Unenlightened Action Is The New Cool…

Is it our ignorance that seduces us, to always be unwavering about what we believe to be the truth? Isn’t it possible to be led down the thorny garden path of deception, and feel so right about our acceptance of this path that nothing, not even the naked truth about its deception, will move us to stop our dying loyalty to its voice? It seems that we are mired in delusion. We are ready and willing to jump on any bandwagon that resonates with our self-serving ways. This is the way of the unenlightened. But, Unenlightened Action is the New Cool… 


According to a 19th century legend, the Truth and the Lie meet one day. The Lie says to the Truth: “It’s a marvellous day today”! The Truth looks up to the skies and sighs, for the day was really beautiful. They spend a lot of time together, ultimately arriving beside a well. The Lie tells the Truth: “The water is very nice, let’s take a bath together!” The Truth, once again suspicious, tests the water and discovers that it indeed is very nice. They undress and start bathing. Suddenly, the Lie comes out of the water, puts on the clothes of the Truth and runs away. The furious Truth comes out of the well and runs everywhere to find the Lie and to get her clothes back. The World, seeing the Truth naked, turns its gaze away, with contempt and rage.
The poor Truth returns to the well and disappears forever, hiding therein, its shame. Since then, the Lie travels around the world, dressed as the Truth, satisfying the needs of society, because, the World, in any case, harbours no wish at all to meet the naked Truth.

The world famous painting- “The Truth coming out of the well” Jean-Léon Gérôme, 1896.


Is this our world? The herd mentality that will follow even to its death.






Letter Seven – Ego’s Great Gift


“Excuse me, but I don’t believe it. It sounds so glib. I just can’t believe human beings are going to end like that. Call it my distrust rising again, but I find it impossible to accept that all of my kind could be wiped out that swiftly and completely. Nor can I believe that the Earth could ever be rid of violence, hatred, aggression, ever. There is so much of it in the world today. Where could all that malevolence go? Even animals and plants can be violent and selfish from what I’ve seen in nature. How could billions of people be converted into something they are not? Getting from my world to the world you’re describing seems just too far to go—in 500 years or even in five million.”

It is your right not to believe. Though I am not asking for your belief. That is not the purpose of these letters. It matters little whether you put this information into your mind in the form of a belief. The mind is not where my message is directed. I seek to touch your consciousness, beyond the mind, and certainly beyond belief. There the information will stimulate a shifting of your being, toward the evolutionary step that is next for you. It can greatly aid in making your shift a more peaceful one. It can also facilitate the future well-being of all other creatures on the planet. This is all about how consciousness itself engages with evolution.

“As much as I agree with your premise that ego is the biggest problem humanity has, it seems an absolute necessity to me. How could we have become a creative and inventive species without it? How would we ever have developed genius?”

These are good questions. They are mental, logical questions though. Let me explain a little about genius. All that genius is in any species, is an individual who can see and understand more, and do it faster than the population at large. We continue to experience this phenomenon in my time as well. There will always be extraordinary members of any species. Humanity recognized and celebrated mental genius due to its pre-occupation with intellect. The rest of nature had always just taken its own forms of genius in stride.

How can we be creative and inventive without ego? This is another important mental question. The source for creativity or genius, however, is not the mind. The Source of creation is much deeper than that. This force arises from the deepest intuitive levels of knowing, those infinite pools of the unknown. For poets, artists and musicians, it is the muse, the inscrutable being of inspiration and divine presence. What the ego and mind did accomplish was to give Source an effective vehicle for expression.

“But I can’t get away from questioning what you’re saying. Ego seems to me to be a very important psychological function. What about the value of pride, taking pride in something you accomplish? Isn’t that essential to build confidence in oneself, to stand on one’s own, to take initiative? Without self-confidence, how could we accomplish anything, or make a contribution to the world?”

Confidence is very important. I agree with you. But it is not solely a property of the separated self. For the ego, it is just one more arrow in the quiver of self-defense. True confidence, on the other hand, is being connected to the essential awareness within. It is the basis of trusting in the world we live in. This is the confidence that lasts, unlike the passing bravado of ego.

To have confidence without ego means to be in the embrace of integrated awareness. This is the real knowing of one’s place in the universe, one’s destiny in relationship to true empowerment—that which comes only from Source within. This is humility, self-knowledge and divinity.

Ego passion may provide an initial impulse to action, but it is not what sustains it in the end; nor does it bring fruition. It is not the actual source of any action. The source and motive force of all ideas and inspiration is a formless impulse. The work of the ego can indeed amplify the focus. Through such individuated awareness, intention gathers emotional force. It can become a driver for the manifestation, by increasing its force and velocity.

