Letter Eleven “After the End” (1st installment)

This is the first installment of a repost from January 2010. Even in the world of pandemic survival we find ourselves surrounded by ignorance, brought on by unenlightened power play. Time to wake up before the end crashes down on us.


Letter Eleven “After the End” is very auspicious at this moment; in our country and in our consciousness. The turbulence of transformation has begun and those who understand the sign posts will be conscious enough to weather the storm. Our great global civilization has reached the end of its life of egoic pride and selfish motivation. There is a new consciousness dawning that will leave the present species nothing more then a hard cover volume of history. We have served Source well up to this  point. With all the imaginings of a world bathed in love and harmony we just couldn’t get it right. Without the knowledge to understand and the will to create a new paradigm we eventually became lost in our own story. Perhaps after a couple of visits to “Avatar,” sitting alone to contemplate the possibility of one love, one heart and one mission, can we  finally understand how foolish we have behaved with the potential given us from the Source.

“I can’t argue with all the pain in the world today. But hasn’t there always been pain, injustice and cruelty? Is today any different really?”

Yes. Really. Just the sheer numbers of humans alone is enough to explain the increase in pain. However, there is a qualitative difference as well. More people are feeling more than ever; this is part of the movement of awareness. As these feelings of all kinds grow in intensity, so does the general awareness. Information in your time is expanding at unprecedented rates that stagger your mental capacities. It is all on the rise.

Finally, the pain is coming forward in greater abundance because it is being drawn out by the species’ ego. Ego is trying to rally its defenses through this tactic. However, it is unwittingly causing greater and faster awakening, as people are registering their pain in clearer ways. With clarity they are beginning to see through it more easily. All the darkness within is being exposed directly to the light.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure exposing the darkness to light is really working. I still see so much fear and stupidity all around—in politics and religion and entertainment. Everything is reaction and distraction!”

You’re right. In your time, it does look quite hopeless, like people will just never learn what’s best for them. They often seem to be choosing the lowest common denominator. And that seems to get lower and lower all the time! In reality this is not true, however. It is only a measure of the increase in your sensitivity. This is a strong and painful time for the collective ego. When egos are confronted with the unthinkable changes that are inevitably occurring, they become reactive in the extreme. Egos choose based on their fears and reject anything that seems new or unknown; they fall back on old and self-destructive habits. This drives the whole system into ever-greater disarray over time. You are witnessing that now.

“Where does it all end? How much disarray can we stand? Will we have another major war? Where is the hope? I’m afraid I know what you’re going to say.”

The hope lies in Life itself, the evolving, unfolding force and Source of creation. The ultimate pain, derived from all the fear and wrong choices, drives the psyche down deeper into despair and hopelessness, greater defensiveness on the basest levels. But, remember, underneath that base is the true Source. As the psyche plunges deeper, it actually gets nearer to the Source. One of your human sayings applies here: Things have to get worse before they get better.

“My God. I don’t like the sound of that. So, let’s face up to it now. Tell me about the last days of the human race in more graphic detail. Make it as real as you can, more understandable to the human mind.”

What is real and what is understandable to the human mind are very different affairs, but I will try. I’ve already given you the context. The pain is mounting. It continues to do so for a number of years, in your timeframe. Wars and rumors of wars will persist a bit longer, along with economic and ecological collapses of various kinds. There will be widespread failures in governance, as the complexity and scope of the problems outstrip the capacity for the human mind to solve those problems in traditional ways. You are already seeing a lot of that.

Conditions do not actually worsen so much, as they become more visible and demanding. But your global feelings and reactions—fears and despair—do worsen somewhat. Information access and awareness of worldwide human conditions intensify greatly; the collective psyche is reeling, in tumult.

Let me pause here to remind you that there is a choice for each and every reader of this: You do not have to succumb to the fear. You do not have to fall prey to the outrage. You do not have allow the body of pain to wreak havoc with your spirit. It is all an illusion. You do, however, have to pay attention to it. Notice! You must develop your appreciation, your compassion for those who cannot recognize the illusion for what it is. If not, you yourself will capitulate to it.

