Lord, Save Us From The Twitter Feed

Lord, save us from the Twitter feed,
Save us from its dysfunction.
Save us from the Twitter feed,
Give intelligence renewed production.
Make those silly comments fade,
Like soot into the sea.
Make smart remarks the healing ground,
From idiocy make us free.
The following was sent to me from Robert, yesterday, 04.22.20:
The article from the Atlantic, attached in the link below, puts words to the feelings many of us have had for some years; it is also an example of outstanding reporting and insight by staff writer, George Packer. His writing describes a situation of life and death that we’re all deeply involved in—both personally and culturally. As much as we may not survive this pandemic—as individuals—our nation itself may not survive—as the republican democracy we have known and loved.

Quote from the article:

“The fight to overcome the pandemic must also be a fight to recover the health of our country, and build it anew, or the hardship and grief we’re now enduring will never be redeemed. Under our current leadership, nothing will change. If 9/11 and 2008 wore out trust in the old political establishment, 2020 should kill off the idea that anti-politics is our salvation.”



My response to a friend after I initially read the article:

Yes. It’s stuff we all knew for years, but this article is very well written and assembled. 

I would point out that our “sclerotic” condition doesn’t apply just to the US though. It’s the way we all are—in every corner of the world. It’s human civilization itself that is the “failed state”. 

There is no government, no leader among our species that is up to the task of solving the ‘problems’ we’ve created. Our great lack, I believe, is that we have outlived our usefulness as a species. 

We have consumed, raped, overwhelmed the world of Nature for hundreds of years. Now it has come to a breaking point. Either we break or Nature breaks. Guess who has more resources and depth, more longevity, in that contest?

I feel this article needs to be read by every human on the planet. Without understanding what it says, there may be no way forward for humankind. 

It’s time for us to evolve into a new, more ‘natural’ species—one with increased “introspection, compassion, and creativity (in cooperation with nature)”. Staying curious and being humble is a big part of introspection. 

I hope and trust that we, collectively, will wake up and get the message. Next time, Nature may not be so kind. (Yes, the ‘coronation’ virus is actually a ‘kind’ message, given what Nature might have thrown at us. If we don’t get this one, I’m convinced that Nature will send a stronger message next time.) We need to realize that, no matter how puffed up and strong we think we are, we are vulnerable — extremely vulnerable. 

We have been bullying and boasting, shoving and shouting in every corner of the world-dominating and intimidating, then denying and lying about it to ourselves. (Does this sound like our current world leadership?) It’s time to own our outrageous behavior! We are collectively responsible. This is the humility that Nature is looking for us to accept and exhibit. Kindness and compassion toward all of creation is my wish.

—Robert Potter

PS   For a refreshingly ‘natural’ perspective on humanity’s place in the world, I heartily recommend the film, linked on YouTube below, called “Aftermath: Population Zero – The World without Humans”. It is a curious thought experiment by some Canadian scientists and filmmakers, aired on the National Geographic Channel. The program was produced by Cream Productions.


Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 2.54.16 PM

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