Coming Soon – “Life Of Source”

Suddenly the world seems to be closing in, smaller and smaller it’s becoming. The lands are getting closer too, as though they were reforming into one land mass, as in the beginning. Cultures are clashing with each other as they try to assimilate, but they remain too far apart in their thinking and the movement is not harmonious. I seem to be floating above this fray and I look back in fear. Am I a part of all this and still tethered to it? So many are trying to shift the patterns that have kept us locked in darkness for so long. And yet we struggle with uncertainty. I am being pulled back by my own self-centeredness. Freedom is but a present moment away and I can sit there only slightly. I keep getting lost in that magic that would be the future. But there is no future, except in my mind. I exist only here, and now. If I could only re-mind my being of this moment and this moment and this moment…my future would be nothing and my being would be all that matters.

In short time, we will be releasing on this blog Robert’s new book, “Life of Source.” I hope you will stay with us for this exciting adventure. It is new information on the evolution of our humanity. Peace!

Life of Source


  1. you are such a great writer and expresser of content!!! keep it coming…:)

    hugs to you and LInda,

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