The New Paradigm

Whether it’s the Galactic Center pulsing energy our way to snap the tired paradigm in two, or just our divine inner cry waking to a new day and seeing the light through the darkness, there is a transformation taking place. The systematic power play of the corporatocracy, through the childish bullying of campaigners for the crown of leadership, has left us feeling hopeless. It’s getting out of hand, so we must reach high into our consciousness to bring the inevitable on planet earth. But good news, it has set the the next dimensional state in motion, speeding more quickly into our reality. Those who see through the veil and understand the illusion will just sit and chuckle at this playground of ignorance.


Religious extremism will try to topple the quest for enlightened living from both sides of the globe. This will not take place. The light that shines through this darkness is so great that it will eventually strip the fanatic wave of all its power.

What can we do now to expedite this process?  We can move into an authentic space deep inside our hearts, down to the divine sweet spot of knowing. Once there you will find the path that has always been waiting for you to arrive. These directions will be more easy to follow once the inner eye sees through the blindness.

Embrace yourself and those around with unconditional love and kindness. Make judgements for your safety only, and bring no harm to any living thing. See yourself as a unique singularity of the whole and express creativity for the enhancement and betterment of the one entire creation. That includes, not only this planet but the entirety of the universe and beyond. Play in a multi-dimensional stream of consciousness and use your imagination to explore all levels without bias. Other than that, just be yourself and love every moment of who you are.



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