Chapter Twenty-Two “The Adventure of Presence”

As I watch, the veins of fluid, silver light breech the boundary of our space body and enter the vacuum forms of my ‘normal’ world. My body there, and those of V and Omis are all empty ‘formings’. The veins slide irresistibly into the vacuums and fill them with their presence. Ah, I finally get it. I’m seeing the form-making power of presence itself!

“Indeed you are,” Omis answers my thought. “Look closer at your human body and mind. See the field around you in our spaciousness. See your thoughts spurt and erupt within the field.”

“I do,’ I exclaim. “They are iconic forms of the things, ideas and situations I’m thinking about. From here, I can read the language of these symbols. I know what they mean. How is that?”

Omis replies, “They are your thoughts. You know them, with or without the iconic thoughtforms. Notice how they change.”

I watch them transforming; their shapes and elements shift ceaselessly; some are simple, others complex; many are virtually colorless—grey—while some are bursting with vibrant hues. Thoughts are never still, I realize. Forms are never still!

I say, “The silver veins of presence flow into some of the thoughtforms more readily than others; some are perfect, soft crystalline shapes, flowing alongside the veins; others are distorted and hardened, separated.”

I hesitate, observing more closely, before continuing. “Obviously, some of these thoughtforms represent fears and worries of mine. These twisted ones, over here, block the flow of energy. They catch it up and hold it captive. When they do this, the silver energy immediately begins to die; the silver turns to a muddy grey. Presence seems to die in these constricted forms—fears, doubts and suspicions. Angry or aggressive thoughts would do the same, I detect. In fact any negative emotion would kill presence! Is this so, Omis?”

“Not truly. Nothing can kill presence. You are witnessing the death of forms and ‘thought icons’ through the withdrawal of presence. That is correct. Any type of resistance in your emotions or mind tends to introduce death into the equation. But as you have discovered, death is itself an opening to presence. Regard the resistant thoughtforms now. See what death does to them.”

As I look on, I see the distorted shapes harden further, into brittleness; and then they start to disintegrate and break into detached pieces. They have no essential integrity; they’re doomed to disperse—unless the forms somehow get renewed or reinforced. Yet, now an opening appears in the midst of the disintegrating forms; new silvery tendrils emerge and rise up from within the space; they connect immediately back to the greater system of circulatory veins.

“Fascinating!” I exclaim. “The resistance has actually opened the way for transformation. The death of these forms has opened a channel for presence to reestablish itself.”

Continuing to observe, I report, “And now I see another life situation before me. It has to do with resistance too. I read my thoughts about it. They’re ‘victim’ thoughts. They believe the disturbance is coming from outside me. They’re telling me that something shouldn’t be happening. ‘Why me? How can I get away from this?’ I grumble in my mind. But from the angelan view, I see how interwoven all the energies are. This has not been created outside myself only. It’s a collaborative process that flows in the context of the overall system of energies and auras. The veins weave it all into one fabric.”

I stare more intently and describe, “The flow of silver veins is leading the whole spectacle in a common direction. In fact I can see that it is slowly moving me, and everything else, toward gradual illumination. Through this challenge and others like it, my central awareness is being lightened and lifted—even though it may not seem that way to my mind.

“My mind does not see this, alas, but my ‘other’ awareness does. The light of the energetic field sweeps around my mind and casts a ‘shadow of illumination’ upon my fears and frustrations. These fears form a bundle of resistance that hardens into a block. It seems impenetrable. Then the disintegration I observed before begins again. I realize that this experience of resistance is actually drawing my awareness forward, albeit in jerks and starts.”

Omis follows, “Allow me to point out that there is truly no such thing as worry, or fear, or anger. These emotions are not part of reality. They are experienced, as artifacts of the resistance, the shadow, and the friction of form. Though you feel an encounter with them in the human realm, you can see here that they are only aberrations—ephemeral, temporal appearances, punctuation in the story of your karmic perception. Such is the passage and behavior of resistance.

“Resistance is vital in shaping human experience. Its creations tend to distract your attention away from reality and toward the illusory world. There you must ‘make up your mind’—literally create the mind you choose to represent your soul on Earth. The repeated challenges of resistance in your lives happen with the purpose to awaken you from illusion. Your choice of mind is key in this, for moving individuated awareness toward open consciousness.

“Notice that around your personal form, you have an individuated aura. It is composed of two basic parts—the environmental soul and the environmental ego. These, too, suggest a clear choice of mind, for following paths of your ‘momentous’ lives—Life in the Moment. One is the path of opposition; the other is the path of opportunity. Together they are your total opening, or environment.”

I continue to observe my empty, vacuum form against the backdrop of the ‘substantial’ fields enclosing it—and indeed sustaining it. All the energy in these systems, in the whole Cosmos, is coming through the silver veins; they are woven microscopically through everything—and every non-thing, every field. They flow even into the Void itself.

A question occurs to me. “Omis, I’ve seen something like these veins before, when I was with you and O. But they were golden then. What’s the difference between the gold and silver?”

“The gold appears transformed, here in the angelan space, into the silver you observe. If you were to accustom your vision to this perspective you would see that gold and silver are the same color viewed from different angles—or ‘angels’.”

I chuckle. “Angelan humor?”

Why not?” he smiles sternly. “But the color is unimportant. There is only one energetic network, no matter what the color may appear. It can also be said that the friction of form is what alchemically turns silver to gold. Alchemistry always plays a vital role in these matters.”

Now V revives out of her silent meditation and says, “Listen as well as look. Do you hear the singing of the veins? The sound of joy in resonance.”

I nod inwardly and say, “Everything is alive—it’s all Life, I guess. And the sound makes it even more alive.” Sound is foundational to Life, as the primordial ‘Om’ has always told us.

