A Letter from O and Omis (1/17/17)

With the exit of Barack Obama, we are losing a leadership based on thoughtfulness, compassion, and hope. This was the mantle of our 44th President and it will be sorely missed. As a charismatic leader, President Obama gave us a feeling of calm and resolve, even in the face of our fears and doubts. There was always the glass half full, and although some could not find their way to appreciate his demeanor we were all left with something more substantial in our lives. And that would be the grace he left us.

Now we are faced with an uncertain future. The highest office of this nation will now be infiltrated with bullying, sarcasm, mistrust, apathy and narcissism. I asked Robert to download information from our friends in the future regarding our present state of affairs and here is the answer that was given.

Part One, The Storm in Time

 “Dear Orange and Omis,

 “I am sending this request—through normal channels—at the urging of my collaborator, Stefan, whom you know well. We are currently experiencing major turmoil in national and world politics. With the election of a new and potentially difficult president, with a complete domination by the conservative wing of American politics, it seems we are headed backward in our evolution right now. It seems chaotic and demoralizing, especially after what many saw as so much progress toward a more caring world. Would you be willing to comment on these developments and advise us about how to react and act here?”

 O’s voice comes through immediately: “I would certainly be willing. These are the times we have described as the ‘Great Storm’. These are actually the death throes of your species and the end of the civilization, as you know it. A heavy-handed patriarchy has dominated your world for all your ‘recorded’ history—5,000 years, plus or minus. Times are indeed changing!

 “You are aware that the time frames we work with—in our group of twelve and with the angelans—cover much larger spans than mere five millennia. When we look at the passage of ages, civilizations, and species, we see millions of years at a glance. The cycles of storming, forming, norming, etcetera, come and go with greater frequency than you would like to hear.

 “The current downturn and upsweep of your political world is but one of many cycles, great and small, that proceed endlessly throughout the continuum of evolving consciousness. The pendulum never stops swinging, adjusting, and balancing the duality forces at play. The age you are living in now—with its place on Earth—is a particularly intense one, as we have indicated through all our messages. That is the raison d’être for the letters and books we have sent to you. This is a time of great movement in consciousness, a time when evolution itself has decided to bring a new acute awareness to the table.

 “In order for evolution’s awakening to proceed, all unconscious detritus and dross must be brought into the center of collective comprehension. All that ‘stands in the way’ must be examined with due diligence—and more than that; it must be absorbed and transmuted within the body of your species as a whole.

 “Since humanity has allowed itself to overlook and suppress so much of its unconsciousness for long ages, and since time is now short (acute) on the Cosmic clock, drastic measures have been drawn into place. The majority of your species has disdained a needed critical self-examination and introspection into its own deeper constitution. But your essence will not be denied. It will no longer be dismissed or brushed casually aside. It will now speak—boldly—through the body politic of nations on this planet.

 “Essence is presently speaking through the ‘Trump card’. Your dictionary defines ‘trump’ as, “a valuable resource that may be used, especially as a surprise, in order to gain an advantage”. Unconscious drives are coming to the surface, exposing the ignorance, apathy, and complacency of the populace. They, in their ignorance, have chosen destiny; they have chosen chaos and upheaval in order to provoke order. They will surely be ‘surprised’ by who and what will ‘gain its advantage’ here.

 “’Where is the order?’ you might ask. Order comes ever out of chaos. Chaos guarantees and demands order. It is the Law of Cycles (within the purview of duality expression). You will experience increasing disturbance; it has only just begun. Many will be hurt, afflicted (physically and psychologically) and killed in this process—relieved of their physical incarnations. That is nothing new to human experience, unfortunately. We would that it could be avoided. But essence has chosen this drastic path for its imminent awakening. It is the rapid way indeed. In the end, because of its velocity and suddenness, the sum total of suffering will actually be lessened.

 “No one actually ever chooses to be ignorant. All wish to be enlightened and wise, to do the ’right thing’! But when acting from an unconscious connection to essence, the consciousness within still realizes what must be done. Action invokes essence, whether awakened or not. When action is ignorant, the consequences may be dire and harsh for those who resist the collective momentum of Oneness.

 “When separateness and divisiveness are motivating forces, Oneness responds in its purity. It answers such force with deep and uplifting (up-ending) presence. That which is impure is eventually arrayed in its nakedness and destroyed from within. Separateness as motivation invokes Oneness, but perhaps not directly. Indirection may be used by essence in this case. Such indirection causes friction (appearing as resistance); it causes turmoil and storming and destruction.

 “That which is separate from Oneness is being destroyed and brought low. That is what you are witnessing in your world today. Our advice to you is to be the witness, honor the passing of your civilization and species. Be active in good causes, if you choose; be aligned with the powers of awakening; be compassionate and supportive of the birth of the new species and those who struggle to hold up the light. But above all be alert and aware. Feel the awakening rising within you and around you. Do not despair. Be of good cheer, especially as you recognize the uplifting of the darkness.”


Part Two, Stirring Up the Ethers, the Fibers, and Grit

 I ask, “Shall we continue with what we started earlier? I found what you said to be intriguing. But does it really answer the question that burns in our hearts these days?”

 O and Omis reply, “Well, what do you think that question is?”

 “I don’t know. Perhaps it’s something like, ‘What’s going to happen to us? Will we be all right? Is this really the end of civilization? Are things going to get really bad for a lot of people?”

 They offer, “Ah yes, those questions. They are very serious and potentially upsetting. It is understandable that you would wonder and that you would be anxious.

