2017 – And Go It Sows


The New Year brings hope to those who realize no man is more powerful than the power of love. Grace touches all who seek the truth.

If we give thought to the process that is before us, the new politic and the new consciousness that carries it, we will immediately become suspect of the future that soul searchers dream of. But this is all part of the illusion we promised to be a part of. There was no guarantee that our illusion would be promising.

It’s all the action of Consciousness, and the game that’s before us is for pro gamers only. That’s what we signed up for, and now we have to play the game better than ever imagined. So what’s the problem?

The funny thing is, we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t the best at what we do. Our ability to laugh and cry, feel joy and anger, this is second to none. We can get through all life’s trials knowing that we control the destiny that is ours alone. Nothing that exists outside of yourself controls the moment, the year, the life that we have taken to be ours.

Of course, some will say that this is a dreamer’s explanation. That these are expectations so grand that nothing could be further from the truth. But that’s the doubter’s way. And the mind of a doubter is the greatest threat to not faring well along the journey.

So, what’s the goal? Perhaps it’s getting through life unscathed. That’s a pretty broad idea, and a wish many are not fortunate to achieve. But it is possible. It’s possible because we have been given an element of design that has a special doorway leading to parts unknown. Especially unknown to our mind. And this would be the heart.

The mind can lead us down corridors of darkness. Sometimes so enveloping that we see no exit, anywhere. So we shouldn’t depend on this mind to give us the light we need to see. We need to depend on the other element, the heart, to open that doorway to light. How do we do this? The best way I know is through meditation. Meditation lets the current in. That current which emanates all around us. It charges the heart and shakes it to its core, with such dynamics that it opens that magical door leading to that inner world. This Is Not An Illusion. For those who practice it daily, or even from time to time, they know that this impression is real. Because at the very moment, the heart vibrates it opens the door to the state of greater satisfaction. It’s the Current of Satisfaction and the Corridor to Grace. Once you feel it, once you live it, your life changes for good.

I’m writing this not as an accomplished soul, or a man living a life of ease, but of someone who is challenged every day, who can wake in the middle of the night and get stolen by that mind of darkness. But I accepted the challenge before I arrived here and I’m not going to lose because of my failings or my doubts. I have reached the first portal in this transformation. I have peeked in and felt the glimmer of peace, the vision of light, the vibrancy of bliss and the grace of gratitude. For me, 2017 shall be a continuation of Conscious Evolution. I wish the same for all of you, as well as strong health and abundance of spirit.

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  1. Stefan, you have risen to the true fullness of your “Cosmic Observer” status in this latest essay. I am in awe. It is a wonderful river of consciousness that flows through your words here. I resonate with your proclamation: “… we wouldn’t be here if we weren’t the best at what we do. Our ability to laugh and cry, feel joy and anger, this is second to none.”

    We are indeed here to laugh and cry. How can we not, when we look at the headlines of each day? Pity those who have no sense of humor or humility! Pity those who would have no shadows! We must be the BEST—for the good of all souls.


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