Chapter Seven – “Bank Of Empowerment”

“Please explain ‘destiny’ a bit more. I’ve heard the perspectives of O and Omis in the other books, but not yours.”

V replies, “Destiny is an immediate process that clothes the emerging essence with what is ‘uniquely appropriate’. Within each presence-moment, for each creature in the world, there is a ‘rightness’ that can be registered and appreciated—and then manifested. The degree to which your awareness arises and aligns with the inflow of presence in the moment is the degree to which you are manifesting destiny.

“It can be said, from the individual viewpoint, to be ‘your’ destiny. But truly is the not personal. It is always the destiny of Source, flowing into you through Life in the moment. If you attune to this resonance, any action you take will be empowered, energized, and electrified. In turn, it will empower the surrounding environment to the uniquely appropriate measure.”

“I sense that. It’s truly wonderful.” I scratch my head, though, wondering again. “So, V, I’m constantly drawn back to the question of ‘what are we doing here, you and I?’ What can we do with this Life of Source? What is different about this ‘project’ of yours from other teachings today? And excuse me. I must voice a concern that I have had for some months now.”

“Yes,” V immediately interrupts. “I know what you’re wondering. You’re feeling that all the teachings have already been given, that there is ‘nothing new under the sun’. Solomon voiced the same concern in the book of Ecclesiastes many centuries ago. It is a common passage for human minds. You feel there is a hiatus in the flow of inspiration into the world right now. All the old teachers and teachings seem to be tired and used up. Am I right?”

“Yes,” I exclaim. “That’s it. I listen and read their stuff and very little of it is inspiring any more. It seems rather empty and worn out, just rehashing old ideas.”

“This is true in a sense. There are clearly cycles, like waves and tides on the beach; some cycles last for millions of years. And yet there is never a halt in the flow of inspiration—the cosmic breath of Life. At your current time, there are many souls in need of catching up with what they missed from previous teachings. For them, the revelations are fresh and new.

“You are sensing a period of collection in the fabric of souls—bringing multitudes of individuals ‘up to speed’ and equalizing their readiness for awakening. It is happening all around the Earth today—in your time. You see it in the shifts in democracy itself and paradigms of governance. It is also stirring through all the religions and in politics as well. This is not happening just in the spiritual communities. The upheaval and balancing is happening all across the presence of your species; moreover, it is happening for all species on the planet.”

“What about all the turmoil and divisiveness?” I challenge. “And the outright hatreds and wars we see everywhere?”

“These are stages in awakening. I would advise you always to look first with the eyes of awakening. From this perspective you can see the soul in action—even through upheavals and wars. People are taking the opportunity to wrestle into their destiny.”

I ask, “So, what can I do about this feeling of lacking inspiration in myself? Must I simply wait it out, until the ‘times’ finish shifting?”

“Not at all. You are free to feel the presence at any moment—in the moment, and to accept the moment as it is. Feel the inspiration of the breath, as you breathe, at all times. Waiting itself is an opportunity for growth in presence. It can be a call for your awareness to be more deeply connected with consciousness. If you find yourself waiting, know that this is the moment of revelation in presence. Feel it deeply then, like at no other time. This is the deeper meaning and teaching of patience. Remember, ‘that which stands in the way is the way.’ Feel the wholeness of souls all around the world, moving and synchronizing into revelation. What a marvelous destiny is unfolding!

“For those of you who feel you are waiting for inspiration at this time, know that you are being ‘adjusted’ into a resonance that you have summoned into yourselves. Time must pass—in manifesting the moment—during all cycles, in order for a resonance of vibration or frequency alignment to occur. ‘Frequency’ is measured in terms of ‘sequences per unit of time’. Allow the cycles to live their own lives. If you do this, it will bring you into a present awareness of the Life and of Source.”

I interrupt. “How are you distinguishing between Life and Source?”

“Life is the living and Source is the being. The electricity of consciousness flows in cycles and frequencies of vibration from one to the other and thereby generates form in the outer worlds. Distinguishing between the two is only possible in the duality system. In deeper reality, they are the essence of Oneness; the polarities merge.”

I ponder. “I’m not sure I see ‘living’ and ‘being’ as polar opposites. But I guess that answers my question; maybe it’s too deep for me to absorb all at once. I’ll put it in a seed-link: ‘Living and being merge in Oneness.’ I’m sure there’s more depth than appears in just those few words.”

“Indeed there is. This is a good use of the seed-link technique. You will profit from looking into it after a period of repose. Here is a bit more for your consideration: Living is projection; being is reception and embrace.

“Let me remind those who may not have read my description in your last book. We have a special repository for these links within the Akasha. It is a crystal vesica, specifically created for our purposes. I invite you all to send links and synchronicities—intuitive realizations of any kind—into the crystal for amplification and resonance. It is a key element of our project. You can use a simple intention for this, or you may wish to use the mudra—hands cupped together in front of your heart, imagining the crystal inside.”

“I’ve been doing that. It feels right and good. It seems, however, that I put more synchronicities in than I do seed-links.”

V replies, “Don’t be concerned. In effect they are the same thing. They both are connections to Source. In return for your inputs, Source amplifies them with more Life—directed linkage and increased synchronicity.”

I say, “I have noticed more synchronicity in my life. It seems as though it is actually forming the events that happen around me, in a more coherent direction.”

“This is natural. Think about it. In fact, put it into a seed-link: Source is formless. Source is continuously projecting Life energy into the field around you, creating all the various forms you experience there. You are projecting into that field as well—as a manifestation of Source—conditioning it with whatever your awareness focuses on. If you create channels of linkage and synchronicity, they will attract the raw energies along more coherent lines. The opposite is true if you do not recognize the blessings you receive, or if you dwell on negative and harmful effects; you will draw energy to reinforce the negativity and incoherent patterns.”

“That makes good sense—even to my confused little mind.” I smile.

“I’m glad to hear your mind is on board with this,” she chuckles.

I continue, “As you instructed before, I have at times pulled energy out of the vesica; it’s a good way to get a little boost of support, just when I need it. So, thank you for creating it and making it available to us.”

“Omis created it, as you know; you and I are making it available. It has the blessing and sanctuary of the whole angelan and akashic kingdom, which is saying a lot. In a mundane analogy, this ‘storehouse’ is like a bank account. Making ‘withdrawals’ from the crystal vesica as a ‘bank’ of empowerment will bring instant, intense presence into any situation. And the currency or current that flows out will be most alive. I know it may seem trivial to some, but I urge them to try it out. The returns on your investment will be enormous.”

“I really like that. I’ve already felt the returns many times now. But I wouldn’t want to overdo it or wear out my welcome.”

“There is no danger of that. You can’t overuse this empowerment center. Withdrawals energize the center as much as deposits—it’s all about connections of the heart. I want you to activate it as often as you can, both giving and receiving. Besides, there are safeguards against using it in a harmful way. You cannot gain admittance to the ‘bank’ without the correct password.”

“Password? What’s the password?”

“It’s not a word actually; it’s a sincere, one-pointed intention of the heart and mind together, projected from the single eye. You need but imagine the vesica and couple it—head and heart—with the sense of what you are depositing or withdrawing. The crystal bank is always open for business, ready and eager to receive and to lend. It is in fact actively drawing in your contributions; likewise, it is waiting to be asked for the blessings it seeks to provide. Don’t forget to ask regularly. Ask from presence. Both actions—implanting and withdrawing—are necessary to invigorate the operational bank. It is like the pulse of a small Akashic heart.”

ⓒ 2014 Robert Lee Potter

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