From The Soul Of A Master

* Paramahansa Yogananda meets Sri Ramana Maharshi *

Swami Yogananda with four others arrived at 8.45 a.m. (29th November, 1935) He looks big,but gentle and well-groomed. He has dark flowing hair, hanging over his shoulders. The group had lunch in the Asramam.

Mr. C. R. Wright, his secretary, asked:

How shall I realise God?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.:

God is an unknown entity.

Moreover He is external.

Whereas,the Self is always with you and it is you.

Why do you leave out what is intimate and

go in for what is external?

Q.: What is this Self again?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.:

The Self is known to everyone but not clearly.

You always exist.

The Being is the Self.

‘I am’ is the name of God.

Of all the definitions of God,

none is indeed so well put as the Biblical

statement “I AM THAT I AM” in EXODUS (Chap. 3).

There are other statements,

such as Brahmaivaham, Aham Brahmasmi and Soham.

But none is so direct as the name JEHOVAH = I AM.

The Absolute Being is what is – It is the Self.

It is God.

Knowing the Self, God is known.

In fact God is none other than the Self.

Q.: Why are there good and evil?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: They are relative terms.

There must be a subject to know the good and evil.

That subject is the ego.

Trace the source of the ego.

It ends in the Self.

The source of the ego is God.

This definition of God is probably more concrete and better understood by you.

Q.: So it is. How to get Bliss?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: Bliss is not something to be got.

On the other hand you are always Bliss.

This desire is born of the sense of incompleteness.

To whom is this sense of incompleteness?


In deep sleep you were blissful:

Now you are not so.

What has interposed between that Bliss and this non-bliss?

It is the ego.

Seek its source and find you are Bliss.

There is nothing new to get.

You have, on the other hand,

to get rid of your ignorance

which makes you think that you are other than Bliss.

For whom is this ignorance?

It is to the ego.

Trace the source of the ego.

Then the ego is lost and Bliss remains over.

It is eternal.

You are That, here and now.…

That is the master key for solving all doubts.

The doubts arise in the mind.

The mind is born of the ego.

The ego rises from the Self.

Search the source of the ego and the Self is revealed.

That alone remains.

The universe is only expanded Self.

It is not different from the Self.

Q.: What is the best way of living?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: It differs according as one is a Jnani or ajnani.

A Jnani does not find anything different or separate from the Self.

All are in the Self.

It is wrong to imagine that there is the world,

that there is a body in it and that you dwell in the body.

If the Truth is known,the universe and

what is beyond it will be found to be only in the Self.

The outlook differs according to the sight of the person.

The sight is from the eye.

The eye must be located somewhere.

If you are seeing with the gross

eyes you find others gross.

If with subtle eyes (i.e., the mind) others appear subtle.

If the eye becomes the Self, the Self being infinite,

the eye is infinite.

There is nothing else to see different from the Self.

He thanked Maharshi. He was told that the best way of thanking

is to remain always as the Self.

Later the Swami Yogananda asked:

How is the spiritual uplift of the people to be effected?

What are the instructions to be given them?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: They differ according to the temperaments of the individuals and

according to the spiritual ripeness of their minds.

There cannot be any instruction en masse.

Swami Yogananda.: Why does God permit suffering in the world?

Should He not with His omnipotence do away with it at one stroke and

ordain the universal realisation of God?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: Suffering is the way for Realisation of God.

Swami Yogananda : Should He not ordain differently?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: It is the way.

Swami Yogananda .: Are Yoga, religion, etc., antidotes to suffering?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: They help you to overcome suffering.

Swami Yogananda.: Why should there be suffering?

Sri Ramana Maharshi.: Who suffers?

What is suffering?

No answer!

Finally the Yogi rose up, prayed for Sri Bhagavan’s blessings for his own work and

expressed great regret for his hasty return.

He looked very sincere and devoted and even emotional.

~ From talks with Sri Ramana Maharshi book ,Talks : 106,107

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