A Whisper of Content

I fly into the darkness with the thrill of another journey. I’ve been here before. Oh it was so trying then, yet glorious. I am not challenged to participate. I am surrendered to the call, Soul’s immersion into the conscious love of transformation.

When I was home in my oneness, looking into the fray of evolving, it seemed so simple to understand, knowing the truth of it all. Laughing, I embrace this formidable path traveled until I’m thrust into it again. I’m not laughing now.

Bang, I’ve landed. Hit a wall that stopped the everflow of awakened state before my departure. “Now you See It, now you don’t.” Those words never as poignant as in this moment of forgetfulness. Even now I’m wondering how these words, these thoughts, broke free to be expressed.

These many years of looking straight ahead and seeing not much. The mind caught in a whirlwind of repeated memories so lacking in the knowledge of it all. The shell I reside in has done well to hide even the spark of truth.

And yet, in this strange moment, as the shell weakens and the mind vibrates in uninspired thought there’s a whisper that comes with determined force. And that laughable moment I had before my descent is reaching out to me once more.

© 2018 Stefan Bright


  1. I truly think you’re onto something in this approach of “imagineering” from an envisioned future, looking back to the confinement of the past. If we all could take time to escape time and look around, we would be free. Free!

    As our ages creep up on us, as we grow nearer to the jumping off place—death—we can either cave in to fear and dread, aches and pains and complains. OR we can take heart, take courage and look forward by looking back at where we are in time. Sorry, this doesn’t make mental sense. What I mean is that courage liberates us to feel free even though we are not quite there yet.

    Looking back from the future is what Letters from 500 are all about. We can apply its approach to our own personal vision of passage, progress and awakening.


    1. Wonderful! We’re aligned so perfectly in our perception. Now, if the words can ripple out to the further reaches, perhaps there will be a consensus that will raise the ripples into a resounding wave.


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