Epilogue – “Lineage of Source”

And so we come to the final chapter in Life of Source. It seems that life on this planet is getting more unwound by the events that are tearing this humanity apart. One can imagine a SciFi movie of a doomed future, with buildings in rubble and people wandering the terrain with no hope. This could be the way it will be if we allow the ignorance to flourish. Finding those who are more in tune with planting seeds of awakening is the way we must go. There are many around us. Let’s reach out and join our hands with theirs.

Today Robert sent me a new stream resonating in the voice of Omis who participates in this adventure of the future:

“These books are ‘irregularities’, both in the way they are written—streamed—and in the content they offer. They speak in paradox of the Now, the past and the future as one. They are artifacts from another time—out of time—sprinkling evidence of the unknowable, invisible, seeming impossible things ‘unseen, yet hoped for’, longed for in your new dream—the icon of your evolution. In a phrase, they are intended to stimulate faith in the soul.”

And so it is, for now, in the Epilogue of Life of Source.


I am sitting in my room. V is only the memory of an inner voice to me now. Nevertheless, she is real enough. I rest content that we are completing this work. I feel we have founded her project well. I wonder at what last words she might have. I don’t have to wonder long.

V speaks straightaway, “There is lineage to Source that I would have you contemplate. It begins, obviously enough, with Source. And then it climbs, for lack of a better word, into echelon after echelon, spreading forth into the world of manifestation that we know. I will quickly list the progression and then return for further explanation.

First, Source flows into Life; then it embodies the I am state. From there it becomes Presence and thence, Vitality and Sensation. From there it enters the Senses, then Feelings and finally it comes to Mind. Here is the progression in brief: Source: Life: I am:  Presence: Aliveness: Vitality: Sensation: Senses: Feelings: Mind.”

I ponder for a moment what I’ve written down and then ask, “Why is ‘mind’ last? The list seems straightforward enough to me, except that mind is last. The progression seems, for the most part, to be moving from formlessness into form. Wouldn’t the mind fit in before ‘senses’ then?”

“Indeed, it would so seem to the human mind. The progression, however, is not simply from formless to form. It is rather the relative density of manifestation. Contrary to common human thinking, the mind is the densest part of you, physical form and matter notwithstanding. The physical world holds much that is light and etheric—such as the ‘field’ dimension. The mind, however, has taken on, as its role in you, the concretization of essence. It analyzes the progression out from Source and believes that it must condense all understanding into a finite block of comprehension. It craves structure and hard knowledge—density.

“Comprehension, as Omis recently pointed out, takes its meaning from the Latin, ‘grasp together’. Your minds would grasp and bind it all into a fixed system of logic and completed revelation. Mind represents the opposite of Source. Source has no ‘completion’ in its intention and destiny. Source is forever open, unfolding and realizing new realities—it begins again endlessly, instantaneously. Human minds insist on endings, answers and closure of understanding.

“Thus does mentation end the progression—or so it would seem to the mind. Reality, however, is not linear; the straight line exists only as a concept in the mind. Reality is curvy, open and endless.”

I sigh. “V, can you tell me where you’re going with this? What’s the objective here?”

She smiles and reaches into my physical dimension with just her right hand. She places disembodied fingers on my elbow with a gentle pat. Then swiftly the hand disappears again. I start, “V, I don’t know if that helped. That was pretty weird, what you just did.”

“I understand. But it was a direct visual answer to the question you asked.”

“Huh? I’m not following you.”

She continues, “You asked ‘what is the objective here?’ My answer is that I intend to give you a different way of looking at everything. At the same time, I wish to give you comfort, tranquility and peace.”

“Let me say a few more words—about this progression and lineage of Source. Of course, the ‘line’ is metaphorical. The essence of what I’m describing is an endless winding road, turning and meandering through the Cosmos into infinite varied dimensions. And in spite of the constant movement, it remains ever, perfectly still!”

I comment, “It sounds like the very soul of paradox!”

“As you have said, so it is. Paradox is the first force in creation and in the dissolution of creation—something out of nothing, something into nothing. The paradox for mind lies in its attempt to bring closure upon openness. Source, of course, gives the mind all the rope it needs to tie itself in knots. When the knots are so tangled that the mind gives up in frustration, voilà, paradox steps in; it reveals a loophole in the knot—the opening created by closure, and the consciousness hidden within unconsciousness.

“The rope of mind is wound over and again upon itself. Yet its twists and turns follow destined patterns of revelation. The line of logic ultimately conforms to the cyclic manifestations of reality. Following this rope leads ever back to Source, just as any path in creation does.

