The Meta Theater Company – “What Were You Wearing?”

‘Letters from 500’ is not only a series of books but an idea that is taking shape in moving the future of our species into a more enlightened way of living. We find it necessary to bring to life anything or anyone that promotes healing from our destructive ways and awakening of our sleeping consciousness. There are so many incredible minds and hearts on this planet, with imaginative ideas for change, but our eyes are sometimes blind to the immenseness of the message.

Nothing challenges one’s sense of inner peace more than the fear of being accosted. Whether it’s a mental attack or one with severe physical consequences, the idea of being accosted sends the nervous system into a torrent. A torrent of fear, of anger, of confusion and of shame. It seems that out of weakness one will accost another to achieve control. Lacking a feeling of worth, this control gives the predator the satisfaction of over-lording its victim and stealing away the self-worth that allows one to move through life with a feeling of grace and poise. There is no excuse for this behavior, and in an enlightened species, this behavior will be eradicated. In the meantime, we have it in our lives.

With all the attention to ‘rights and wrongs’ these days there is an energy among us to bring these corrupt behaviors into the light of day. “The Women’s March,” “The March for Our Lives,”  “Black Lives Matter,” “The Teachers March,” all these demonstrate the ability to confront a Patriarchal society bent on the destruction of the human spirit. The idea that greed is the foremost driving force in surviving this world is a sad testimony to our ability to transcend the brutal egoic nature of man, and move ahead into an enlightened body where the one tenet that should be primary in our life is “do unto me as you would have me do unto you.” This simple thought could turn a caustic existence into one of peace and harmony.

The Meta Theater Company have taken their talents and their art to another level of human awareness. Working with women who have been incarcerated, they are helping them regain self-respect and the respect of others. Beginning with ‘The Vagina Monologues,” and moving into a theatrical presentation surrounding female abuse, “What Were You Wearing,” they have brought to the stage a passionate cry for busting loose from the shackles of patriarchal society. These performances, these daring vignettes of rage and shame, show a malignant mindset, initiated by miscreant behavior. It’s time for a change, for all of us. It starts now.

Opening the evening performance was a video from The Global Goals – “ Freedom-International Day of the Girl.”

The stage performance that followed echoed cries to an unenlightened society, where control is the leading antagonist, and freedom from this control is the star of the show.

Visit their Facebook page

Their next performance is Saturday, April 28, 7:00p.m., at The United Way – 20 Fulper Rd., Flemington, NJ.


  1. There is nothing more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Your ideas are building into a tsunami. The Time of the Feminine is upon us! Thank you.


    1. This theater group has been working long and hard in their souls commitments to awaken the sleeping crowd. This performance also included audience participation, which made the experience that much more noteworthy.


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