“It’s always darkest just before the dawn”

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They say, “It’s always darkest just before the dawn.” If this is true then we are on the brink of a great breakthrough. It doesn’t make sense to continually talk about how bad things are, how ruthless people are, how the world is turning into garbage. This only sets the stage for ripples of negative vibrations to permeate all and everything. What use is that? That will only make things worse.

With the right energy set forth, we can move mountains and see a brighter day on the other side. Here is a chapter from Robert’s latest book, Conversations With All Self. This chapter on Governance outlines the path forward for a more awakened society.


Chapter – 47
Governance Is a Form of Soulfulness – 8/9/19
RP: I got an inspiration yesterday and I’m wondering if it was from
you, or from some other ‘enlightened’ source.
AS: I know the bit you’re talking about. It was not directly from me,
though all inspiration entering your mind does come from me, effectively.
In this case, it was from Orange in the year 500.
RP: That’s cool. Why didn’t she announce herself?
AS: It is not always her way—or mine—to do that. Nevertheless,
you sensed it was from a deeper source than your mind. Orange does
send her regards, by the way. And of course, if you wish you can
dialogue directly with her at any time.
RP: OK. I had forgotten I could do that—you and I have been so
busy with our stuff. Well, so I’ll repeat my download here for the record.
You can tell me if I got it right.
I have long believed that humanity is evolving towards a more
‘socialistic’ form of society. But I’ve wondered how that could exist
in a way that it still encourages entrepreneurs—sort of capitalistic
socialism. It seems like pure socialism, giving every citizen an equal
share in wealth, would take the incentive out of monetary creativity; it
would restrict productivity. There would be no energy to push the
envelop of development—in technology, economics, exploration, art,
sports and so on.
AS: I understand your concern. It is an impediment in the minds of
many—though there is much more creativity in the future than now, I
must say. Let me just say that ‘society’ is already socialistic, by
definition and origin; it is an organism, blending the functions of all
individual parts within a coherent whole. I can elaborate on that later.
But please continue describing your idea first.
RP: Well, my thought was that socialism doesn’t have to
mean limitation. Society and income distribution could be structured
in a way to facilitate the ‘common good’ on a flexible basis. For instance—
and here’s the crux of the idea—if an entrepreneur had
some great idea, she or he could apply to the government for an
exemption from the ‘equal-income’ rule. In a future where many
more people were ‘awakened’ to the Oneness in us all, a rapid, widespread
understanding of unselfish motives would facilitate any
‘investment’ activity.
Under the exemption, creative individuals could utilize whatever
financial resources they needed to get a job done. They could then
have the incentive to ‘make money’ and be rewarded within the field
of the project, for whatever time it required. The only stipulation
would be that the income would not accrue in a separative manner,
cutting off the flow within the society as a whole. I believe it could be
designed so that the entrepreneur would enjoy the benefits of her or
his endeavor without handicapping others at large. Of course, I
haven’t imagined all the details. But I have a feeling it might be
AS: And it is so in the year 500, far and wide. No one is constrained
by the financial systems operating in those days; rather, they enable
everyone. The shared consciousness within all gives them appreciation
that such arrangements benefit everyone. With each act of genius
and creativity, the whole body of society is enhanced. Each person,
and society as a whole, moves forward with the movement of
any one person.
If one person is especially inventive and imaginative, the others
appreciate it fully and support it. They are collectively inspired. This
has happened in human societies all along, in reality; you have
mutually evolved through the actions of genius in others. No two
souls come to the world with identical needs and destinies; each has
unique requirements for his or her missions and projects. Hence, all
societies require flexibility in behavior for their people.
The awakening of humanity produces a kind of universal genius in the
species—the vigilan, let’s say. In that era, every single individual has
access to unique and powerful inspiration for creation. That is to say,
by comparison to today’s human, every person in the year 500 can be
considered a genius. As we have said before, genius is nothing more
than impassioned, specialized focus of consciousness. With the
reduction and reconfiguration of ego across all members of society,
access to the power of wholeness becomes vastly more available. Each
person finds avenues of contribution like never before.
I would point out that the ideas you offer are relatively accurate for
your future. However, actual implementations will vary greatly,
especially considering that there are hundreds of different governments
in the age of 500 alone. Each has created its own version of
‘the greater good’ among its populace. You might not call them
‘socialist’ in certain cases, yet they are all much more sensitive to their
citizens than any government you currently know.
RP: How would you describe the function and purpose of ‘government’
in general?
AS: I mentioned the ‘greater good’. Believe it or not, all forms of
governance intend some representation of this concept—even when
the ‘greater’ only pertains to the oligarchical or autocratic rulers,
even when the understanding of what is ‘good’ is woefully inadequate
and hypocritical.
You once asked Orange a similar question about the forms of
