Come Together Right Now…Over We

Have you noticed that this election has produced a sentiment, not of extremes, but of moderation? Both parties made strides in bringing the center closer. Those who want either end of the political extreme may have to wait or just come to understand that most citizens just want to live a life of peace and prosperity in some way that meets their family’s needs. Sanity is neither left nor right, it’s balanced. It’s reasonable. It compromises. It finds a space where nerves are neither highly strung or wobbly. Of course, the intelligent approach creates better results than the gut wrench. And then, somewhere between the mind and the gut, lies the heart. The seat of kindness and compassion, reason, and understanding. This is the friend we should turn to now for advice. This friend never lets us down and always makes us feel balanced. Here’s hoping we hear its cry.


  1. We hear! We hear! We hear!

    I love your words, Omis. Especially these: “… somewhere between the mind and the gut, lies the heart.” We know what that “somewhere” is—it’s the center of our being, the seat of the soul, as Gary Zukov pointed out. From the center we are healing the soul of America.

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    1. I’m feeling a settled state of mind. I can envision the North and South, the East and West, coming through the evolution. Anger and hate dissolve, as peace settles over the land. An understanding, deep within the psyche of each citizen, that unity provides solutions and equanimity provides solutions. Moving into balance requires an even weight on both sides of the scale. The Angels are hovering above our land, injecting atoms of peace within our molecules. Can you feel it? Breathe! Can you see it? Breathe! Breathe! Breathe!


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