The News Blues

What’s this darkness I perceive, though my eyes are opened wide and the light of day yet lingers?
What’s this darkness creeping through, like the herd approaching in thunderous waves?
This dull blurred form, I’m trying to understand, crying to understand.

This dulled blurred form wrapped in the tatters of gullibility. Guiding me to follow, leading me to unbelievable places. To places where truth is just a four-letter word. Guiding me to bend my mind in so many twists and turns. Like a coaster off its rails.

Follow it into the crannies where confusion reigns. It informs my mind, my eyes so blind. It’s here to satisfy my fearful thoughts and direct me in ways I cannot imagine. It is the ruler of misinformed constituents.

Fear me, it says, even as it allays my fears. It is pushing another story, something it wants to share, something skewed away from the reality of life. Something beyond compare, it promises, something beyond compare? I stare at it, beware I stare. For the eyes have spied the lies inside.

© 2018 Stefan Bright

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