Chapter Eight – “Empathy is Awakening”

“Now, I must ask again, how does your ‘project’ relate to all this? Is the project something you want to ‘get done’? Will you explain what you want us to do?”

“This question links back to your original one, about what I had ‘in mind’ for a structure of the project. What I have ‘in mind’ is only what is passing through my mind from deeper presence in any given moment. I sense that passage at the same moment you do. It is always fresh and alive. Such is the way of presence. I cannot predict what will be coming through my mind before it comes. To try to do so would take the vitality out of it. This is the problem of any examination of the future, I might add. The future, to be useful, must always be held in the moment of presence. Vitality—Life with a ‘V’, if you will—is key to any creation and presentation.”

I react. “The Letters from 500 were coming from the future, right? Does that mean they were taking vitality out of the moment?”

“Orange’s books speak of the future, yes, as we are all aware. However, the essence of the moment is always present in them. There is no subtraction from presence in their contemplation of what is evolving for your species. The future in these letters is metaphorical for what is within you all in the Now.”

I admit, “I have always struggled with the idea of ‘the future’ in those books and how it relates to the Now. Many wise teachers have said that only Now exists and the future and past are not real. I know O has explained it many times. And now you have as well. But I still don’t really know what to think.”

V answers with empathy, “The future is only a thought, a way for your mind to understand a set of impressions. The importance of the messages can only be received in the moment. And the essence is timeless. But the descriptions and explanations enter into time—just as you are taking time right now to type these words. Words and explanations are all metaphors. Letters are metaphors. The future is a metaphor for the timeless evolution of your awareness. In the end, it is a paradox. If paradox is troublesome for you, then take a look at that. True paradox, even if it makes you struggle at first, is liberating in the end. It is all good.

“Challenge and struggle make us vulnerable and sensitive. Our task on this planet is to become sensitive enough to awaken—to raise our awareness into the refined atmosphere of presence, and true consciousness. For many human incarnations, suffering and pain are the only teachers available to progress the awareness.”

“Can we evolve without struggle and conflict? Is there another way?”

“You cannot live without contrast and challenge in a world of duality. But you do not need struggle. Struggle is misunderstanding that is working itself up toward understanding. Now that you are awakening, you no longer need to be buried in misunderstanding. You can comprehend from the heart at this stage of evolution. Struggle is the result of your awareness being disconnected from consciousness. Humanity, as a whole, is rapidly rising to where it no longer needs to be disconnected.

“Contrast, however, is an important element of the revelation of duality. It is a platform for challenge. That which challenges us, always asks us to be more alert, more aware. It always brings us into the moment. Challenge in your life is Life’s way of presenting you with the opportunity to wake up. Therefore, we can welcome challenge as the harbinger of new revelation, of beginning again.”

“You no longer need to struggle and suffer, once you accept your innate sensitivity. You can choose to be naturally sensitive to the presence in and around you. One simple way to practice this is to put yourself into situations that draw out your empathy. For example, let yourself come to tears during emotional experiences, such as poignant films, touching personal encounters, or sad news events. It may sound trivial, but this is a profound opportunity to move your awareness up—by means of vulnerability.

“Vulnerability and empathy are channels of compassion and of the sensitivity you need to awaken. They are a profound source of wisdom. Empathy is the embrace and awareness of Oneness. Empathy is awakening. If a situation makes you feel like crying, then really get into it. Feel it thoroughly and openly. Do not block such empathetic feelings. They are the way into yourself.”

“Empathy is awakening? I had never thought of it that way. I assume you’re distinguishing it from sympathy.”

“Yes. Sympathy and empathy are opposites, in effect. The one sets you apart, judging, pitying; the other draws you in unconditionally and erases judgment. Sympathy often does not bring you to tears; empathy, on the other hand, does. Empathy is ‘awakening’ because it opens you to the integrity of the ‘other’ within yourself. It dissolves the barriers and separations that are illusions and brings us into resonance with the whole. Sympathy, to give it some credit, can be a first step toward empathy and awareness, offering conditioned kindness; but in itself it does not create connection with Oneness.

“Be aware that empathy is not identification with form; it does not require that you take on the pain or fear of another person. It is impersonal, yet compassionate. Noticing and caring about the suffering of others draws you and the others into the open field of Oneness, where suffering is dissolved.”

I nod. “It makes sense that, as we feel compassion for the difficulties of others, we would be building a shared sensibility. I guess that’s what O would say ‘consensus’ is—that is, ‘sensing with’.”

“You have it. Consensus—sensing together—is also a portal into Oneness.”

That reminds me of another question. “Oneness is all inclusive, right? It contains all polarities. You say ‘begin again’, but what about endings? There are lots of endings in life. In fact everything that begins must end; everything that is born must die.”

“Yes, indeed. The trick, when approaching beginnings and endings, is to see beyond their apparent duality. Look into the paradox. Every ending is actually a beginning, and vice versa. Timelessly they are one—at the point of Oneness. The reason I place such an emphasis on beginning is that this is where initiative and pure choice enters the world of creation. It is where the essence comes in.

“Endings—the other side of beginnings—are valuable too, as you know from your contemplation of death. They open us to ‘closing’, if you will. Endings reveal the full circle of manifestation—into and out of form; they gather us—and all our lifetime experiences—into the exit portal. But so, too, do beginnings. The letter ‘O’ often appears in words of opening, closing and wholeness—OM, for instance. ‘Begin again’ instructs us to ‘draw our attention back into the origin’. In other words, ‘find Source before Source finds you’! Returning to Source is the ultimate, perfect death experience.”

“Wow! A neat trick, I must say. So, ‘beginning again’ is about living and dying consciously, that is, coming full circle with the Life energy.”

“Yes, it is. Thank you for noticing. All wisdom comes in whole circles. And all closure comes to us from the openness of the Void.”

I just can’t help myself. “But the words ‘begin’ and ‘again’ do not contain any o’s. What about that?” I chide.

V laughs, “In that case, just say it in French, commencer à nouveau!”

ⓒ 2014 Robert Lee Potter

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