Letter Eleven “After the End” (2nd installment)

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This is the 2nd installment of a repost from January 2010. Even in the world of pandemic survival we find ourselves surrounded by ignorance, brought on by unenlightened power play. Time to wake up before the end crashes down on us.

The world around us seems to be moving farther apart as we evolve through this incarnation. You would think that evolution would bring us closer together as a species; more harmony, more love and more compassion. On the contrary, it is moving to extreme ends of the spectrum. One is a fundamentalist attitude with a reptilian gut approach to life and the other is a transcendent consciousness which feels through the divine heart and sees through the enlightened mind. In between these two extremes lie the manipulations of self absorption. And through this tumultuous existence the fire of transformation is heating up. Now, in this crucial time, the fire brings life on this planet to a raging boil and the lid of civilization is about to blow. The result will be amazing. Read on:

“…Would you please give me some details? What happens to ordinary people during those decades? What happens when awakened ones encounter people who still had egos? Is there fighting in the streets, or what?”

The struggles occur primarily within the individual mind and soul, not in the streets. If it’s a fight you’re looking for, look within. You can feel it right now, I’m sure—the pressure to do something or be somebody, versus the quiet urge to be at peace and follow a truly authentic path. There are indeed times when people with full egos encounter those with empty ones.

What happens then is that the ego-full ones see before them an individual who is no threat. They see someone charming in a way they can’t describe, also simple and unassuming. They do not register anything about ego, however. The mind does not detect the absence of ego. Only the deeper awareness is sensitive enough for this. The encounter between ego and non-ego does not engender aggressive feelings among people; the confrontation only happens inside the individual psyche. There is no battle between the haves and have-nots in the outer world, as I think you’re imagining.

Those without egos can, however, detect those with egos. It is almost a visual perception. The old species has a dark and filmy shade or halo around them; it appears to be continually squeezing and contracting upon the person and his environment, closing down and hardening. The feelings of separateness in and around these people is clearly visible. It impacts all the senses. Recall your own answer to my question about your personal fear.

“But how do you know these things? Presumably you have not met someone with such a full ego in your whole life. None of you have, not in 500 years!”

I am encountering you, my friend. Through the timeless portal we are using, I am able to detect many things about you and your kind, that I have only seen in recordings until now.

“Hmm. I’m a little taken aback. You’re saying I have a large ego?”

Don’t be bothered. I am virtually incapable of judging you in any condescending way. I only report to you what I sense. No, you do not have a large ego all the time. But you are still capable of reacting unconsciously. This potentiality still lurks in your aura. Bear in mind, it is not the size of the ego that matters; it is the degree of its separation and resistance to oneness. When you said you saw your fear as a smoky mist, in that moment you were sensing in the way I sense. You were regarding your own ego halo.

“Wow. Very interesting. I get the picture. Is there any hope for me, the person, to actually awaken and stop producing ego smoke?”

Yes, indeed. [Smile.] You, and many like you, are very close to awakening. But it is not a contest; it is not something you will or can achieve. There is nothing you can do of your personal volition to hasten its arrival. To even desire this is ego driven. The awakening only happens when it happens—when your mental state relinquishes its desire to control the process and when the soul knows it is ready. In fact, it only happens when the entire universe is ready.

“The entire universe has to be ready before I can be enlightened? That sounds impossible!”

That’s why it has taken so long, friend. Fortunately, the human species did not become aware of the possibility at all, until the opportunity was near. Otherwise, you were kept in the dark. Now the light has arrived. It only needs to be turned on and it will shine. Paradoxically, the light precedes the light—awareness precedes awareness.

“So, now that many of us are aware of the possibility, it actually means we’re getting ready?”

Yes. But again, it is not you, the person, who is getting ready. It is the soul and the universe. The whole Cosmos is involved in this.

“I’m feeling rather sorry for all those humans throughout history and pre-history who were kept in the dark, as you say. They suffered and struggled so much, not knowing that they were just waiting for the Cosmos to get ready for them.”

That is compassionate of you! But those earlier individuals did not feel the same issues. They would not have known what to do with the awakening if they had run head-on into it. Evolution needed to proceed through them for long ages before conditions were right. But don’t worry yourself too much. Those individual souls who suffered so, contributed their life force to the moment of Now that you and I exist within today. Their life consciousness still persists, as it always has, just in different forms. They are now participating fully in the awakening along with us.

“What will be going on in society and government as the mutation takes effect? How do the wars end and environmental and economic problems get handled? Is there a major effort to address these things right away?”

At first, the people of the world just have to relax. Certain immediate necessities are addressed, of course. But without ego driving everyone, the real needs are actually quite small and manageable. Given the new freedom from separated self, the Earth and the new species simply has to take a vacation from being human. It is several decades—more than a generation—before recovery is complete. During that time, institutions slowly begin to assess their new situation. Wisdom arrives within the minds of the populace in ways that are fresh and new, ways that have not been available under the ego and mind.

People still think of themselves as human; they do not yet understand the extent to which they have changed. They have all the memories of being human, even the memories of ingrained separateness and selfishness. The backlog of stress from thousands of years of fearing and fighting still has residual effects. People everywhere begin to appeal for help and guidance. There are those who come to our aid; among them are numerous extraterrestrial races. Ingenious forms of mass therapy are developed, somewhat resembling your religions. But these forms are identified to all participants as strictly provisional. They are like religions that proclaim their own life-span and termination.

The shift from homo sapiens to homo evigilatus is extremely rapid in terrestrial terms. But the personal, psychological transitions require major ingenuity—the combined resources of both human heritage and vigilan insight. I have to say again that we didn’t know for years our genes had actually changed, that we were in fact a new species. Knowing that fact at that time would only have been an interruption to our immediate progress. All we knew then was that we were learning to get along with each other in miraculous new ways.

When we at last do become aware of the deeper change, our astonishment and wonder is boundless. We know that this has never, ever been imagined before in Earth evolution—the conscious emergence of one species from another. Talk about new frontiers! What a joy it is to cross that threshold! Now we, you and I, have the great honor and privilege of crossing it again!

“It’s occurring to me that, if what you’re telling me were true then your past would change as much as my future. There would be a whole new transition because of this!”

Yes, precisely.

“Doesn’t that bother you?”

On the contrary. It excites me greatly. You see, it is not just changing our past. It is changing the form of the moment that holds that past—indeed the moment we are both living in right now. We are in this entirely together. Everything I’m telling you will have this effect. Together, we are changing each other—Now. The intention of these letters is just that. We want to join the two species in a way never thought of before. We intend to create a smoother transition for you and a more revelatory one for us. The transmutation is taking place in both directions, in all directions really—in mine and yours, and throughout Conscious Evolution itself…

Copyright © 2010 by Robert Lee Potter

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