Compassion and Enthusiasm for Earth

Robert sent this to me yesterday and asked me to share it with the community.

I continue to work on revisions to the text of book six. Here’s something I just came across (page 76) and must share. It is a message of great importance in this time of war and storming and political ‘cartoonism’.

The Earth feels me and I feel her. I am in a totally unexpected symbiosis. I canhear the world, as a living being; she is enjoying my enjoyment in these sky antics and playful explorations. And then a more serious and urgent note pushes forward into my awareness. The Earth is asking me, quite clearly, to use my ‘enthusiasm’ to a purpose, a purpose for the good of my species and the good of all other species of my time.

The Earth’s message takes a moment to assume mental form. Slowly I hear the sound. “Appreciate! Take on a deep compassion for all those who do not yet know how to appreciate. Use the enthusiasm of your newfound awareness to project heightened consciousness into your fellow beings on this world, in your age. Personally, you must dismantle negative thinking and resistance entirely—as a sacred quest. I beseech you to no longer allow your mind and ego to inject poison into the stream of love, pouring forth from your soul!”

I listen intently, absorbing the deep meaning of her message. This is the Earth talking to me! Directly! I am humbled and exalted at once. I am put in my place, and yet I know that ‘place’ is one of freedom and abundance; it is vastly expansive. My place is our place, all the living beings of the planet, plus the ground itself. Our place is ‘home’, a wonderful, miraculous gift of the Cosmos, bestowed on us from the origin, from glorious Source itself. I am swept up in awe, filled with a divineenthusiasm: I think of the root of the word: It is Greek, enthous, meaning ‘possessed by a god’. That god is Earth!

Robert Lee Potter – March 2016


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