We’re Surely Gonna Miss Ya…

In 8 days President Obama, along with Michelle, Malia, and Sasha will exit the White House for the last time. Watching Barack Obama over this past week has been very difficult for me. In him, I’ve observed a man filled with compassion, sensitivity, thoughtfulness and integrity. It’s rare to find a political figure with a few of these qualities let alone all of them. I’ve found my emotions welling up with the thought of his departure. His final speech to the country was inspiring. If many of us see a dark spot ahead of us he sees a light. We have to take his positive attitude about the future of this country and make it our own. All that negative feelings will do will be to attract more darkness to the days ahead. We can’t allow this to take hold. The light that we hold inside of us can spread itself into the destructive tsunami heading our way and calm its crashing waves into a compassionate tide of giving. We have the power to be that compassionate, sensitive, thoughtful being, aligned with integrity and a shining example of the man that led our country with grace and gratitude. We love you Barack. Thank you for your service.


  1. Stefan, I share you sentiments completely. In the days and years ahead, I’m afraid we will all be exposed to huge doses of the opposite qualities in those we have chosen to lead us. The Great Storm is upon us. Through it will eventually come wakefulness. When humanity can sleep no more, then it WILL awaken. But alas, not before.


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