Chapter Two – “Consciousness Is Original”

“Very good. So now, please find a quiet, dark place where you will not be interrupted for a while. You might want a cloth for covering your eyes. I will wait while you prepare.”

I pull the curtains of my room closed and sit down on the edge of the bed. I have an eye mask on the bedside table.

She goes on in a soothing, mesmerizing tone, “Become calm, very calm. Relax into stillness. Now, recline on your back to a comfortable position; this may be on a bed or a mat on the floor or on the ground in a natural setting. Close your eyes and cover them. This posture is known as incubation—the form of prayer and meditation practiced by the ancient Greek oracles. You will want to block out the external light in order to better know your internal light. Lay in full relaxation for several minutes. Let the darkness merge with the silence. I will wait.

“Breathe deeply, slowly, serenely. Do nothing more. Enter the stillness in and around you. Enter the darkness. Feel them as one. Sense your body. Feel it from the inside out. Begin gradually to feel the vibration of your inner body. Feel it inside your hands and feet, arms and legs, in your chest and abdomen.

“Now, bring attention sequentially to your heart, the crown of your head, your forehead, your throat, your belly, your upper groin and lower groin, which is the physical ‘root’. Pause and relax, dispatching any thoughts that arise, even thoughts about this exercise. Simply appreciate the stillness beneath your mind and body.

“Feel the difference between stillness and thought.

“Begin to allow your imagination to flow through your body. As you flow, bring relaxation to every organ and tissue and cell by simply coursing slowly through and around your inner body—slide up and down. Gently side to side. This will, as well, serve to detach you from thought.

“Now, bring your focus back to the root chakra. Hold briefly there, feeling the physical and vibratory sensations. Now, flow upward along the central meridians and channels of your body. Feel the fluids within you and their circulation around the tissues, fibers and cells.

“Feel your blood. It flows and surges though your body. With your awareness, follow the blood into your beating heart. Feel yourself as the heart. Feel the blood, moving through this faithful organ. Stay with it, in the center. Relax. Bring your awareness fully here—into the heart.

“Focus down now into a single red blood cell within your heart. Next, slow down time and enter into a single molecule of hemoglobin. You are that molecule, suspended, vibrating gently. In slow motion, feel yourself pulsed out into the lungs. You, as the molecule of hemoglobin, catch an atom of oxygen along the way, through the fine, porous membrane of the tissue. It is heart’s way of touching the breath. From here, move yourself—the molecule—back into the heart, ready to carry your oxygen out into the greater body.

“As you flow, shrink down deeper within the molecule of blood—down to the atomic level, into an iron atom. You are the atom now. Feel the humming, thrumming vibration of your life. You are composed of fields of electrons, protons and neutrons. You see them spinning and trembling in their energetic domain.

“Compress further your awareness. See the electron cloud around you, as part of the iron atom. Shrink into a single electron then, fully conscious, fully alive. You are the electron. Feel and see the energy as it moves continuously in you from wave to particle, back to wave.

“From here, slip down past the quarks and enter the realm of one-dimen­sional particle strings. Finally, you are a pure field of energy at its most basic physical state. You have entered non-locality, the infinite-intimate in­terface with the Life of the Cosmos. This level of reality sets the Life-force of matter to its fundamental vibration—stringing! You are poised now, listening to the silence at the threshold of formlessness.

“Slow down time once more and feel yourself to be a mere string particle, a single, semi-formless being, quivering in the matrix field. Become aware of the formlessness that lies within you at such close range—yet it is beyond you too, beyond all matter. On the side of formlessness, imagine a string of ‘spirit’ in the matrix sphere. See two looping strings now, facing one another across the threshold of manifestation: one string is energy and matter; the other, a circle of spirit and vital essence. Say to yourself, ‘I am this.’