As the egos of nations, corporations, organizations and religions feel more threatened, they will try to entrench into the old ways of doing business. They will devise everything they can to manipulate the populace and subvert humane values to garner increasing control of economics, politics and defense systems. At times they will lash out with in-humane brutality and indifference, trying to institutionalize their cruel dispositions. They will do this in the guise of defense and security. They will also attempt to distract you from the realities, and cover over their deceit with rationalizations, excuses and superficial niceties.

Nothing is sacred. The forces of regression hold nothing back. This is their Armageddon. This is their time to do or die. So be it! They thrive and succeed for a time. They offer the collective human pain an avenue of expression that overwhelms logic and consciousness. It goes straight to the emotions, the rage and fear of the masses; they create fires in the psyche and then fan the flames.

There are people everywhere who are crazed and fanatical. But the seeds of evolutionary change have been planted, hidden in the dark soil. These seeds begin to germinate and take root, right now, in the years in which you live today. There is indeed a grassroots regeneration forming within each of your nations, even in the seemingly, most barren and chaotic of times. In your midst, a growing, but as yet invisible, number of individuals are losing their egos. They are the early mutants. Little do you suspect the collective value this will have, but they are the silent beacons for those to come.

The awakening ones, in turn, confer their insights to the rest of humanity in many ways, mainly through their living examples of accessibility and quiet counsel. The awakening spreads out slowly but relentlessly, literally affecting profound changes at the molecular-level guidance system of the species. A critical mass of ego-free individuals is developing, a threshold of evolution is arriving.

Amidst the mass confusion, despair and hostility everywhere on the planet, a flame of peace sparks into the psyche at large. At the very point of giving up, of utter breakdown and collapse, miracles begin to happen. Very large numbers of humans begin to transform, without any instruction or knowledge of what is happening to them. New, awakened leadership takes the stage. Then commences one of the most awesome events in the history of this Earth.

In every direction, on every part of the planet, consciousness arrives. It is like a contagion, a viral infection among all humans; the virus spreads out on a massive scale and more quickly than any pandemic in history. What is happening? No one knows at first. The new species is coming forth, throughout the world. Yet most individuals are so immersed in their own events, and their confusion, they do not see it for what it really is. The details and the general acceptance of it, will not be fully realized for decades. Nevertheless, in the twinkling of an evolutionary eye, not a single homo sapiens remains.

A great calming influence begins to radiate out, and within, everywhere. The new species has taken its place silently on the stage! I know this sounds like impossible fantasy to you. The need was so great, however, and the old species so exhausted, that evolutionary survival demanded unprecedented measures. Your fantasy and science-fiction literature had imagined dramatic, large-scale shifts in the species before, typically with doomsday scenarios. The reality of that day is just the opposite.

All around the world, in every sphere of activity, the pain begins to diminish. When the mutation finally takes hold, people immediately feel a profound relief in their bodies and minds. Old fears and struggles begin to dissolve in and around them. The world is taking on a sense of peace that it has never known before. It is so new to the minds and hearts of the people that it is almost overlooked at first, mistaken for an outer calming in the environment and international relations. But the change is really within, in the very platform of individual awareness itself.

Major world problems are being solved, or dissolved, in unexpected and sudden ways, on all sides. Every day brings fresh, new revelations, new discoveries and inventions to address ancient, intractable challenges. Former adversaries find themselves working together, finding new insights into living and enjoying their lives. This happens, not only globally, but at personal and community levels, in the ways people act and look at their neighbors. In essence it is a long, deep, collective sigh of relief.

In the midst of the calm, unannounced healing begins. Compassion and gentleness spread out like fresh rains after a long drought. In a metaphorical sense this is quite true. People had been dying for lack of basic refreshment for their souls. They now, suddenly, have the sense that the soul within them is drinking deeply, breathing fully, coming powerfully to life in their hearts and minds. In your time, at this very moment, without the recognition of most humans, awakening is on the move…

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter


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