Chapter Twenty – “Crystal Vesica”

Instead of the crystal-domed Grand Palais, there is a luminous, etheric mountain behind Omis. It climbs vertically hundreds of meters. Its façade is carved with countless openings and large, high windows. Immediately in front of us is the gaping arched entrance we’ve visited before. I see into the interior where exquisite marble floors stretch inward. Along their way, the spacious halls branch off into many, smaller passages and caverns. The transparency of the walls adds to our vision of the depths and complexities of this massif. I look back to Omis.

The angelan continues staring at me. “Let me explain that our recent diversion into the process of creation was necessary. This was to alert you to your role here. It is the same role for anyone participating in our visit or reading the document you are producing. If you are seeing, hearing or listening to these proceedings, you—as authentic Source—are creating them. It then becomes your responsibility and opportunity to unfold their meaning and value—by virtue of your identity with Source!”

Omis motions us into the Akasha now. We seem to glide, more than walk, into the sacred space. As with the other visits I’ve made, I see everything is made of golden light—the floors, the pillars and walls, the vines and trees that cling to the escarpments. I recall that each centimeter of the substance around us is composed of memories from lifetimes lived by countless trillions of incarnate creatures from all over the Cosmos.

Each lifetime is held in a pristine sphere of vital remembrance. If it is embedded in the floor or wall, it somehow generates the flatness required to represent the marble form. As we walk, our feet are treading on these lives. It’s rather like walking over graves in a cemetery. It does no disrespect, however. We are not actually touching anything as we move; hence, the sensation of gliding. We float a millimeter above.

Silently we climb a long, wide ramp that winds around into an even larger space. A vast, domed ceiling is so far above that mists have gathered in the heights. Enormous, fantastical stalactites hang down occasionally, piercing the mist. All the colors here are tints of pastel gold. Our path proceeds along one side of the grand cavern, up to a high promontory and ledge. Out below, a most beautiful, heavenly landscape is spread for endless miles. There are lakes and rivers, forests, villages, rolling hills and plains. It is the very ‘heart’ of Akasha!

I’ve been so busy looking out that I’m suddenly jolted to realize we’re standing in a special place. Before us is a replica of the planet Earth. It is hovering above an ornate pedestal, perhaps a meter in diameter. The stand is decorated with carvings and symbols from all the ancient Earth civilizations. I drink in details as quickly as I can from the figures on the little pillar and the surrounding dais. The more I look, the more detail is yielded up. I sense innately that my looking is actually creating the vision I see; the more I stare, the greater is the information to be seen.

“Yes,” Omis intones. “Source is creating all this through you and me and V. Be aware, however, it is not your mind or emotions that are doing the work here. It is not just a fantasy of yours. This is real. Your greater consciousness is in charge.”

With consciousness in mind, I become very still and gaze upon the globe. It turns gently on its slightly tilted axis. The sight is so beautiful and welcoming, my eyes begin to fill with tears. At once, another form comes into being, surrounding the planet. It is a tear-shaped object, completely transparent. A shining in crystal vesica has materialized around the blue sphere. I realize, This is the vessel of seed-links and synchronicity Omis created for V’s project! The Earth is the ‘chamber’ that V described.

“This vesica is a portal of creativity and opportunity for your human transition. Learn its secrets here and now. Feel the authenticity held within its space—and within the whole Earth chamber. You are invited to renew your connection to it. Go ahead now and place your hands here. Reach into the vesica and touch the Earth!”

V does not hesitate. She steps forward and places her hands inside the glass almond around the Earth. As she does, it glows with shimmering warmth and seems to grow larger. My senses are confused. I realize the vesica has no limit in size. It seems small, yet it is boundless, reaching out to the far corners of the Cosmos. The two extremes are one again—the infinite and the intimate.

I slowly move up beside V and place my hands on top of hers. The energy is staggering. It surges through me like a tidal flood. I know with my hands the deep, vital power of this device. It has the potential to be a clearinghouse for every intuitive link within the Akasha, which is to say the entire universe! Its capacity is inestimable.

The vesica is waiting to be charged and activated, I hear Omis say in my mind. It is waiting for us to appreciate its mission. It is ready to serve. At last I know the measure of service to be tapped here. This is no small, tangential project that B has cooked up. It is an essential tool for the awakening of the entire human species. I am finally aware of the fullness of it.

Not releasing my contact with the globe, I turn to the angelan. “Please, would you put your own words to the meaning of this, Omis?”

He instantly rises up, moving and hovering out beyond the edge of the promontory in empty air, wings spread wide around the shining vesica. He gathers up his countenance and looks reverently down upon us. We feel the radiance of his wings embracing us in a great, deep benevolent gesture.

His voice is soft, yet thunderous. “This is the gift of our inheritance—we three-species-in-one: human-vigilan-angelan. We bring it from out of ourselves and give it in return to ourselves. It is circular and reciprocal. What exists within this small-yet-great instrument is an engine for the fusion of awareness into consciousness. It is not confined only to your human world and time; it is likewise relevant to all our times and worlds, as one integrated species.

“This vesica is the teardrop window for the Life of Source on Earth. Gazing through it, we will observe our whole history and future—in one moment, one presence. For angelans, this is the opportunity to be of immediate service to our species. For vigilans, it is the place of embrace for celebrating and joining the races of our mothers and children. For humans, it is the entrance into conscious being and vital awakening beyond imperfection.

“Treat the crystal vesica as a vortex of Life and an emblem of Source. Entreat it as the living entity it is—the shape of Now. Bring to it it your gifts; then receive what it offers to you. With each experience of synchronicity or encounter with an intuitive link, seeding the expansion of understanding, you draw forth wisdom and omniscience. You build the scope and power of this chamber. It grows logarithmically in volume and depth, in quantity and quality, by your good offices. Your service to it stimulates its reciprocity in service to you and to the world.

Omis raises his eyes to the heavens. The gigantic ceiling dissolves into a vision of outer space, of vast constellations and galaxies, reaching out to the edge of all imagination. His voice then continues, “All power in the Cosmos is concentrated through this humble egg. Its points presume the zenith and nadir of existence in all creation, brought down to and within the heart of the Earth. It is clear crystal in order to receive and impart, with utter purity, the revelation in you all.

Contribute to this gem the sentient events of your life and it will return to you the veritable Life of Source. It will manifest unceasing blessings from year to day to decade, even down to the very seconds of time in your generations. There is no limit to the vastness or the simplicity of these blessings. Offer your awareness, that consciousness may be fulfilled in you. As you give, so shall be given unto you in abundant measure. No gift is too small; no blessing too large.

“I say to you, activate the vesica in your own heart, in the heart of your Earth. Give to it your attention, your contributions of intuition, seed-links and realized synchronicities. These may seem inconsequential to you. But be not misled. Enter upon your path to Life more abundant. Accept your blessings! And open your presence!”

With that, our hands fly back from the crystal with an explosive force. V and I look at each other with surprise. I am a little disturbed at first, but the beatific smile on V’s face cuts that short. She is sensing far ahead of me. Only after minutes of dumbfoundedness do I finally grasp the import. For all who would lay hands on this tool of awakening—in both giving and receiving—the path will open wide, wider than we have ever dreamed. Destiny will literally explode into our lives!

Something in me now pulls down. I feel a kind of condensation of myself, of my body and mind. I look over at Omis and V and wonder what’s happening. They stare contentedly at me, apparently understanding something I do not. I am the human again—in the dark and waiting for light.

ⓒ 2014 Robert Lee Potter

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