The Way of the Waking World – Epilogue 2

One moment in eternity I peer out from the Souls domain, into the time filled world of human experience. My demeanor of peace and light-filled-joy sees a great possibility in this active world. Challenges appear, wanting for my Soul to engage.

I dive deep into the Cosmic Sea. With a swell of promise filling my energy field I head straight for this little island in the middle of everywhere. I am sure of nothing. The unknown that awaits is the adrenaline of my soul’s purpose. It fills me with everlasting, adamantine, Will. This Will that knows no failure. For, all the push and pull of consciousness is only an action to stimulate the presence of the Now. It is a starting and finishing line of all the rotations of the soul’s visits to this tiny space, an acceptance of the game of continued enlightenment. 

There is a deep shadow cast on the life of this planet now. It is part of the play. It is neither good nor bad, it’s just part of the Dusty Grime kicked up by the momentum of life, along the way of discovery. It affects us deeply only if we succumb to it. There is a way clear of these putrid dust balls, but it takes more than one’s adamantine Will, it takes the courage to stay in Integrity’s Light and not be mesmerized by the deep shadows of earth’s addictive illusion.

The following excerpt is Epilogue 2 from “The Way of the Waking World.” It was brought back to our attention by Peggy Beck, who has intuited the true meaning of Letters with great understanding. She has made us retrace our steps along this path of learning and we are truly grateful for her insight. It could never be more poignant than it is now. Take 3 deep healing breaths, read Shadows and Light on Earth, and then breathe those breaths again and exhaust all the illusion with those vibrations of Peace echoing through your body. 

Shadows and Light on Earth

I sit in the dark morning, meditating on stillness. This meditation has come upon me from within. It has demanded me to wake up and be here with it. It is like a very peaceful person, a presence, a life and consciousness in its own right, coming to me to bring a gift. It is the gift of serene sensibility. I join this life presence and enter its quiet spaciousness. I sit.

But then there are thoughts arising. Let them go. Let them flow around and off, away. I re-enter the stillness. Still, there are impressions coming, streaming in from my benefactor, peace. I accept the gifts and place them into my mind and thoughts. They materialize as two forms in one. They are, at once, Omis and Orange, in a single feminine voice. The darkness speaks out of them, into them.

“I’m wondering about the last line of the book.” I muster some inadequate, raspy words.

“You are meant to wonder at those words. They are wonder words.” They chuckle softly at the phrase that rests briefly upon the silence. “You wonder at the idea of ‘God’ and the idea of being ‘possessed’ by anything. Can it be a good thing to be possessed?”

“Yes, that’s it,” I answer with concern. “Being ‘possessed’ sounds like unconsciousness, not awakening.”

“So it does. However, you know that we often speak to your mind through paradox. The paradox here is that ‘possession’ means a loss of control, giving that over to a force that dominates you. But consider that losing control, losing your mind, under the influence of ultimate divinity and presence can be true awakening.

“Consider what message these words import: ‘Possess’, from potis means ‘able, capable’, plus sedere, which means ‘to sit.’ Most simply stated, a possession can mean ‘sitting with capability’. The ‘God’ that is referred to in this situation is your own soul, seated within your innermost being. The ‘loss of control’ here is the act of turning your awareness over to the power of consciousness, of being infused with deeper, authentic essence.

“You have long been possessed by your mind and ego. All forms are ‘possessed’; it is their nature. In the ‘waking world’, ego-mental possession must end. It is ending. A new possession and a new way of appreciation must enter you and guide you from within. This is the beginning of sincere infusion of spirit—and ‘enthusiasm’.

I have slipped out of my meditative state and my little mind begins to grumble. “Where do I get this enthusiasm? And if, by some chance, I do find it, how can I maintain it? As much as I see the good of what you’re saying, and as much as I would like to follow your advice, I don’t feel capable of such a level of ongoing excitement and passion.”

The double O answers, “Do not maintain it. Do not try to achieve or hold onto excitement. Only continually choose to enthuse. In the choosing is the rise of consciousness within you. Once you know the choice, it will assume leadership in your life. The ‘God’—of consciousness—will possess you through this choice and will provide all the excitement you need.”

My mind is still wrestling, attempting to find a weakness in these arguments, trying to deny the value of ‘enthusiasm’. It wants me to reject such a naïve, childish approach to enlightenment. How can it be that simple?

The Os speak to my unstated concerns, “You need not be filled up with misgivings and resistance. That is simply ego attempting a last-ditch effort to thwart your awakening. Let your deepest mystical sensation—foundation of all the senses—bring you to enthusiasm and passion—and compassion.

