“Space for Healing”

Absorbed in deep contemplation, down beyond the chatter of life, I find that space where silence reigns and darkness turns to light. Where peace moves in, on golden threads, caressing my numinous heart. The current of multi-dimensions rushes through, dancing eternity’s infinite beat. I’m lost, away from the world I’ve known, and rapt in the newness of the world I’ve been born out of, from the beginning of time. Where time never exists.

And then a voice peeks through, with a hushed whisper of recognition. Not a sound it makes, but a silent nod of familiarity. It speaks in realizations, and I can understand every meaning, though those meanings come with no words, it’s knowing just the same. It plays with my heart, and the strings pluck magic from the air. I am complete in this silent conversation. All manner of things unfold before me. It is beyond awe. For awe has never felt a thing like this.


Forty-seven years ago I started down the road of meditation practice. It has taken me on many journeys and has saved me from disillusionment, depression, anxiety, and the like. It has been a close friend, especially in those times of need, but most certainly in all times. One of the benefits of meditation, as teachers will tell you, is the place of peace that it can immerse you in. Though a quieted mind is one of the benefits of this peace there also arises a voice out of the silence that has no sound and no thought. It is an intuitive connection to the higher essence of you, that has animated the physical being of YOU. As we are now, this essence sits behind a veil of unknowing. This unknowing keeps the physical and mental constructs of your being from seeing the truth behind the veil. Meditation can lift that veil and introduce you to the Source that animates you and knows all that is. Of course, there are many teachings and practices that are part of the cornerstone of this connection with Source, but with some gentle love applied to yourself and the information given below, we can start the journey of removing the illusion of life and fulfill our Soul’s dream of immersion into the reality of Source. Let’s all start to have a conversation with our All-Self. 

Robert’s Conversation with All-Self #33 – 05/15/19

Space for Healing

RP: Good afternoon, AS. It’s comforting to know that you are present at any time I want to contact you. In fact, I am motivated to have these conversations largely as a form of comfort for me—at least today. I’m feeling rather fragile right now. In part, it has to do with my credit card being hacked, having to deal with a bunch of fraudulent charges, and all the complications that go with that. In any case, thank you for being there.

AS: Wouldn’t you be disappointed if I was totally silent all of a sudden—but no. … just ‘messing’ with you, as they say. I’m happy to be here with you—any time. Bear in mind that for many of your compatriot humans there is no recourse such as you have. They do not know they could have access to their own soul. It is a sad thing. You are blessed, friend, to have come to this awareness and connection. I am blessed by this connection as well.

RP: Wow. I never thought about people in general not having access to their own souls. Is that just because they don’t know and haven’t tried?

AS: Yes. There is a lot of disbelief out there, along with all the ‘beliefs’ people have. In fact, the two are intimate twins. If you place your mind in the hands of a belief system, you immediately take on the spectrum of everything opposite to it. In the thrall of any belief, you are also subject to doubt and fear—to wit, that the contrary condition may exist. Belief is designed—by the mind—to counter disbelief.

And so, there is ‘no soul’ for many individual minds in the world today. Science generally disallows its existence. Philosophies and religions do not offer much solace either. For many of them, the soul is a remote or ephemeral ghost that plays no active role in their lives; it comes to account only at the time of death, if that. And Buddhists take any expression of ‘self’ or soul as a mere temporary assemblage of memories and impressions upon the surface of living.

There is much misunderstanding about the soul. You have studied this subject a great deal and I’m sure you know what I’m telling you. For the vast majority of humans, ‘soul’ is nothing much more than a word, like ‘god’ or ‘spirit’. It does not carry the sense of a living identity that can participate, say, in a dialogue. It is often seen as just a quality of being that may provoke some small degree of curiosity, but it does not move the person to investigate within himself or herself.

RP: Well, that is indeed a sad situation. Why am I so privileged to have this special relationship with you? Am I just lucky? Or, in my more pessimistic attitude, am I just deluded to think I have you talking to me? I may just be volleying words back and forth in my mind.

AS: As always, it is up to you to decide. You choose between acceptance and resistance. For my part, I encourage you toward accepting me. The proof is in the presence, of course. Do you find benefit from our conversations? Do you learn from them, from me? Does it feel to you that we, together, are making progress in our consciousness?

RP: Yes. Yes, it does. I find most of what you tell me to be useful, insightful and sometimes downright brilliant. I do feel we are moving toward something very beneficial. And, moreover, I would encourage other people to have dialogues with their own versions of soul. Of course, I don’t think other people care much about this. I’m certainly not interested in proselytizing. What do you say? Should I be promoting soul conversations to others?

