Facing Your Mortality

Rarely in one’s life is the thought of one’s mortality in dire straits. Yet, when the apocalypse seems to go from the pages of books and media screens into real-life, mortality suddenly becomes a constant. Rarely do we think of ourselves as ever conscious beings moving from one life to the all eternal life of our divine Self.  We’re so busy trying to move through our lives that we hardly ever think about our movement through the process of dying. This unknown doorway, death, that leads us to the next adventure, is so mysterious that it’s better left in the dark cellar of our mind.

This video is a beautiful representation, and meditation, through the Bardos of death. The Tibetan monks, living in the rarified air of the Himalayas, have held on to this ritual of death and rebirth since the 14th century. This short film, narrated by Leonard Cohen, can bring this time of anxiety into a new perspective. It is viewed best while seated in a near meditative state of mind.




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