“Turn your resistance around, inward: Turn it to insistence! Accept the ‘God within’ as your destiny. She brings nothing but freedom and peace. Play with her. Dismiss thoughts of effort and achievement. There is no work to be done. It is all a playful, joyful action. Accept your blessing! Enthusiasm is the way of the waking world.”

After a pause I accede, dropping my struggle. I sit in the darkness and try to return to meditation. The faintest light of dawn is creeping into the windows. Still, the darkness troubles my thoughts. It dawns on me that this is an opportunity to ask my guides a question that has bothered me for a long time.

“O and O, may I please ask you directly about the so-called ‘shadow government’ of this planet. Many conspiracy theories are in play around this. Does it exist? And if so, what are its purposes and objectives? Can we ever evolve into an awakened species while such an organization is in control?”

The disembodied voices answer, “Our group has debated over whether we should touch on this subject in these books. We decided to proceed with information—if you were to ask directly about it. And you have.

“There is such an organization, of course—a manipulating form behind the most dominant governments, institutions and corporations. Many awakening humans have guessed that such is the case. Some have speculated that perhaps aliens from other worlds or dimensions or time frames are controlling this group. This is not the case, however. Some aliens have participated in and influenced the organization, but they are not in control.

“This group ‘pulls strings’ in world networks of communication, police, military and economic sectors. They dominate in education, religions and material resources. They also manage and fund terrorist movements and insurgencies; they promote war on all sides. They have chosen a totally  ‘evil’ path. Some humans have wondered if there is anything that can be done to reveal this secret government, or to combat it. We say that there is no way to ‘combat’ it—not by force of arms or of politics. They are too strong to defeat!”

“My god, O. That’s a doomsday picture if ever I saw one. What can we do then?”

“We can do just as we are doing. We can tell you of the future that exists without them. These books are one means, among others, to infuse the awareness of humanity, to report that all is well—in the great order perspective. The ‘control group’, we might call them, will exist until they don’t. There is a time in which they are no longer part of the picture.”

I gasp, “What do you mean? First you say we cannot defeat them, and then you say they are defeated in the end. Which is true? How can this be? Wait. I know: You’re going to say ‘paradox’!”

“Our method in each volume of Letters is to show you the evolved world that exists beyond your time, and then to work back—in your imagination—into the settings where consciousness makes its dramatic changes. Both your species and mine have intersected with these changes in most powerful ways.”

“OK,” I say. “I see what you’re setting up here. But I still don’t understand how this ‘shadow elite’ goes away. Do they just decide to give up? That seems unlikely. Their egos are just too entrenched.”

“There have been dissenting views within this shadow organization over recent times. They have not always spoken with one mind or one voice. That is their great weakness in fact. It is inevitable, since they have divorced themselves from the Oneness; this is the height of separativeness, of course; it leads inexorably to internal discord and dismemberment. Divorce from Oneness is the eventual, fatal flaw of all ego structures. This shadow organization is the greatest ego erection the human world has ever seen.

“The existence of the secret society is becoming widely known. You can see it now in many of your movies, books, television programs and reports, and, of course, via Internet sites. But this exposure is not what causes their downfall. Their karmic fate is dealt to them—as is always the case—from within their own ranks. The darkness one carries inside, in denial, eventually demands its full attention.”

“All right. Is there anything we humans can do to ease and speed the passing of this cabal?”

My guides wait for the answer to stream into my mind. “You guessed it. What you can do is to awaken in your own right, one and all. You can join the growing number of souls in conscious presence and enthusiasm around the Earth. You can become vigilans—from the inside out. The sheer number of awakened beings, walking in the world, in ready spirit and living presence, will smother the old, dying systems.

“Gradually, the vast majority of humans will assume their authentic places along the spectrum of awakening. And they will move relentlessly, en masse, toward the revelation of Oneness. Their silent, persistent movement is what finally overwhelms and undermines the remnant evil on Earth.”

I continue, “But what actually happens to the shadow government?”

“Nothing at all. The members grow old and die, in their time. They lose the fire and determination to control. They reach a point when they no longer believe in themselves. They lose their reasons for being. The rampant egos fade. Their networks and installations gradually lose coherence and energy. Infiltrated and suffused into this newness is the rising inner power—the power of Now—that grows in strength and certainty. The old legs can no longer stand and gravity does its work, pulling even them down and back into the Oneness.

A question suddenly grabs me. “Wait. Can we pause for a moment? I have a question that should have occurred to me to ask ages ago: Just what is the ‘power of Now’?”