“Listening to what you’re saying, this makes ego sound like an essential element. It is our means for becoming aware, and for having a focus at all!”

Ah, but wait. While separated awareness is a useful means of channeling energy in a desired direction, it is by no means the only one. Nor is it the most efficient in the long run. For one thing, the ego channels energy on the basis of self-orientation. This may speed things up initially, but it slows them down as soon as selfish attachment builds up. There is also the fear factor inherent in ego. This can turn any motivation into debilitating inhibition, as ego’s defensiveness comes in. What begins as a dazzling burst of enthusiasm can turn into a narcissistic implosion. Fortunately, for humans you always had more going for you than just your egos. The deeper consciousness was usually present in some degree to move you forward.

“So we already had the deeper appreciation. Why did we need you to come along? It seems like a perfectly adequate system we have: The ego gets things started and the deeper consciousness finishes them off.”

Yes, it did work quite well for homo sapiens, for thousands of years. You were a highly successful species. But here’s the kind of thing that always happened. I mentioned communism before; it was a temporarily successful system. The intent behind it was visionary. The philosophers of communism recognized the need to evolve beyond ego. Unfortunately, you cannot legislate evolution. While embodying a noble ideal, this system overshot its mark; it did not provide inspiration for individuals to stand out from the masses. In fact it encouraged them to submerge beneath the mass awareness. This greatly repressed the creativity of those who lived under its dictates.

Political communism failed because the leaders of those societies still possessed their own egos. In spite of those noble, forward-thinking ideals, the leaders became tyrants and autocrats. They usurped the collective ego of their entire society for themselves.

“If ego worked for us for thousands of years, it must have had something going for it.”

One essential role that ego played in life was to force creativity. Mental genius would never have been generated so quickly without it. So, what has happened to creativity and genius in vigilan beings? Did it disappear? Not at all. Conscious Evolution learns its lessons better than that! What we now have built into our genetic code is the drive to allow the deeper comprehensions to come forward. Where you had significant genes wired for fear, we have genes predisposed toward allowance. We are more creative, on the whole, than humanity was by virtue of this; we have more resources.

“So, what have you done in your world that is so much better than what we’ve done? 

You make me laugh. You, in your human ego, feel diminished by my statements. You went through very tough times for thousands of years to get us here. But you succeeded. Ego succeeded! It was so successful that it created its own demise.  

I will answer your questions by giving you some examples. In my world we do not have hunger and poverty; nor do we have war or intentionally harmful creations. We interact with one another in truly civilized ways from one-on-one relationships all the way to international and extra-terrestrial connections.

“Extraterrestrial? I’d like to hear about that.”

We have indeed made contact with intelligent life from other worlds and other dimensions. The contacts have been largely beneficial, as they were not made before the transmutation.

“What do you mean by that?”

The ego, it seems, presents a natural barrier that normally blocks contact among evolved species. The reason for this is obvious, really. It has to do with your mental focus that impedes intuitive presence. One of the reasons we have not been able to contact you until now has to do with this. We needed to find a resonance with you that would allow us to sidestep these blockages. And most importantly, you needed to be ready.

As vigilans emerged, extraterrestrials opened channels of communication and visitation. They began to appear from many directions, some physically, some virtually, and still others multi-dimensionally. Almost all of their societies are more advanced than ours, although they exhibit a wide range of development. Some are friendlier and more harmonious than others. We have the prerogative to choose who among them will be our allies and friends.

“What are they like?” 

Each group is unique. The ones we befriended were most like us. They had evolved through systems that had transcended egos and separative awareness. It seems we are the newcomers to this Cosmic arena. So there is much to learn from them.

“What have you learned?”

One of the greatest lessons is that there is vast diversity in the ways Source can manifest in different worlds. Of course, there are similarities of experience, but also infinite variety. Our relationships continue to be most stimulating.

The transition was greatly facilitated by certain of the off-world civilizations. Once the Great Storm had passed, souls took stock of themselves. They began to examine their options for staying within the Earth system or possibly moving elsewhere. The elder societies of extraterrestrials were more experienced in the Cosmos, so they naturally provided assistance to us in making these decisions.

“Did the aliens provide new technologies and teachings to you?”

Yes, up to a point. They were constrained by their own ethical structures from interfering in matters that were best left for us to develop on our own. But they were able to provide means of healing and restoring the environment, instructions on how nations could manage themselves better, work together with other nations, and reach out to civilizations beyond Earth. They did not provide technologies of a more mechanical and industrial nature, such as travel, manufacturing and communication. We were already on a course to do this for ourselves. Many such means had been initiated during the rein of humans.

