Let there be “Life”…The Beginning


Crossroads Synchronicity

Welcome to a strange little project. It is both unassuming and rather inscrutable. It proposes to push open a window on our ordinary world; it’s a window we don’t normally look through, or even know is there. And if we do glance through, it’s usually just in vague speculation. In this small book, we are asked to focus down piercingly. We’re asked to look at Life itself, with a capital ‘L’—as a presence and a portal into Source. We’re asked to consider it as a basis for both our commonplace lives and for the deepest secrets of creation.

Of course, the very deepest secret of all, it seems, is that we are the secret. You are. I am. We are the One we’re looking for—not the plural, ‘ones’, but the great, overarching singular ‘One’. We are our own infinitely shared gateway to Life, Soul and Source. And alas, as opposites always pertain in this world, what blocks our path is none other than—us. ‘That which stands in the way is the way.’ We are the gates that can be either closed or open.

This venture—a spinoff from the Letters from 500 trilogy—offers a rather circuitous approach to exploring consciousness. Through its meandering dialogue, we are nudged steadily toward opening our awareness. The narrative itself—similar to Letters—comes through the voice of my friend and mentor, a woman I call B; ‘B’ stands for ‘Black’—the color of her robes and her eyes (almost). B lives 500 years away, in a time when humans have evolved significantly.

B’s purpose is to let us know how Life can be activated in new, enriching ways, and how directly accessible Source actually is. This gives rise, however, to some big questions: ‘What is Source, after all?’ ‘And why should we care whether Source is accessible or not?’ I just have to ask! Such questions can make all the difference in the world.

Let me try out a few answers of my own for starters; there are many levels and angles to this. In the mind’s eye, Source is the ‘point of origination’ for all ideas and concepts, plans and purposes, all the archetypal patterns for words and thoughts. From the emotional perspective, Source is the heart of energy that invigorates our aspirations, desires and feelings; it reaches up through our innermost sensibilities, moods and temperaments. For the body, it is the root of the senses, the essence of substance, matter and form; it is the spark of vitality in our cells, organs and physical being.

To the soul, Source generates spirit, presence and consciousness, basically, the foundation of all perception and apperception. It is the ultimate impetus to creation. Source is what some call God, the Creator, Divinity, or All That Is; it also might be understood, more scientifically, as the Big Bang or the principle behind Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Source is not just the ‘origin’, however, lying back at some distant point in the past; it is the continuous wellspring of creativity that never ceases, inside us and around us. Source is the ‘always beginning’, forever new; it lives entirely in the one and only moment of Now.

Though no one has yet adequately or scientifically defined Life, we do know it when we see it. It is apparent to us all in living things. It is that ineffable essence in nature, in all animated substance and creatures, and certainly inside our own selves. It is likely present in all matter, whether we detect it or not.

This book looks at Life as ‘alive’ in its own right—centralized, flowing endlessly outward, and bestowing upon every moving thing its share of vitality. Life indeed does ‘flow outward’ from none other than Source. If this be so, then Life’s flow constitutes our linkage and access channel into divine empowerment. And that is the simple theme of this present work. That is the Life of Source.

B introduced her project at the end of the last book in the Letter from 500 trilogy. Here are the words she chose there to describe what this is all about:

[Reprinted from the Epilogue of Letters from 500—Amen.]

[The voice of B:] “I would speak to you briefly of my project—Life of Source. I mentioned it earlier, you’ll recall. There are a number of references to it in what O and Omis have told you. Here’s what it is: Source is a presence that is very much nearer to your experience—your life—than you have ever known before. You might say it is ‘rising’ into your awareness. It is available now for all, like never before. Life and Source are meeting in a creative crossroads of expression.”

“Huh?” I stammer. “What does that mean?”

“The crossroads is synchronicity. Our new project will actively employ synchronicity and seed-links. The objective is to form an etheric structure at the edge of formless space. It will be a ‘chamber of readiness for seed-links’—an incubation lair, if you will. Within it, the seed ideas will precipitate wisdom out of the formless space. Our task is to consciously create the chamber by filling it with our seed-links and synchronistic encounters. It will be a repository for transduction of intelligence.

