Conscious Evolution Is Alive – Everywhere

As spring is birthing again in the Northern Hemisphere it is imperative to awaken the intelligence in ourselves that will align with the planet and understand its natural movement for life and sustainability. Conscious Evolution is Alive – Everywhere!

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  1. Stefan, Thanks for sharing that important video message. Trees are wonderful beings. Their communities—forests—are great spiritual resources to our planet. Humans are so ignorant of such things, in general. Sometimes it’s embarrassing to be human.

    In my graduate school ecology course, we heard from a forester who had been studying the way tree roots graft onto one another throughout an entire forest. He measured responses hundreds of meters away when a distant tree was injured, even slightly. The fungi that Dr. Simard studies is yet another means of communion for them. And perhaps for us as well!

    Let’s all hug a tree today. Put your fingers in the soil and fungi. The world—and we—will be better off for it.


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