 “We say, ‘Relax.’ That is the most important action you can take at this time. You are all hyper stimulated with over-abundant information. It rains down on you continuously; it floods up from beneath and presses in from all sides. Such it is as we have described it would be. All this is happening at the personal and the global levels simultaneously. If you would hear what we say, it is also happening at the subatomic and Cosmic levels as well.

 “After you relax and find stillness in the spaces between stimuli, the Space (singular) within Stimulus (singular), you will experience clarity to prepare yourselves for other emerging actions. Simplicity is the balm for being overwhelmed by complexity. From stillness, all action, creation, and experience are drawn. All observation, awareness, and awakening arise from the self-same center. It is the center of Peace. It is your center—at the core of your being. It is likewise the center and core of all the universes and indeed of Oneness.

 “We—the Oneness—are in this TOGETHER! No one is separate or left out, except through temporary emotional-mental obfuscation. In all other realms and dimensions of consciousness, we are together. But the lesser mind keeps on trying to analyze and separate and reduce, without duly recognizing the value that synthesis holds for evolution. Still, in its clumsy way, the intellect is also attempting to discover the ultimate Oneness, the singularity at the bottom of all scientific reductionism—that point or particle or essence beyond which there is no further possible reduction, the ‘atom’ of early Greek science.

 “Great movements are indeed afoot in your stormy times. It is empowering to be alive now—even as we experience it vicariously, through your eyes, feelings, and sensitivities. You are swimming in very turbulent waters that rush down from unknown sources, in unpredictable ways, scouring uncharted channels in the clay of your once-familiar Earth.

 “Each individual is feeling it in her and his own life. Each group and each nation are confronting these uprooting, upending trials. This is the planet of Challenge; this is the time of greatest challenge here for one particular species, humanity. No one of you escapes the ravages of this period. However, through this, all will evolve. No soul will be left behind. For some, the ‘way of the waking world’ is hard and tortuous, dangerous and threatening. For others, it is primarily an enormous irritation, confusing beyond one’s mind capacity to cope. And yet for a growing number, these are times of revelation and invigoration. For us, the turbulence stirs up the ethers, the fibers, and grit required for implementing an eternal promise. It is a promise, quickened by forces of tribulation, up from the depths of spirit.

 “You have witnessed the twin avatars. They are leaving their mark upon the hopes and destinies of men and women around the globe. They are standing back now and allowing destiny to have its way. You now have leadership and authority outwardly slapped down on top of you harshly, with its menacing restrictions, reversals, destructions and supreme conceits. It is a time of deep and astonishing contrast and division. And you are here, in the thick of it! You are thusly blessed! Remember that true leadership must come from within each of you, from the soul. The masquerade of outer leadership must be proven false—‘fake news’!

 “The ‘avatars’ are a metaphor of the promises and dreams of the soul; they are examples set for the values and imaginations of a species fulfilled; they are bright stars whose light will not go out. They are the archetype of the new age. The old age, nevertheless, has not yet finished its business. The age-old patriarchy, besotted with a humorless, narrow-slitted and grim countenance, flaunting its male manipulation, is demanding a final turn, a final rupture, and eruption. It has risen up from the midst of the so-called ‘electorate’. The archetype of old has been delivered up for all to ultimately see and recognize. It has arrived in its final, fuming form, out of the very bellies and minds of humanity’s confused daughters and sons.

 “It is all for a cause. And the cause is noble, even if the unconscious agents of karma are not. The cause, of course, is universal human awakening. In the darkest of hours and spaces, the tiniest point of sacred light can shine more brightly than a sun. This is now your hope. Call upon the darkness, the creative canvas of dark matter and energy, to reach its fullness. Invoke its infinite presence and holiness. Therein lies the birth of light effulgent and pure.

 “As the perverse deeds, deceits and bullying orations rage upon you, observe—awake and alert. Let deep Consciousness well up into your surface awareness. Know the center of truth in your heart. Know what is true and what is false! Discern. And help others to grow their discernment, their own realization of the purifying karma of your times.

 “’Lead us not into temptation. But deliver us from evil. Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil.’ The waves of the Storm are crashing high and mighty, swirling; the winds are furious; the ego creature unleashed upon mankind is thrashing in fury as it passes. All is a devastating maelstrom. Relax, we advise and swim free—in other ethers, other airs, and auras. Do not succumb to fear and disillusionment.

 “Your challenge—much greater than the challenge of rebuffing tyrannical authority—is to fully, respectfully honor the end of the age of a species. And then, upon its ashes to raise up the tender shoots, the radiant visions, and imaginations of the new race, that will move beyond human; it is already clearly nascent within you. In its light and presence, see the shape of a great, clear evolving future. It is already here and now and beginning to stand on its own legs, wield its own sword of inspiration and incisive-though-quiet justice. This is where your value lies and where we beseech you to apply your true power.

 “As you witness the passing of the old, intolerant, greedy system, with all its noise and frothing blather, see brightly the coming of the humble, sweet and pure ones. The Meek shall inherit the Earth. We, for our part—in your so-called ‘future’—have seen it come to pass; we are the meek and the gentle. We are living it with promise and grace. We have embraced it in our hearts of sensation, in our bodies of being. This we know. For you, our dear and much-loved forebears, it must remain for a  time within the bosom of the Holy Unknown. Therefore, we urge you to take faith from the sacred space of the heart. Believe not, lest ye lose faith!”






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