Portal of Karma

This was downloaded by Robert on November 11, just after the election. Not much I can add to this except how prophetic that today the delusional mind has turned its cult attachment into a reality.

RP:  Good morning, AS. It has been quite a long time since we talked—and transcribed—in the old way. I’m sure you’re there, nevertheless. I feel you always, just beyond the threshold of my thinking.

AS:  I am indeed here, in your presence, in your mind and heart, in your blood and flesh and breath. I am here. And I hear. What woke you in the ‘dead of night’ this morning is important to me, just as it is very disturbing to you. Mind you the numbers: Today is 11/11/2020. That reduces to ‘8’, the number of karma.

RP:  Holy Cow. So it is. That sounds ominous. Well, great. I’m so glad you’re here and so ready to dialogue. Let me reiterate my concerns, if you don’t mind.

AS:  I won’t ‘mind’, so long as you enter the ‘heart’ space with me, and feel what it is to be me in this moment.

RP:  All right. I agree to that provision. I’m ‘lifting up’. As you know, we’ve just had a very significant election in the USA. The old president is defeated and a new one is waiting in the wings. However, the old one is making motions not to accept the outcome, refusing to accede to the vote of the people. In fact—and here is what woke me up just now—he is suddenly reconfiguring the Pentagon leadership in ways that look like he is thinking of wanting to stay in power by force.

This is disturbing to me in the extreme. It means, quite frankly, that he may be planning a coup. Many Americans have suspected for several years that this was his ultimate goal. We are afraid he will destroy our democracy. Is this fear justified? If so, what can we do about it? And importantly, how can I get back to sleep tonight—and other nights?

AS:  No fear is truly “justified” as a motive for behavior and sleep patterns, except as a trigger to awakening—in the spiritual sense. You have been awakened today in that sense. You are responding to a stimulus of very high order.

Have no fear, my friend. Awakening is upon you all. What you are observing in your current national leadership is dire and threatening, yes. You are observing the bleeding, dying dragon—shall we say, dinosaur—in its last clutch at control of life on Earth. It is the culmination of thousands of years of patriarchal dominion. It is Death! The writhing and snapping out, ripping and clawing is terrible to behold.

This must play out. It is being ‘scripted’, as you like to say these days. You are not incorrect in that assessment. The play must be set on the stage, the world stage; the actors must act and perform according to the energies sweeping through them, across the globe, rising up from inside the heart and soul—and from the belly of the beast. All the terrible fomentation must be brought up—vomited out—for all to see and chronicle.

Yes, the group of dying patriarchs is now utterly cornered. They have their backs against the wall. They have been outwitted and undermined, turned into biting and gnashing against themselves—and anyone else who comes close enough to be cut. It is wise to keep one’s distance. It is fair to acknowledge that the party members who acquiesce to the cornered beasts are justly afraid for their ‘political lives’—as well as their own souls. They see firsthand how rapacious and ravenous are these beasts from hell.

This is much larger and more dangerous than one shallow man facing election defeat and removal from office. This is the end of a long, long age of domination, greed, violence and fear. This is the climax of centuries of hatred and evil intentions foisted upon the human spirit.

What comes next is karma. Karma is coming, swiftly and surely, straight to the heart of the evil presence. You are right to sense that the individuals involved are now willing to risk it all in their final gesture of defiance against our evolving spirit. They do indeed intend to destroy democracy and spurn the will of the people, expressed in the recent election. They actually believe they will receive some divine intervention.

Do not fear. What they will receive is their own just karmic retribution. It is arriving in this very moment, now, in the center of their misapprehended power. These creatures from the abyss have misguidedly perceived that there is no ‘heart’ within them; they supposed that they were immune to the forces of benevolence and balance. They are sadly mistaken. Every living thing in the Cosmos is possessed of a heart connection. It is our link to Oneness, one and all, good and evil, yin and yang.

The denial of compassion and goodness is quite their downfall, in more ways than one. Not only does loving kindness trump fear and cruelty, but it also reveals a shining portal within the center of each being—though hidden in some. Through that heart portal, for evolving spirits, comes consciousness and love, moving us all upward into higher, enlightened realms. What comes through the same portal for those in denial is, plainly, karma. Woe is it to those who must hold to that path even now.

Now, arrayed on all sides, though invisible to most human eyes, are the ‘hosts of heaven’, the fiery angels of yore. Archangel Michael is at the center. All the warriors of the spiritual domain are brought forward in this epic battle “for the soul of America”. Be advised, it is not merely for America, but the entire human species. The time has come. This is the Apocalypse and Armageddon.

Of course, the patriarchs will fight to the death. It is their passion, their destiny and density. We cannot stay the swords of the Archangels once drawn forth by the greatest need. We are about to witness the triumph of Spirit into matter. It will be a terrible sight for some—those who have attempted to hide their light and close their hearts. It will be a blessed release for others. But it is a just fight—a fight to the finish. Let it be so. Let love prevail.

Be not afraid. Stand firmly in your faith. Open your heart to destiny, living and being born this day. All is well.


    1. Mark,
      Right now the emotional vital is playing its part in the Lila of this earth’s game. It’s hard to work through it unless you can access your heart center and differentiate between the truth and the lies. Your divine heart never lies because it is tied to the intuitive space of Source. It all works out along the way. Thanks for your kind words.


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