The Heart-Fire of Transformation

I don’t think I’ve ever been as angry as I am now. It’s an emotion that doesn’t sit inside me much, and when it does rise up it dissipates quickly. I’m fortunate in that respect. I’m quick to forgive and have little time for dwelling on something I cannot change. But we have gone completely Bizarro, allowing this latest administration to have the keys to the castle. They just don’t care about us. All of us, including their supposed base. Recognition of this fact, when the sky falls on top of us, chicken little, will be a long and hard lesson.

The physical protestations have produced a large negative bubble around this country. You can almost see the fire of rage bellow up from the purple mountains majesty and the fruited plains. The emotional body has gone haywire and the health of the body is in dire straits. But, we can change this rotten dynamic, this pervading stench that wreaks with me-ism. Don’t let the voice of crazy penetrate too deeply. Block it with the Heart-Fire of Transformation. Think it. Believe it. Love it. Project it. We better start loving our surroundings like never before. Better start loving our neighbor like never before. Better start loving our community like never before. And we better start loving our humanity like never before. The only values that need be honored are the values that sustain civility and harmony. Without these, we are lost.

The integrity of a structure is no better than the foundation that it’s built on. Destroy any part of that integrity and it’s doomed to topple. And then what? Picking up the pieces, of an idea built on integrity, will surely take generations. I’d like to see it healthy again before I’m gone.

There is clarity beyond…start noticing



  1. Dire indeed. But these are the times of great storming. We must endure it, to get us all to the other side. Humanity is currently in the throes of forming a ‘consensus’ on what is real and what is fake. Authenticity and honesty are all that matter. Lies and liars still abound. We all have a ways to go yet. It will get worse before it gets better.

    There is still a very large minority who are hanging onto the belief that Party is more important than Country. Maybe they’re right, in a bizarre way: Maybe it’s the ‘party to end all parties’ that we’re in now—the Danse Macabre (Dance of the Dead). That term comes from the late Middle Ages in Paris when people would gather each night in the cemeteries and ‘party’ around the piles of corpses from the Plague. Life had become a sham.

    Keep moving toward consensus, people. Keep waking up!


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