“These are the principles of expression for the Life of Source. There is the reality, and there is the potentiality. For example, my words are mental utterances, connecting through your hearing into rational constructions; they attempt to define and explicate a deeper reality. This, of course, cannot be done truly; the best that conceptual packages can do is to reach toward potentiality. There is no actual ‘defining’ of reality.”

I interject, “Well, I’ve always liked the word ‘potentiality’; many people think it sounds pedantic and gratuitous, but I think it’s useful. It’s not the same as ‘potential’. It is a word in its own right.”

“I understand. As ‘real’ is to ‘reality, so is ‘potential’ to ‘potentiality’.”

“Precisely,” I exclaim, feeling justified. “That’s just what I’ve often said.”

Then I pause to reflect with a modicum of humility. “Did I learn that from you? Or did you pick it out of my mind?”

“You and I go way back, friend; and way forward. There is no telling who said it first in the cyclic and recyclic nature of our incarnations. And besides, there is no actual, separated self; thus no person can have a truly original thought. Though I will add, paradoxically, that all expressions of creativity are new and unique.”

I shrug. “OK, more enigma! But what about Source? Surely it must be the origin of all thought.”

“This may surprise you, but no. It is not. Source originates Life and its attendant fields and energies. Thoughts are artifacts—forms—attendant to the mental plane. They are more like substitutes for consciousness within a narrow band of evolutionary technology—highly insubstantial, temporal, and illusory. Source gives forth the impetus to be aware, but it is the mind that generates thought.”

“I’m certainly aware of that connection.” I pause and stare into emptiness for a moment, feeling the thought patterns sweep around my mind. My deeper awareness suddenly pierces through them into a focus.

V peers into my mind and smiles. “Yes, back to reality. Why am I telling you this at all? It is because the active principle in our Life of Source project is connection. I am here, throughout this treatise, to tell you that Source and we are one. We are connected to our originator through a progression of cyclic, spiraling stages. Those stages are the movement from potentiality into reality.

“Potentiality is the state of prospective—and projective—empowerment. In duality worlds it represents what will be reality but is not yet. For Source, embracing beyond our time-bound projection, the two are simultaneous. Nevertheless, there is still a distinction: Reality is the overarching, continuously existing presence of all existence. Potentiality is the emergent, evolving potency within that presence.”

“Whatever you say,” I sigh, not really able to take it in. “I’ll look at those ideas later for clearer understanding. In fact, I’ll place them into the crystal vesica right now—a seed-link.” I imagine the Akashic crystal taking in the thoughtforms of ‘reality’ and ‘potentiality’.

“Just so,” replies V. “Now let me conclude this writing with an explanation of the stages within the lineage—our inheritance from Source. Bear in mind again that you will be empowered—through potentiality—by visualizing the imaginary ‘rope’ that links you all the way along this lineage. However, each of the stages lies closely within you already. There is no true separation. I label them here only to give you pointers.

“At the far end of this lineage, the mind plays its part—generating and using thought—to process the pointers and revelations. At the near end, the heart and soul are assigned to process inspired sensation. Your task in all this, as living human incarnations, is to marry the two fields of thought and sensation—density and destiny—into true knowing. The marriage metaphor infers consummation and the birth of an awakened being within you.

“The first step in the lineage of Source is, of course, ‘Life’. This progenitor of all existence takes the projection from the original, amorphous impulse and clothes it in rudimentary form. It is the immediate crossover out of formlessness. This is what ‘life’ is. Your scientists have so much trouble defining and contemplating the ‘origins of life’ because they generally do not take into account the factor of formlessness. They will profit greatly in the your coming decades by deepening their appreciation of the greater context of life forms. Concepts such as dark matter and dark energy will help open the way to a scientific understanding of formlessness.

“The next step in the lineage is ‘I am’. This is the identity stage, where ‘individuation’ begins to sustain. The reflection of this identity is mirrored in all the succeeding stages. It embodies and brings forth the power of singularity in duality. It echoes the Oneness, and the undivided nature of Self, notwithstanding all the subsequent iterations of individuation, selfhood, ego and separateness. ‘I am’ is the pure essence of what comes to be seen, in its evolving state, as the persona.

“Presence is the next level of expression out from Source. We have already dealt at length with this element. You might wonder at the order I am using here. The ‘I am’ identity is a point of essence. From this point, Life unfolds—not unlike the Big Bang—into the field of livingness and projection. Along the lineage, it plays the role of carrying the individuated kernel into the realm of disseminated being. Presence nature is everywhere, in everything and no-thing, and is thus the initiation of form.