“Look,” she replies, pointing attention to my own vacuum form again. “Watch and listen as space and time converge upon your body.”

Time and space are one. As I look, I viscerally realize—and hear—the angelan perspective. Gentle etheric melodies whisper in the air. In spite of our wide-open spaciousness, we still possess a clear focusing power. As it distills down to specific places, it allows for discrete time and form—and music. Ah, the muses! What I am now witnessing—with angelan senses—is the music of my whole life and incarnation.

Omis comments on my vision. “All perception of form in your human experience is made possible by the ethereal spaciousness. You may have been told that the human mind created time, through its desire for reckoning. But truly the mind has created nothing; its function is not to create. It only repeats and borrows what comes from spacious presence, from Life. All creation comes from Life. You are witnessing here the means by which the field of Life continuously sustains you. And it looks, to human understanding, like nothing but empty space.”

“I certainly am witnessing,” I sigh. “I’m also seeing something else in my body. I see the ‘life and death’ of it—as one. And both are Life. I can’t explain how I know this, but I’m sensing the end of my body’s life at the same time I sense its beginning. It is timeless. The silver veins gather around both events, like parentheses. They are excited, and vibrate ecstatically into the open ‘forming’. They pour a special mixture of energetic substance into these forms.”

Space now opens up and allows Source to show through for a brief instant. That’s all it takes to last a lifetime—to imprint the eternal moment upon time. Source acts swiftly and vanishes. This body has thus been made in the ‘image of God,’ to put it in religious terms. The silver veins dance excitedly around the birth and the death parentheses; they weave miraculous shapes and colors through the entity that is—and was—me. I’m astounded at the wholeness of it. My birth and death are one, single process; they define the ‘moment’ of me. I never knew!

Omis says, “Watch again as your form takes time into itself—time for paying attention to timeless presence.”

Without fully processing what Omis just said, I see that my form-mind has at last taken on the thought of inviting presence into itself. My mind is asking, praying, Please enter me, presence. Be here now in me. Live in me and let me live in you. Instantly, the silver veins vibrate ecstatically again, just as they did at my birth-death event. They surge and swell into a sphere around my request. This is just as profound an experience for them as creation is. This is awakening.

Then, sweeping away into another timeframe, I now see my mind switch; it begins worrying about something—sending out thoughts of an imaginary, anxious future. The silvery veins slow their movement around my vacuum form. Many of them slide away, growing barely visible. It’s only fair, I guess. I turned away from them. Then, in the scene, I catch myself and let go of the worries; the veins regain their fullness and resume the flow at once. Presence is instantaneous! It is always on the alert for acceptance. My challenge is to be alert to it.

Omis adds, “Presence is identical with alertness.”

I say, “Ah, yes. I’m sensing that the silver veins of presence are truly motivated and inspired by this interaction. They love working and playing to support my being.”

“Indeed they do,” Omis replies. “This is the adventure of presence. Life desires to be of service in your world. Service is the greatest adventure of all. Through service it embraces and enters the experience of all forms. Service allows the crossover from Oneness into many-ness, into shared co-creative consciousness. This is the importance of service!”

He commands, “Now, one more time, look more deeply into what you’re seeing,”

I don’t know what to think. Haven’t I already done this? Haven’t I seen it all? I mumble half-heartedly, “Well, I see the ecstatic vibration, the silvery flow, the veins of… Wait. The veins are not presence! I’ve been fooling myself. All this fluid action is a reflection of something much more powerful and profound. The action is not the full measure of presence.”

I begin to look down through the visions of ecstasy and excitement, winding back into their very roots. I sense something paradoxical—the extreme opposite of action. As I inject my own piece of presence into the vision, a miraculous transformation happens. It is again alchemical. At the very beginning of essential ecstasy, far down at the base of all phenomena—in the heart of its vibrant substance—all motion ceases. All is utterly still. The stillness—at the center of all motion—is astounding, riveting, perplexing in stark contrast.

The image of Source flashes there again for a microsecond. What does Source look like? I wonder. My mind and my voice have no answers for this. But I am seeing it! Why am I seeing Source here?

Omis answers in a startlingly clear rumble, “Source is stillness. Life brings forth the action, the vibration and the presence. It is the creation of all creation. Stop now, however. Be still and know Source.”

I answer, as firmly as I have ever spoken to Omis, “Life and Source are action, yes. But they both are also—primarily—the stillness. Presence is likewise both. When I can accept this, and bring the full marriage of stillness and momentum—consciousness and awareness—into my being, then will I know the moment. I will at last truly know who I am.”

“And so, we have come as far as we may for now, for Now,” says the powerful voice. “Gather in your acceptance. You are indeed joined in presence!”

All is quiet. This is eternity.

With that, the scene turns outside in again and I am back in the human, incarnate world. Omis sits in majestic countenance, wings slowly flexing and undulating. We are all back in our bodies. I touch my hands to feel their material form; they are like new. All around, the sense of energy veins remains—almost visually; now they’re ‘gold’ again. They reach across the divide and into my body and mind. They slide into my awareness and draw it, seductively, toward that far, eventual blending with true consciousness. This I now know. I say, “I see a clear path toward awakening: It goes straight through presence, by the grace of Life, of Source.”

V touches my hand with hers, still holding the other with Omis. She says, “We have come to this, then. Source has spoken. We have heard—by the ‘grace of Life’—what creation speaks into us within every moment of being, within the Now. There is no other pathway in our lives but this. Be open and accept it into your way upon the world. Know that the Life of Source is with you in every step, in every pause and breath. Hold it dear.”

I stand and bow to my dear, spiritual mentors, who vanish then at once into my imagination. I am seemingly alone again.

ⓒ 2014 Robert Lee Potter

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