“A very good question, I must say, no matter when you ask it! In fact the only time you can ask it is now. The power of Now is the Source itself, in authentic presence, at the center of all and each. It emanates out, but paradoxically never leaves its center point. It is the essence of unending creation and dissolution, birthing and dying cyclically. Now is the motive vitality—dark energy—of the Void and all that is built upon it, all Life and light and projected form. It is the ultimate, perfect and precise expression of Oneness.”

“Thank you for that. I will ponder it more, later.” I pause, recollecting. “So, back to my question about the shadow organization: It seems strange to me—and not quite believable—that such a dominant and influential organization can just pass away suddenly.”

“It is not strange at all. And it does not happen suddenly. It follows quite the course of nature. All forms trace the same trajectory. They begin; they rise up; they last for a spell and begin to weaken; then they fall. Such is the way of form—perpetually under the influence of formlessness—from whence it came, into which it returns.”

I ponder these words. “So, why do they do it? Why is their ego so short sighted?”

My guides are silent for a moment. I sense them appreciating a broader vision than, perhaps, I was asking about. “They believe they know better than other humans. They have accumulated or been given access to knowledge and secrets that are very convincing—to the their minds—of the need for their behavior. They represent the last stand of the human patriarchy, the dominant masculine. They do not understand that which they have rejected, repressed and crushed in the feminine half of duality; they ignore the imbalance they have created.”

I ask, “What does this shadow company want to accomplish? What do they think they’re doing, anyway?”

“They believe they are ‘protecting’ humanity from itself—at any cost! They see their own species as hopelessly inept and inferior, while, of course, they themselves are not. In feeling superior, they are possessed of a profound ‘inferiority complex’, though of course they refuse to see it. In some ways, they are refusing to be members of their own race. They want to believe they are exceptional, special, and above all, separate!”

“What are their plans? When I look around at the planet and see the environmental degradation and population strangulation, it sure doesn’t look like this ‘control group’ is doing a very good job of controlling.”

The voice replies, “They have a grand plan, or more precisely many plans, intricately, and clandestinely pieced together. Again this reveals their fatal weakness in rejecting the Oneness. In their narrow, separative view, they see all the planetary problems as a means to their end. They reason that as the world becomes more and more ungovernable, chaotic and degraded, they will be able to step in and take ultimate control.”

I interrupt. “The ‘ultimate’ end being what?”

“They wish to enslave, herd and ‘reap’ all members of the human race for various, nefarious purposes, in a wide range of schemes. Think of what men have always wanted slaves for—wealth, manipulation, and self-aggrandizement! Their vision of Earth is a very dour and vacuous one, to be sure. It is precisely the opposite of conscious evolution.

“The ambitions of this small collective of misguided ‘men’ is to control everything, every process and product on the planet, forever! Of course, they do not comprehend how nature and evolution actually work. Their preposterous egos have blinded them to fundamental truths and to critical areas of awareness. Theirs is not simple ‘unconsciousness’, but rather ‘anti-consciousness’. They do not realize that they themselves are being manipulated by even more malicious forces than their own.”

“Whoa. Even more malicious than the shadow government?”

“Indeed. There is but one small triad of men at the center of it all. They are the holders of the black flame. The have chosen this threefold geometry for its strength and impenetrability. The do have an intimate understanding of the material dynamics of this world, which has enabled them to survive for so long.

“You need not fear, however. Their time and influence are passing swiftly.  The harm they can do has already been done—in your past. Currently, there are many mitigation mechanisms and technologies thwarting their authority. Many of these protections are unseen and unknown to you. But beyond that, what is most important is the awakening process at large in your species; this is rendering the greatest deterrence of all toward harmful influences.”

I squint skeptically. “I’m afraid I don’t believe there is a decrease in harm in the world. I only see it increasing all around!”

The two-voices-in-one answer resolutely, “That is because you only ‘see through a glass darkly’. You do not see the whole picture yet. Soon enough, you will be able recognize the outcomes of these mitigation measures. Remember that your ‘possession by God’ means that you will be enabled, not just enthusiastic! The era of ‘control’ is transmuting into true, authentic ‘power’ within you all.

“Another factor is the shadow organization is losing its capacity in the midst of the Great Storm. In their delusion, they believe they have engineered this Storm to suit their purposes. They are sadly mistaken. The Storm is sapping their energies on all fronts, in spite of what they believe. Their political, economic and military apparatus has taken many actions to try and stop or channel the Storm; yet these have only added to its force.”

I ask, “I’m curious about the ‘mitigation mechanisms’ you mentioned. What are they?”