“With that statement you bring the two circular strings—matter and spirit—together; they overlap. The edge of one aligns with the exact center point of the other. The area of superimposition is the vesica piscis, the most sacred element of all geometrical creation. It is the portal of you—the material universe—at your deepest physical presence. This portal, on the non-physical side, opens you up into the infinite ether of Cosmos and to your highest, most sublime spiritual principles. Here you are, in this divine vesica, at the heart of your heart, in the atom of the atom, at the very most core of who you really are: the ‘I am’.

“So, why have I brought you here, to the ‘superimposition’ of our worlds?” V asks.

Silence. I stir for a moment. Does she want me to answer? I’ve been here before—surely she knows—with the Old Man. I understand that this ‘superimposition’ is what enables all of our communication beyond time. I wait. The space is glowing with warm and fiery light, fluctuating within utter darkness. More silence. Is it really ‘more’ silence? Or is all silence merely ‘one’ silence?

The answer becomes obvious. Then she continues, “I am taking you through the ‘looking glass’. All is reflection here. The ‘I am’ is who we are, each and all. From this central reality, we build our awareness—in synchrony with consciousness itself. We know that there is no separation or division, no isolated ‘you’ or ‘me’ or any other self.

“We are one. We are Life. Wondrously though, there is still a primordial individual. You and I—and each creature in creation—feel the essence of that undivided, individual nature. Consciousness is original, one and unbroken; it is intrinsic. Yet it proclaims distinction—‘I am’.”

She directs, “Imagine around you platforms of illumination coming out from spirit; they are stages connecting from Oneness.”

In my imagination I now faintly see blue and violet lights; they glow more brightly, up into vast orders of ethereal splendor. I intuit that I am looking at pure ‘order’, divinely projected within the Void, interspersed and alternating with pure ‘chaos’. The two are one, reflected inwardly and outwardly forever. These are the connecting levels of Oneness, the duality of ‘one’—alternating order and chaos. I can know this information here, in this space, but in my mind, I cannot even begin to process it.

V continues, “These alternating platforms are never isolated or disconnected. The One Life implants its own sequential essence through these levels, into the so-called ‘outer’ world. There, Oneness appears as multifaceted ‘many-ness’. Here—within the within—Oneness does not appear at all, yet inexorably is. Across both the form world and the formless, strings and electrons flow—field to object, wave to particle. As the levels ascend in degree, outwardly into form, a ‘mirror effect’ reaches inwardly to the formless fields of origin. Every form in manifestation paradoxically has its profile in formlessness. As such, Source is the reflection of the Void. Order and origin are one.”

Somehow I’m visualizing what she describes. The images are neither forms nor shapes, yet they are facets of the conscious matrix arrayed in all dimensions and directions around me. What is all this that she’s saying? Where am I?

“You are at the Threshold of formation. Here lies the soul, joined in spirit, drawn perpetually into and out of the Oneness. The Threshold of form is in fact the soul. It connects presence with both the ‘individual’ and the ‘undivided’, bringing into ourawareness, the consciousness of being. On this Threshold, our particular ‘awareness’ meets universal ‘consciousness’. The two spheres overlap and produce the vesica of awakening.”

My mind is a thousand light years away. But it stirs with this imagining of silent grandeur. I sense the vibration again, rippling across all time and universes, straight up into my heart and body. I feel it ‘humming’ me into existence with each ‘Planck moment’ of my life. This fine vibration is the heartbeat of the subatomic world. Without it, there is no Life.

V’s voice returns gently into my awareness. “Come with me now—up into the world of form again. Continue to resonate with the vibration of the Cosmos in your blood as you return. ‘Life is in the blood,’ the ancients have said. So be it. Amen.

“Reach up with your understanding and take with you the realization that you are much more than the mind can ever know. Be forgiving. Be kind to the mind. But do not let it direct you into resistance ever again, not in the way it has for incarnation upon incarnation up to this point. This now is your commencement of true, genuine awakening. Be present for its birth!” She allows another long, ponderous silence. “Now, the meditation is over.”

2014 Robert Lee Potter

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