The Transparent Ego

When something strikes me deeply I can feel the waves of appreciation move through me. Appreciation and Gratitude are like a two lane road, going in the same direction, that rolls along through a bucolic landscape , with sights and sounds that overwhelm the heart and brings bliss about.

Maybe it’s just this beautiful Sunday that I woke to. It could also include this email Robert sent me this morning that struck a chord.

I hope you can hear the sound this chord has produced and can offer gratitude for being able to appreciate this beautiful day.

Here is a little quote from “Life..” that struck me this morning, as I continue to edit (and find typos!)

p. 110
“Ah, back to my favorite subject—finding death!” I suddenly wonder, “Excuse me, but what good would ego even be if it were transparent? What would a transparent ego be like? What would it do?”
V smiles. “It would still be the persona, the ‘sound mask’ for the soul—a mouthpiece, if you will. That is its pure function. The pure form of ego, or Ego, as some philosophers have written it, simply means ‘identity’, the face of ‘I am’. It is the mechanism through which selfhood comes into incarnation. The mistake little ‘ego’ makes is to assume the mask—the surface—is all that it is. Once ego realizes its natural transparency and becomes conscious to the soul depth, the illusion of surface separation evaporates. The presence of Oneness invades the form. Everything changes.”

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