“One is a system which prevent nuclear destruction of the planet. Another is an envelop of ecological stability, safeguarding you against environmental catastrophes, worse than you have currently experienced. And as we said, the sheer number of awakening souls in your world now is the largest factor; humanity is coming into consciousness. This is bringing in great streams of light. It is subtle, but you can find examples of increased sensitivity and comprehension everywhere among the populace.

“There is also another factor you may or may not be aware of. It is the oversoul guidance for your species’ tribe; this is represented in several earthly, incarnate organizations and factions of governments. There are many awakened souls within them, working quietly to monitor and neutralize the shadow organization. More significantly, they also assist the emerging presence wherever they can.

“The strongest influence of all, for your evolvement, comes in the form of the galactic wave—from Hunab Ku. It coincides with all the transitions in your world, in synchrony with your tribal destiny. It is a prime impulse behind all changes and challenges in your time, including the shadow group. As we have always said, there is a greater destiny at work than humanity can understand.”

I stop in silence for a few minutes, wondering what else to ask. I know there are many important questions! Finally, an obvious one occurs to me. I ask, “How does this evil group fit into the ‘way of the waking world’? Do we need to counteract them in order to awaken?”

“The simplest answer is ‘no’. They represent the factor of ‘resistance’. Do not accept, in your mind, the kind of resistance they promote; to resist them is to align with their tactics. Turn rather to your own inner compass for direction and truthing. They provide a key influence that has its purpose in the greater order.

“It is worth noticing their existence, for sure. Know your enemy. But be true to your inner being; be authentic. Be aware of those who promote resistance to awakening. Do not succumb. I’m sure you can see many examples of this in your world today.”

“Well, yes,” I respond. “There’s an overwhelming amount of distraction. It’s everywhere. Look at the stress we all feel, the information we have to process, the ubiquitous technology, the dubious forms of ‘entertainment’, to name a few. Many people fall prey to these things without even noticing; they just feel exhaustion and busy-ness. Of course, many others are subjected to true physical threats—poverty, prejudice, starvation, crime, slavery, and war. It’s an awful world! Why does it have to be this way? Why are so many innocent people targeted for so much violence?”

The Os’ reply from a calm and silent space, “You may not like our answer. No one is truly ‘innocent’. Every soul is being tested by circumstances and stimuli, directed by their own, guiding essence. Those who refuse to receive or hear the messages suffer the consequences; or else they leave the Earth. Souls provide their incarnate personas with great challenges at times.

“Those who are in harsh and dangerous situations—even unto death and destruction—are being called upon to look at the Now and to recognize the presence within. There is a way to respond with inner peace to any peril. Even if there is no way to avoid harm, the soul has a destiny—in the moment. That ‘destiny’ may simply be to fully open to the ‘density’ at hand, with wisdom and faith.

“There are many horrors in your world that no one can condone or deny. Karmic effects await the perpetrators. And the victims, as well, are working within the framework of karmic balance. No events or intents pass unnoticed or unrecorded in the Akashic memory. In horrible circumstances, the soul stands strong and holds forth its succor, even in the midst of death or worse.”

I groan, “That is hard to hear. It goes along with another thing I’m observing lately—particularly in the last few decades. I’m afraid I see enormous ignorance and outright stupidity in people these days, particularly in my own country. Is that really happening, or am I just being partial and judgmental?”

“It is really happening. And you are being judgmental! Many souls are being called upon to awaken and they respond—egoistically—with denial and distraction. For awakening to occur there must be a correspondence between the incarnate and discarnate soul. The earthly vehicle must accept the approach of the heavenly body. If not, the way is not that of the waking world.

“The derangement of the mass mind is a symptom of the end of the old civilization. Your collective awareness is becoming untethered. It is grasping and reaching at straws in the tempest. When the mind is losing itself, it becomes ever more irrational. This is evidenced in the increasing divisiveness in your world; the collective mind is turning upon itself, turning inside out.

“And for you, personally, to maintain a ‘judge-mental’ attitude is to harbor resentment and resistance within your own mind; you are succumbing to the divisive influence. It does not further your own wakefulness. It is good to notice and realize the world as it is, but not to cast blame or bias against your fellow humans. Follow, rather, the path toward Oneness. You are on the same path with all other souls, regardless of what their personas exhibit.”

“Point taken,” I admit. “But why does it seem so easy for these developing souls to accept distractions and outright lies from political, pseudo-leaders and the media?”