“Vitality takes up after presence and echoes back to original Life. This progression gives the mixture of energies and livingness that activates the process abroad in the worlds. It provides the feature of continuance. From here, potentiality is reaching both inward and outward along the projection. Vitality is Life in animation; it is likewise the principle motivating all sensation, feeling, thought and experience. It reaches inward and outward simultaneously.

“Sensation, next, is the bridge between essence and physicality. It is primarily a vibration of ‘vitality’. This pulsation fluctuates rapidly between the sides of incarnation—form and formlessness, in and out of existence, infusing cyclically into all frequencies. In fact, sensation is the personification of all frequencies. We can feel it in our bodies, as the root of connectedness to the universal forces of Life. Sensation is a physical representation—in duality—of Oneness that we can tap into at any time.

“The next phase along our lineage of Source, is the incarnate senses. All senses are really but one sense, but they open out into multiple portals over the course of evolution. In your time there are typically five of them, sometimes six or seven. In other periods there have been many more distinct senses available to incarnate forms; you see some of these represented in other species, such as fish, birds and insects.

“Your scientists will gradually come to understand instinct in this context. The senses give our bodies their ability to relate to the so-called outer world. In reality, we are using our senses to co-create the integral inner and outer experience; this is part of the instinctual framework. The outer world does not exist separate from our collateral perception of it. The elements of the ‘outer’ world are reciprocal within the wholeness of creation.

“The next link in the chain is feeling. This takes up after the senses are engaged; it then bridges over into mentation. Feelings, too, echo Life and vitality, only in a nuanced manner. They trigger the activation and animation in our incarnate vehicles—beyond strict physicality. They bring into operation the various material forms within the body, such as hormones and chemicals associated with excitement and sensibility.

“As our emotions stir, they reflect the deeper essence of motion within stillness. They are clearly on the path toward what we see as ‘out’ and ‘away’; the ‘e’ in emotion means ‘out of’. Yet, at the same time, feelings link us to our more delicate qualities, sensing what lies within. There is always continuous linkage and reverberation along the lineage of Source.

“Now, the last stage in our lineage is mind. It is contextually positioned to be the worthy counterpoint of Source, pulling the line taught. It generates tension. This is reflected in the mental terms ‘discussion’, ‘percussion’ and ‘concussion’. The Latin root here means ‘shake violently’. The mind wants to gather all the parts together and ‘shake them up’, testing and challenging, resisting and insisting. But it also has another pivotal function.

“The mind is a fulcrum and turning point from which return is initiated, even inevitable. It likes to see itself as the governor for life, vitality and awareness in the body. In so doing, it mimics Source and calls it forth, unwittingly, into presence. Once these processes are set in motion, there is no stopping them. They will rise up in their own right and begin stirring through the countenance, rearranging all the mind’s carefully designed logical understandings. Irrational realities will begin to reveal themselves, punching random holes in the elaborate framework of conceptualization.

“Once this process is engaged, the ‘rope’ of lineage leads awareness back through each level: Below the mind, the emotions are stimulated into passions; the senses are heightened into perceptions never thought possible before; they in turn invoke sensation and vibration that injects the individuated awareness into the vitality streams of awakening.

“From the paradoxical opening created by this ‘mental’ stimulus, presence alerts itself. It introduces, gradually yet irresistibly, a new countenance—the ‘I am’ identity. Once there, Life suddenly becomes reality for the returning, prodigal soul. The final performance is all that remains. Soul finds Source in a way that can be described, perhaps surprisingly, as salvation. Ultimate ‘salvitas’ or safety—the peace and power of Source—is delivered into the waiting presence of Life. Consciousness has met and merged into awareness. The forces have descended and arisen along the projection line—Life to Life, Source to Source.

“The lineage of Source is one guarantee of the deep connection that Life reveals to your being. You need look no further than to your own conscious awareness to find all the tools for complete transformation. My friends, you stand at the threshold of this awakening. I wish you God speed. May you use these words and the inspiration they generate to propel you into evolution, beneath all the veils of forgetfulness and resistance. This destiny is yours; it is who you truly are. Peace, be still. Awaken now!”

CLICK HERE and you will find all the chapters posted from Life of Source. I will be updating each week with new chapters till we reach the end of the book. It will then be available for download from this site. Stay Tuned…

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