I break in, “I don’t understand half of what you just said. It sounds rather grand though. How would we go about creating this space and the seed-links?”

“Leave the space to me. As far as seed thoughts go, however, you have practice at this already. Think back. You’ve been presented with information and experiences that you could not digest at first. You bundled them into ‘thought packets’, with the intention to examine them later. This is how you create a seed-link. All I’m suggesting is that we formalize that process and create a conscious locus for it.”

“All right, I have done this, but I never thought of having a place for them to go. Actually though, B, I’m more familiar with the other kind of seed-link—that someone else has given me. You and O have done this often.”

“Yes. And there are yet other types of seed-links as well: Certain monuments and phenomena hold encoded information and energy signatures—such as the pyramids or the Ark of the Covenant or crop circles. There are even whole sub-dimensions that comprise seed-links, like the Ends of the Earth. They hold the essence of grand ideas.

“For storing and maturing such creations, in the cosmic scheme, there are places—some are general and some are specific. To ‘seed’ an idea, in general, means to put it into the ethers. In this new project, I would have us make it more specific, and identify a precise location in the Akasha for our use; this can generate a powerful multiplier effect. With the help of the angelans, we have already established the space. It is a multi-dimensional crystal vesica, located in the heart center of the Hall of Memories.”

“I guess you’ve been busy. So, where does synchronicity come in? How is that related to seed-links?”

“The energy that creates a seed-link is ‘identical’ to the energy expressing a synchronicity—that is, meaningful patterns of events, ideas and forms. As the flame beings informed us, identification is the principle behind seed-links. The same is true of synchronicity. When a coincidence presents itself as meaningful, it does so by revealing the inherent identity of events and consciousness. Identification with Source is at the heart of it all, of course.”

“Of course. But I’m a little foggy about this, B. Please refresh my memory: Why are seed-links associated with identification?”

“Surely. A ‘seed-link’ is the essential presence of a pattern of information. That is, it is the identity and essence of that information. The expression of identity is synonymous with Life. It is key to our new project, because Life is the expression of Source. Hence, we call the program, Life of Source. All ‘expressions’—to wit, forms—have mathematical codes and formulae behind them in the ethers, just as a synchronicity and seed-links have. In this project, some of us will be working with those codes. That is not what I’m asking of you, however. That will be Invm’s work.”

“Ah, I’m glad of that at least,” I sigh. “But here comes the ‘big ask’! You know, I haven’t decided yet whether to participate in your project.”

“I understand,” she allows, chuckling. “But ‘yet’ may only be a matter of time. Here is the ‘ask’, as you put it: If and when any of you chooses to participate in this project, your roles—in the human realm—will be quite simple. We only ask you to monitor your synchronicities and your seed-links; and then consciously send them to the chamber. Another benefit to you will be the actual creation of synchronicities in your lives as a result of participation. You will produce synchronistic events, just as you create seed-links. In a phrase, I would like you to begin managing your awareness. The project will promote a widespread growth into wakefulness.”

I pause and ponder. “Hmm. That does sound appealing. If we agree to get involved, will you give us further instructions?”

“Yes, indeed. However, they will be in the language of the project itself. You will receive these instructions through synchronicities, dreams and other seed-links. You might possibly receive them through letters from me.”

“Well, I’m not yet committing to this,” I venture. “But I am intrigued. Who do you want to be involved in this project?”

“Anyone who chooses to be. You and your two friends from O’s project would form the hub. But any person on the planet may join in. There is nothing exclusive about this work, let me be clear. All participants are free and responsible in their own rights to give and receive messages from Source and put them into Life, to access the Akashic chamber we create, to monitor their own seed-links and synchronicities, and to draw inspiration and guidance from them.”

“OK.” I nod. “So, where does this all lead? What are the project goals and outcomes? Are there any safeguards against misuse? And, again, why are you calling the project ‘Life of Source’? Why not a name, like, ‘Seed-links and Synchronicities, Inc.’?”