“The human mind is weak, especially en masse. You all succumb to degrees of ignorance and resistance in the face of unfolding truth. It is the task of each of you to gradually allow this resistance to prompt opening into acceptance of your place and position on the path. This is an aspect of accepting the Now; it is humility and patience. Rather than diminishing you—as is the fear of the ego—this acceptance empowers you. It provides a firm foundation in truth, not pretext.”

I ponder the thoughts. “These are very strange, challenging times we live in, to be sure. I keep returning to the worries that confront me on a daily basis. I’m sure I’m not alone. But that is precisely the most difficult thing. We feel like we’re alone. I look around and see people using their mobile phones, emailing and texting—constantly distracted. It seems that they’re just trying to make up for feeling ‘alone’; they’re trying to stay connected all the time.”

“This is a keen observation,” the discarnate voice answers. “Regard the keenness that is rising in you and all other humans in these days. What you are truly doing is elevating your awareness. Even with the state of ‘worry’ in your minds, you are pushing yourselves through to awakening. The ice of unconsciousness is growing thinner all the time. At the ‘precise’ moment in destiny, the water below will reach the melting temperature and the ice will break.”

I smile. “That’s an interesting metaphor. It brings a lot to mind. I think we all feel we are walking on ‘thin ice’ these days. Usually, that means danger. The way you say it, it’s a good thing.”

I sit in a long silence, anticipating the stream of inspiration as it builds inside the stillness. The O voice finally breaks in, “You are imbedded in your mind. That is the only problem. Relax. Let go of being so ‘human’. At your perfect center, you are at perfect peace. There is nothing to worry about, nothing to fear. Come back to your authentic self. All is well.”

I want to accept what they say, and still I argue, “But there is no ‘self’. You and the Buddhists have told me that many times. How can I come back to myself when there’s ‘nothing’ there?”

I sense such a peaceful energy around me—projected from the double Os—that I can only sigh, and sigh again. The inbreathing reaches down deep, carrying me into darkness and emptiness within. I know this emptiness. Surrendering suddenly to it, I fall into the Void, slowly, lightly, with that familiar eternal sensation—for an endless distance. The farther I fall, the calmer I become. The world of the mind recedes ever away into the vapor of outer-ness.

The voice announces, “Here, this is your ‘self’, dear friend. This replete emptiness is the true ‘you’. You are the Void. Your nature, our nature, is nothingness. It is also Oneness! That which brings these two polarities together is the ‘form’ in formlessness. The essence does indeed congeal into a ‘self’, for its purpose of projection into the world. It is a superb paradox that you search in earnest—and in vain—for the self, for a God in creation.

“Out of your search—and out of your reach—you manufacture all the forms that come and stay for a while, perform their chimera dances, and then pass away. In the great parade of their passing, you find your way, your true selfless self. Formlessness is that conveyance; it bridges you into the Unknown that is ever with you and surrounding your creations; and it is forever out of reach. It is ‘unknown’ because it is the spirit of potentiality and resourcefulness—that which is yet to be.

“Yet in all this negation, there is the consciousness that observes and feels and falls into sensation within itself. It dreams. You, the consciousness—yes, the veritable ‘god of consciousness’—call us all into the dream. We call one another to gather in the dream. It is consciousness that stirs all of creation and pushes out against the gravity of Oneness to generate one thing, then two things, then all the rest, in a great tumbling, turning abundance of forms and complexity throughout all the universes. This, too, on the deepest formal level, is what you are!

“In each life, we choose a particular form, one of these universes, and make a home for ourselves, a ‘self’. The sense of self in us is simply the one consciousness choosing a single, temporary home among the outer abundance, to live and dance and wrangle for a time. We are caught like moths in the halo of projection from Source. It feels and thinks itself to be so real, but the senses are themselves part of the projection, the illusion of light and mist. How can they know what is projecting them? How can they know what is real, that they ‘sense’ only the illusion?

“You, our son, are worrying and suffering under the senses of the projection. Loosen up the grip you have on yourself as an outer form. Fall back into the true ‘sensation’. Relax and be well. Wellness then will be the projection. Let the true bridge of formlessness reach into your bones and fibers of form, from the root, from Source and Void. Let it arise and sweep away the mind and its minions, its disheartening limitations. These are not you! You are the wellspring of dark energy and power that pervades all awareness in the Cosmos.

“The confusion you may feel is simply the formulation of a question in your heart, stretching it out to the mind and into fear. The question is ‘how will I be here now?’ You are asking the enlightened essence, deep down, in the darkest place, to reveal itself—in and through you—through the steps of your path in the world. What it reveals may seem frightening at first. But look again. Look through the dream façade and come clean. Be clear. Be here with us again, with the Oneness that answers all questions.”

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