A New Look: Sensing Rebirth

As we move into the beginning of seasonal change we get the feeling that change is needed in this ever growing blog. We are trying on a new style of clothes. At first glance it feels right. So we shall see if it stands the test of time.

Another exciting addition to this season of change is the announcement that Robert has finished his 5th book “Clearing the Storm.” It will soon be available on Amazon and I will let you know when.

In the meantime, here is an excerpt from Letter Two of the first book. It honors the change that we all experience as we evolve to greater things:

“Evolution is consciousness in its most elaborate and limitless expression. As all things in creation change and grow, the storehouses of understanding fill ever more fully. The change and growth includes, of course, dissolution and death as well. All forms come and go. Evolution remains. No lesson in all of the multi-trillion living forms, over multi-trillion eons, is ever lost. Each and every happening in the universe becomes a lesson the Cosmos is learning about itself, a lesson it uses to push yet further the boundaries of consciousness. We are integral to all this. We, the students, are in fact our own teachers. We are the Cosmos, the Now and the presence. We are evolution itself.”

ⓒ Robert Lee Potter 2009

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