AS: You are setting an example. This is one step in that direction. You might mention it to others once in a while. But, I agree, no proselytizing. I must point out in passing that your level of confidence in what we do together is not yet fully developed. Dialoguing with one’s own soul is a delicate matter; it requires sensitivity and persistence. It is, nevertheless, quite available to anyone who would desire to try it out. Most people though appear not to see the benefit of it to themselves. They perhaps feel their lives are flowing along just fine without soul contact. What do you think?

RP: I think people would be helped greatly by more soul contact, more movement in that direction at least—in fact, more merging of self with soul. I also do not think that most people’s lives are ‘flowing along just fine’. I hear and witness much consternation among people around me. But regarding ‘soul’, it seems people are kind of stuck— either in a quasi-religious framework that diminishes soul, or a scientific-secular mindset that negates it altogether.

AS: That’s the way it seems to me as well. Humanity does not approach the soul nearly as often, or as authentically, as would make for a better world or a better personal life. Your example—in these writings and in our creative dialogues—is serving to cultivate the soil for greater awareness of such potential intercourse: Soul soil.

I would remind you, however, that dialoguing is only one avenue of relating to soul. All ‘spiritual’ people are in fact bringing their awareness into alignment with the inner worlds and energies in some way—their own way—be it through meditation or prayer or acts of compassion, creation or various other practices. These are all good.

RP: I get the feeling that most people don’t think ‘the soul’ is actually real. Even if they accept it as a possibility, they regard it as some obscure essence, beyond this world, and basically irrelevant to daily life. I think they have good reason to feel this way, since the soul is generally invisible and silent. They don’t have occasion to interact with it. Am I wrong?

AS: Yes and no. The soul is continuously interacting with each individual. But this happens in subtle ways; so it is indeed often invisible to casual vision. Still, soul is intentionally so. Its subtlety is part of the way awareness must approach and open to consciousness.

RP: Maybe this is a good time for you to remind us of what soul is. Is it real or just a passing assemblage of mental matter as the Buddhist’s put it? I’m not making the mistake of asking for a ‘definition’; I know you would say that would be an attempt to make it ‘finite’.

AS: You’ve got it. Hah. The soul is, in fact, the opposite of finite. That’s a good place to start. As we have said to you many times in many forms, the soul is a bridging identity between multiple worlds and dimensions, across time and timeless states. It is an embracing of all worlds in fact and puts a face—and/or a voice—on the ineffable, divine expanse. With a nod to the Buddhist view, I am in indeed actually an assemblage of states—of appreciation and contemplation. I am not, however, ‘temporary’. I am ‘passing’, too, but eternally so.

In the context of our dialogues, I pass into the form of persona, with a ‘voice-mask’, as the Greeks called it. I am formless, as is all creation in its essence, but I assume forms at times for certain purposes; so do we all. My focus of attention and intelligence is evolved to the extent that it encompasses all my subordinate incarnations—that is, the multiple-lifetime aspect of myself, each life living simultaneously across a wide range of epochs in the physical domain.

RP: Whoops. You kind of lost me in that last bit. Could you break that down a bit?

AS: In a word, I’m smarter than you. I’m more evolved than any one of my incarnate forms. Indeed I am as intelligent and insightful as the entire collective of lives—and more: For you, I bring access— bridging—to the greater divine instinctual presence, the All Self. This means I can answer any question you ask; I can address any issue, difficulty or discomfort you may experience.

RP: Interesting. Does that mean you have healing powers as well?

AS: Yes. Are you asking for healing?

RP: Well, yes, as a matter of fact. I never really thought of you that way. Would you be able to heal my bad knee, my arthritis? Could you give me more strength and a better heart and lungs, better mental faculties?

AS: Yes. I could. But you would have to ask.

RP: OK. I’m asking. Please heal my heart and my arthritis, my mind. But wait. Shouldn’t I need to know what caused these conditions in the first place? Shouldn’t I work out the deeper significances and karmic reasons behind it all?

AS: Yes. We can do both at once.

RP: So, why do I have a bad knee, arthritis and heart disease?

AS: Because you’re an old man. You have lived a vigorous life at times that has taken a toll on the physical form. You have worn out your body—several times over. You have had accidents—karmically induced, of course—that trigger the effects and issues you have.