B laughs, “You humans have so many suspicions and questions! You are indeed a race of questioners. But we do love human curiosity. Many of the questions you will ask over the course of this project will be answered by yourselves—from within—from the seed chamber itself. Many of the answers will come in the form of synchronicities. As for the title of the project, it was chosen by a much deeper presence than my own. It connotes an avenue whereby Source is coming into the expression of Life in fresh, new ways. More understanding is coming to us all soon. Go within your essence to find your own answer.”

“OK. But let me ask a dumb question: What is a seed-link really?”

“To repeat myself, both seed-links and synchronicities are expressions of Life itself, identity forms from Source. A seed-link is the essence of a thought. It’s a condensed bit of knowing, an iconic information packet. Imaging and imagination, too, are important elements in creating an effective seed-link. Giving a resonant icon to your seed-link will give it stability and provide a key for re-accessing it later…”

“And now tell me: Just what is this crystal vesica you speak of?”

B pauses before answering. “As I said, it is a small chamber within the Hall of Memories; Omis and Invm have created this vessel for our use. The crystal is a simple form we can use to enrich ideas and energies we place there. The space inside merges with the elements we put in. Later, we will take them out again as amplified inspirations and expressions of the Life of Source—the Life we all are.

“Each time we send a seed-link or synchronicity into the chamber, we nurture and mature the whole project. We create a synergistic quotient, far exceeding the ‘parts taken separately’. The presence of any single idea will illuminate all the others. One caution I would advise: Be careful of judgments and polarization in this space; resistance has no place here. We do not want to introduce destructive qualities.”

“Why? What do judgments have to do with synchronicities?”

“They have to do with identification, and the concentrated nature of the vesicacrystal. Judgment and polarization are actions that mimic the creative amplification process, except they use it destructively.”

“Who would do this? Why would anyone want to use the chamber to make judgments anyway?”

“As humans, you often make judgments unconsciously. The caution I give you is to be aware of the way you address the chamber—when you do address it, both sending in ideas and taking them out again. Do not do this without first entering stillness—the non-dual presence. Duality, by its nature, introduces fluctuations between negative and positive.”

“All right. I think I understand.” I stop my questioning and let her words sink in. The project seems worthy enough, but I wonder if I’m really up for it. “When would it begin?” I ask.

“Right now. Right here. Try this: Create a seed-link that contains the idea pattern for the whole project. Use the vesica crystal image itself as the icon. Within this icon, place your current understanding, plus the intention to attract deeper awareness into its pattern.

“Send the seed or synchronicity into the chamber even as you may continue to explore it in real time. The more seeds there are in the chamber, the more powerful will be the associated magic. This is the catalytic glue for the space, drawing out more power from Source into the chamber. Thus will begin a great creative sharing and amplifying.”

She stops now. “That is all for this time. It’s enough to begin with. Do not make this into a chore. Simply recall it when you have truly conscious moments in your life. Make it an active part of your authenticity and awareness. If you do this, you will find abundant returns on your investment. The greatest of these returns will be your own expanded appreciation and readiness for awakening.”

Thus began the idea for this book. As with each of the Letters volumes, I acted as a scribe and editor, working directly with the muses to bring information to these pages. I trust the material and I trust the reader to make good use of it. Accept it only if it resonates with your inner being. Have fun and enjoy the presence.

Robert Lee Potter

May 1, 2014, Media, Pennsylvania

CLICK HERE and you will find all the chapters posted from Life of Source. I will be updating each week with new chapters till we reach the end of the book. It will then be available for download from this site. Stay Tuned…


  1. Thanks Robert for your continued channeling of those beings 500 years ahead of us. We need to view the world in a broader perspective at this time of wide-spread hostilities.

    Lew Ross,
    P.S. Would you consider another talk at AHA in New Jersey?


    1. Thank you Lewis. If you can connect us with the new person that arranges the talks at AHA that would be much appreciated. Robert would love to do another gathering there. Thanks again- Stefan


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