And The Dragons and Eagles Soar Before Our Eyes. Recognize It!

There is always something happening in your life that is meant to suddenly shake you out of the daily blind and open that intuitive knowing of something other. It strikes when least expected and blasts a new hole into the realm of Awareness. Makes you wonder why we don’t always stay alert for the things around us, those things that point, but we don’t. We just struggle to keep the status quo alive. This old style of living is so off base, it’s like a boomerang that keeps trying to find its way back to the hand that cast it, continuing to ricochet off everything around it, never finding the right path back. So much for the status quo. It seems that we’ve come to that level of friction on our planet that will suddenly light the much-needed fire under our asses and burn the path brightly, leading us to source. It’s about time.

Sense out with more than your eyes into the vast world of inspiration. Once there it will be a magnet for all that is guiding you to the place of knowing. You’ll find bias start to disintegrate, judgements fall aside. This is a freedom never known by normal standards. But it is normal in the way of Awareness.

Frenchtown Backyard 2000px

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