Nevertheless, we do not have to leave you in these conditions unabated. You can move into a more harmonious relationship with your etheric body—that form that represents the ideal you—and with your karma. You can, as a recent ‘teacher’ has advised you, make a ‘personal paradigm shift’.

RP: OK. I’m glad to hear you mention that. So, I’m not being deluded by my attraction to that phrase?

AS: No indeed. I planted the whole notion into your awareness. Make that shift. Make friends with your new paradigm.

RP: So, can you tell me what I can do to get on with it? What can I do to make this shift and to assist with my own healing?

AS: The number one, major thing to do is to relax, believe it or not. Relax and “accept your blessing”, as Omis told you once or twice. In the midst of this relaxation, hold the space for intention. The space is peace; it is aligned acutely with the state of mental, physical, emotional relaxation—letting go of attachment to former conditions. Worrying, stressing or obsessing on negativity cause increased attachment.

The ‘space’ for intention is what intention actually is, because space is consciousness. Once you’re there, you are already triggering the creative process and progress of consciousness. Space holds the secrets of destiny, just as time holds the secrets of density.

‘Progress of consciousness’ is a topic we shall address more later. For now, let me just add that this concept covers much territory in the domain of ‘spirit interacting with the physical world’. Space represents the conscious Void, the Tau; it is the ultimate creative matrix, out of which proceeds all initiation of action and reaction, acceptance and release. Your task in a ‘personal paradigm shift’ is to link your individual experience—in time—with the universal matrix—space. Setting intentions and reaffirming them often to yourself does that.

Set the space for healing. Set the intention thereby, to embrace you totally. Say to yourself—in whatever words you choose—that it is so, in the Now. Feel the embrace around and through you. I do not mean intellectually; take the feeling much deeper. It is as though radiation is coming to you from the great sphere of universal environment, at the same time radiation is coming up from within, from each individual quark and molecule of your material form. The fields collide into your awareness and your conscious being. Both dualities cross and fuse into a singularity field; that is the carrier wave for healing.

RP: I’m happy to hear this. What are the two dualities again?

AS: The duality of consciousness and awareness and the duality of macrocosm and microcosm.

RP: Good. Thanks. Let me raise a question though—a doubt, I guess. It seems to me that I must believe in this healing from you in order for it to work. Is this so? Might I undermine the whole process if I can’t bring myself to believe that you can heal me?

AS: Yes, you might. However, you have no good reason not to believe me. What might make you disbelieve what I’m saying is your resistance to spiritual reality. That is the very karma generator that has perpetuated your dis-ease. You seek to justify materialism in your mind at the same time you wish to have proof that spirit trumps the outer world.

RP: I guess that’s about it. Can you help me get over that? I do want healing. I do want to shift my personal paradigm of aging and frailty. I do ask you for healing and strength and renewed vitality.

AS: Then receive it! Accept it. Disbelief be damned! It is an inconsequential, trivial deviation from the creative power that is inherent in you. Belief, by the way, is only the latch on the door. Your true power—of knowing—lies within; it is the healing force of truth. Sequester disbelief into the paradox box of doubt. Put it consciously there, below your active, creative frame of invention.

I am a healer and a teacher for you. You have known the latter, but not the former until now. You have no excuse henceforth, save for resistance, for your maladies.

RP: Well, thank you. I do feel stronger and better right now. I just walked across campus with much more vigor than normal. Can I take that as a sign of your influence?

AS: Yes! Emphatically, yes. You can believe that. And before you cast any fresh doubt on your situation, let me say that ‘belief’ in this case is a useful tool. It is entirely appropriate to use belief as a tool. What is inappropriate is to use it as a substitute for truth. In the case of it being a tool, applied for a specific, circumscribed purpose, belief is a means of empowering the physical domain. It is a ‘bridging’ function—not unlike the soul itself—linking the ideal state with material formation.

RP: But doesn’t belief always come accompanied by disbelief?

AS: Yes, but let’s not quibble. Look at that as the balancing platform—or fulcrum—that enables the ‘tool’ to perform its function in the duality world. Belief here, as whenever it is appropriately applied, is a rising above doubt and diminishment—for a given, delineated purpose and objective. Thereafter, it is released.

Go now forward, healed and healing continuously, believing that it is possible, coming directly from your soul self, the All Self, into your body and your being. Accept the blessing from deep within you and from far, far beyond you, which is the state of entire Oneness, All. All is well within you and around you—from me to you, my beloved and enduring creature of creation.

Copyright _ 2019 by Robert Potter

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