“Do you now have aliens in the world, on a regular basis? If so, what is the relationship like?”

The extraterrestrials remain in their domains and we in ours for the most part. We do not intermingle the cultures. They have their evolutionary paths and we have ours. An analogy I might use is that of a counselor or therapist in your own personal life. You maintain a professional distance, meeting at key periods when the need arises, but you do not live together.

“That’s sort of disappointing. We always imagined reaching out into the Cosmos, exploring new worlds, belonging to some kind of galactic federation, living among the aliens, and so on.”

There is some of that to be sure, but not in the way your science fiction imagined it to be. Reality is often beyond what you can imagine. There is regular communication and interchange of ideas, discoveries, intentions. Most often we connect through message states like the one you and I are using in these letters. We still have much yet to learn from our off-world friends.

“In relation to humans, you said the extraterrestrials were waiting for us to exit before they could appear openly. How did they know this was coming?”

They knew. Their sensing is advanced enough to see grand destinies. But they did not entirely wait for the transition. There were many in your times who saw their vehicles and communicated with them from time to time. They also were in touch secretly with certain of your national governments. Many humans believed that it was the government that was concealing such contacts. But in reality it was the aliens who insisted on not being revealed. 

“Wow. That surprises me.”

I know many in your time feel that it is a grand conspiracy against the people. But there were, in fact, attempts by your governments to tell citizens what they knew. In each instance the intention was subverted, the timeline was shifted and forces brought to bear in a way as to make a general disconnect. This often looked like a government cover-up. The extraterrestrials had the power to maintain their secrecy as long as they chose to. They afforded occasional unofficial UFO sightings in order to gradually build public awareness and readiness, but not to establish a formal presence.

“Why did they do that? Many people desperately wanted to know the truth.”

They eventually did know, and that truth was liberating. I remind you of Christ’s words: “You shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free.” The key word here is ‘make’. It meant that for the species to be ready for the truth, it had to be re-made in a whole new form. The old form—ego—try as it might just could not accept the real truth.

“Why? I just don’t see why we can’t do it!”

Many of your species attempted to find truth through self-improvement, through searching for enlightenment, through myriad spiritual approaches, new modern religions. These were good and noble for their part. But in the end, they were mainly exercises of the mind, cleverly disguised as spiritual. This is to say, ego was trying to be in charge yet again. It was trying to set itself free. That could not be done. You could not get here from there! Setting free is totally different from making free. Ego could not free itself because its nature was to be bounded.

Even a billion minds meditating, practicing yoga, or worshipping could not succeed in wringing the ego out of humanity. All the attention toward that did, however, provide a powerful opening for consciousness within the body of Life. It provided elements that would ultimately be built into the genetic shift.

“You said that humanity was not killed off or removed from the planet by your species. But how could that be, if we became extinct? It seems that for your species to supercede us, we had to get out of the way.”

That is true. But the way it happened was not through physical death. It was through psychic death; that is, the death happened within awareness itself. This served to expedite and even sidestep the usual, physical transformation process. Many in your times are feeling the changes happening within themselves as we speak. I’m certain that it is happening to you right now as well. If it weren’t, you wouldn’t be writing this for me, or even be interested in it at all.

“How does this psychic death happen? How can consciousness directly change the physical genes? Isn’t that mind over matter.”

It is matter under mind, if anything. Deep down within the genetic structure mutations are happening all the time. Evolution has always had its micro side; it has always been jostling and shifting on a tiny scale. The microcosm and macrocosm are interconnected as one. Consciousness on the large scale is linked intimately with the shifting elements of evolution and creation on the minute scale. In addition, formlessness precedes form. Intelligent energy patterns, must be in place before any outer structures can be generated anywhere. That patterning is the very definition of intelligence in my world. 

“Scientific reasoning has no proof that consciousness precedes form.”

Ah, but it does. The proof is consciousness itself. Without it there would be no recognition of form, there would be no such thing as proof. Awareness creates the context and significance for proof, and therefore, must precede it. What precedes physical creation was the Big Bang, a concentration of all matter and space within a single, dimensionless point. That point is also the essential consciousness. As form was born, consciousness flowed into it from its pre-existing, dimensionless point.

In the end, consciousness did change your genes sufficiently to make a new species. I am living proof of it.

“How do I know that you are living? You could just be a figment of my imagination.”

You know I am living, because I am conscious, even if I am just an aspect of your imagination. Imagination is a very good way of linking minds and hearts. You know I am conscious because I am communicating with you about things you do not know from your normal mind and experience. You can tell when ideas are transcending your own thinking. It is a matter of being aware of this, that’s all. You can be aware!

© 2009 Robert Lee Potter

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