about time? If resistance were what you truly wanted and chose, why would you even be listening to me, touching the cloth of my robe, asking me questions? You are merely pretending to resist, my son; it’s a force of habit with you. Surely you see that now.”

I squirm. “Yes, I guess I do see it. But I’m not really ready to give up my ego. Not quite yet. I still don’t trust the idea of giving up ego.”

“You mean you don’t trust consciousness to be there if you surrender? You’re afraid you won’t have any backup?”

“Maybe. But it’s also that I just don’t trust myself not to have an ego. I’m afraid if I thought I could do away with ego, that would just be another form of ego trick, trying to fool myself—and perhaps others—into thinking I was ‘awakened’ or something.”

She smiles. Though I can’t actually see her, I know she’s smiling. “You are ‘awakened or something’. Accept it. Every person has a different approach to awakening—that’s the ‘something’. This form of awakening is your particular approach. It looks and feels different in you than in anyone else. No two awakenings are the same.”

“That’s interesting. I like that. I guess I was assuming that all awakened people are the same. They’re clearly not. There’s another unconscious assumption exposed!”

“Stop for a moment—in this moment. Listen. I say ‘relax’ again. Find your center and feel the stillness in there. That, my friend, is awakening. This is your own unique manner of being awake. No one else has the same ‘insides’ as you. No one else has your particular angle on the greater Oneness.

“You—along with every other being in the world—have created an ‘individuality’ out of that Oneness that has never appeared before in the Cosmos. It will never appear again in just the way you have made it. You are a unique projection on the canvas of creation. It stems from the uniqueness of your soul. And your awakening into it must be unique as well.

“Recall what O taught you about the word ‘unique’: It means ‘one’. Within duality, each soul—from the one soul—comes to embody the Oneness in a way that is original and distinct from any other embodiment. If this principle were not active, the Cosmos would be wasting its time on you, in replication. There is no need for exact copies of any of us. Oneness is not sameness; it never wastes time in duplication..

“The fact that each awakening is unique means that you cannot compare yourself with any one else. Ego wants you to compare and judge yourself and others, to make you feel grand or small; it wants you to feel separate. You, however, are infinitely larger than ego and its defensive, divisive ambitions. Step up to that estimation of yourself and realize your freedom. Be what you truly want to be. Be what you truly are!”

I continue to be reluctant, though her argument is making some headway. “Can I just mull this over for awhile? Maybe I’ll be more ‘awakened’ tomorrow. Let’s change the subject away from me and back onto your project. What about that?”

“As you wish. But all of our conversation is part of it, no matter what. Here’s what the project is: a projection from Source. Divine energies and spirits are flowing directly into and through it. Those spirits are flowing from Source through any individual who brings his or her awareness to it. The project is a simple set of exercises we will invent and practice that will play a role and lead to the expansion of Earth awareness. This is what is desired earnestly by the soul of your species. To this end, let’s get to work, as you humans say. I will offer you an opening exercise, a guided meditation. Would that be to your liking?”

“Quite. I’m finally ready, for that at least.”


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