Look! Help Is Just Around The Corner

Anger has become the overriding emotion among the citizens of this country. Moving into a rage, it is a sore that has festered to the point that it has infected us all. I’ve found myself so uneasy with this emotion that my smile has waned and my guts have erupted. It’s not pleasant and it’s not sustainable. Something will definitely blow. It’s for that reason I’m writing this post.

This blog is based on the possibility that we humans will evolve to a more enlightened state of mind. Under the present circumstances, it looks pretty grim that there is any possibility. In fact, the norm is erupting into a more abnormal normal. Minds are being blown apart by acts of insanity, bringing the common denominator of Common Sense to a level of Common Nonsense. Infantile brain-farts are dominating the landscape and, in some, the ego has become so infatuated with itself that it has blocked all notions of surviving the catastrophic murmurings of the world’s Mind-Sick Leaders. It doesn’t look good.So now what??? Well, the more intelligent of our bunch could come up with ways to bring this maelstrom to a more viable solution. First, we must rid ourselves of cancerous leaders that riddle the conversation with outlandish proclamations, and put in place women and men of integrity, with goals of kindness that reach all of us, not just the partisan few.

This is hopeful thinking you will say, an ideal that has no taste of reality. Well maybe the small thinking mind will believe this, but those who have lifted up this humanity in the past have been Future-Thinkers, those who painted with broad strokes of the mind. The negative attributes of humankind: biases, judgementalism, racism, elitism, egotism, exclusivism, privilege, all these and more, add to the cancer that is eroding the human spirit and keep it from soaring to astounding heights.

It’s not as though those of our species, whose understanding and intellect are above the rest, are hiding in the shadows, waiting for the bombs to drop so they can clean up the mess made by the Neanderthal mind. No, they’re out there, pushing the envelope for a better world. We’re just not listening. The noise around us is deafening. Social Media dynamics have corroded the mind cells with a Hamster-Wheel mentality. Running in place and getting nowhere. Ugh!

Now we have to become proactive and productive. We don’t have to stand in protest on the streets, waiting to get our heads knocked about by authoritarian boogeymen. We can just exude expressions of an enlightened society within our own surroundings. We can think smart and speak smart. We can add to the goodness of heart rather than the selfish of heart. We can smile more, love more, be kind more. Let’s see what happens. It’s easier and healthier to Love than to hate. Hate takes a lot of effort. It has to build up inside and boil over and then burn. Not so good for the stress level. Love comes sweetly to the fore. It has no judgment and only desires to touch all. It’s bright and clean and filled with a sweet aroma. It flows through the body and keeps the organs alive. If there ever was mana from the gods Love Is It.

‘Letters from 500’ tells of a time when humankind has transformed to a more powerful consciousness. A consciousness with growth instead of decay. Of togetherness rather than separation. Hey, we can work all this stuff out. We just have to think about what we have to lose, and what we have to gain. Losing is positive if it’s losing the “isms” that divide. Gaining Oneness, in a life well shared, is the success we must achieve for the salvation of the awakened, enlightened being. Cheers!!!


  1. CHEERS!

    Dear CosmicObserver,

    By the time I got to the last word in your enlightened message: “Cheers!!!” My heart was reading—and not my head. My head rapidly recovered territory and said, “Oh, he meant that simply as a closing wish to his readers. HOWEVER, my heart had already registered its intuitive impression. What it heard was the sound of your audiences’ reaction: They were CHEERING your letter.
    Indeed we are living in a time of woe and anger and outrageous negativism, as you have observed. But you have laid down the way out of this mess very clearly: It is to “smile more, love more, be kind more.” … and to … “put in place [leaders] women and men of integrity, with goals of kindness that reach all of us, not just the partisan few.” … and losing the old “… ‘isms’ that divide” that leads to “gaining Oneness, in a life well shared…”
    I hear the awakening crowds softly, then more and more loudly shouting, “cheers! CheerS! CHEERS!”

    Robert Potter


    1. Thank you, Robert – Life is simple, we’ve made it difficult. If our world embraced simplicity and clarity, bolstered by love and kindness, we could reach indomitable heights. What a shame our mind’s eye sees through the cataract of ignorance.


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