governance in her world. Her answer was that ‘anarchy’ was much
closer to the norm than anything in your world. I would say the
same thing. Awakened anarchy is a stage beyond ‘democracy’, if you
will. Let me explain:
What comprises the greater good is the synergetic sum of the good of
each individual soul expressing collectively. Essentially, there is no
conflict between the individual and the whole of society. We are
one. Discovering that Oneness is the quest of each soul in
incarnation. Ego and mind are tools that souls use to explore
Oneness, often by means of great contrast and differentiation; these
tools, in the course of evolution, create distractions and diversions
away from the remembrance of Oneness.
There are many diversions that result in separateness and misalignment,
causing suffering and pain and harmful karmic interferences—
departures from Oneness. As the human individual and species
advance over the millennia, all deviations become increasingly
apparent; the malfunctioning eventually becomes undeniably obvious.
This is the fulcrum of awakened presence in a society. Your world
is currently experiencing this fulcrum of awakening, preparatory to
realignment with Oneness. Soon—and currently for many—the
discordance with inner appreciation is unbearably painful.
Political turbulence and divisiveness around your globe today is
revealing to all souls the disharmony with soulfulness. The division
is not between one political party and another—not between
libertarianism and socialism, not between the righteous and the
wicked, not between the cognoscenti and the ignorant. All
personalities are ignorant of the soul to some degree. Each person
on Earth is working to remember and to reunite with the soul. As
long as such work remains to be done, no one is fully conscious.
RP: Wait. What are you saying? Are there no ‘enlightened’ souls on
Earth today? I think I can name a few who might be.
AS: I’m sure you could give me names and claims. But let us speak
plainly: As long as there are unawakened souls on Earth anywhere,
all souls are unawakened. Don’t get me wrong. Awakening beings are
increasing their ranks within humanity; you are an example. This is
good. And this is as it must be in order to produce the grand
enlightenment we all seek. As we have all said repeatedly, however,
the entire race must awaken! This is the mission.
RP: OMG. That sounds impossible. How can we ever get there?
We are so far away from that. Just look at all the evidence. People
everywhere are selfish, separative, ignorant, unevolved to an enormous
AS: This is abundantly clear. The clearer it is, the better off you are
though. This is the time of clarity, as you have said in the title to
your fifth book, “Clearing the Storm”. It is true that there remains
much ignorance. The clarity of darkness is increasingly obvious and
disturbing to huge numbers of people. When the essence of this
disquiet reaches out to include all souls on the planet, then you will
collectively step onto the species-wide realization of need. That is
why the disquiet is so important. The need for awakening is not yet
universal. It must become so—to embrace the whole of humanity!
RP: That still sounds impossible to me. Or else it sounds incredibly
dire. You’re saying the situation will get worse before it gets better.
But you have told me, just recently, that the Storm is actually over,
and that we have turned the corner toward collective enlightenment.
AS: So I have. There is no contradiction. Let me repeat: the clearer
the ‘misalignment with soul’ becomes—for all people alive—the
better it is for imminent awakening. Clarity is increasing by leaps and
bounds; thus are you all approaching the revelation of Oneness.
To bring this conversation back to the topic you raised at the beginning,
Oneness is the power that reveals the ‘greater good’ of all.
Closeness to soul, for each human, is the path that brings you
toward the goal. Governance for incarnate populations on Earth is
the means by which Oneness can be revealed to the masses. It is the
vehicle for physically, mentally and politically uniting the ‘ones’ into
the ‘One’.
Governance is a form of soulfulness, in its way. It bridges between
the individual and the greater spirit. In enlightened anarchies, each
participant is aware of the spirit within the whole, reaching into the
individual through heart and head and hands. There is a holistic
harmony of self and Self that manifests onto the planes of physical
action and development and creation.
It is called ‘anarchy’ because there is no ‘ruler’ on Earth. The true
ruler is the Oneness itself, reflected upon the soul bridge between
spirit and matter. Each persona (‘mask’) knows itself to be a mask of
the soul, a face of the One divine presence on Earth. From your
perspective, it can be called ‘socialistic’, because it intends the
management of all socialized souls within the body politic: To each
her own; to the whole its own. One and all are joined and
individualized together in thought, word and deed.
As evolution brings us to goodness in action for all, we take up and
create the forms of governance and participation that represent our
current understanding. We, each and all, accept the deeper resonance
with divine inspiration. Can anyone deny that such a condition
reveals that all is well?

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  1. Good timing. I just reread the chapter you presented. It’s like ‘someone else’ wrote it, not me. It’s like an inspired teacher was teaching me as I read it. Thanks for the reflection, bro.

    On Wed, Jan 22, 2020 at 1:11 PM Letters from 500 wrote:

    > Stefan Bright posted: ” They say, “It’s always darkest just before the > dawn.” If this is true then we are on the brink of a great breakthrough. It > doesn’t make sense to continually talk about how bad things are, how > ruthless people are, how the world is turning into ga” >


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