Epilogue Partnership in Oneness 9/19/19

“Wherever you stand be the soul of that place.” – Rumi

What does it take to be a kind, compassionate, loving human being? What does take to make one feel joy when they are in your presence? It’s more than love that lives in this space, though love is the ultimate, intimate expression. It takes the witness within to guide the presence without. It takes the compassion within to drive the kindness without. It takes the lover within to surrender to the love that abides without. For everything is love, and all we need to do is taste it, touch it, embrace it.

From the writings of the All Self – Epilogue: Partnership in Oneness 9/19/19

RP: I found it wonderful and exhilarating to be in your world—at least in my imagination. But now that I look back, my vision there seems a little strange: What I saw was limited to only what was right in front of me. In my memory, everything I wasn’t looking at was entirely blank and void—nothingness. It actually wasn’t there. Am I just ‘imagining’ this? Is that blank background a function of imagination in general? It seems disturbing, to be frank.

AS: I find this interesting. I’m pleased you noticed. What you observed applies to vision anywhere—in your world and in mine. For example, when you stare forward, objects behind you are in the void, invisible and blank. Do their ‘images’ actually exist or not? No. All images are inside the awareness of the beholder; they are never actually in front of you or behind. Images are electro-chemical representations of nerve impulses in your brain.

And there is more: What you ‘saw’ in your visit was your own creation, and mine—that is, ours. In the soul realm, we create reality moment to moment within our own experience of perception. Here, images generate substance. Awareness is much more directly linked to manifested things. If we withhold our creativity, the creation ceases to exist. In this sense, we are the gods and essence of existence.

Though you cannot yet comprehend it, it’s the same in your ‘material’ world—just slower. You create it through perception and application. Conscious agency is the underlying authentic state. The linkage, during physical incarnation, is usually more indirect and convoluted, therefore denser. Density slows everything down. What you noticed ‘surrounding’ your vision here is quite simply the Holy Unknown. It is void, because it is utter emptiness—the infinite blank canvas for creation.

What you noticed in your memory of my realm—and indeed what you are afraid was missing from ‘reality’—is in fact the unadulterated raw power of the Cosmos. Emptiness is power. Absolute emptiness is absolute power. In the reflexive, ‘mirroring effect of the material world, the saying goes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.” Just the opposite is actually true. ‘Corruption’ is camouflage for the ego. It knows nothing of true power.

The force behind creation and Life cannot be ‘seen’ or apprehended in form-based awareness. It is pure consciousness, unadorned by objectification or function. It cannot be seen, because it is the seer. Does this not sound like the Holy Unknown to you? This essence embodies both emptiness and fullness—as consciousness wills it to be so. It is the Janus-face of All That Is.

Let me describe, once again, how emptiness can be fullness: What is truly nothing, no thing, is the “ground of being”, as Meister Eckhart put it. It is the extreme quantum reality, where non-locality prevails, without time or space. In this one-pointed Oneness, all opposites are resolved—never born, eternal. ‘Empty’ and ‘full’ are not divided; ‘formlessness’ and ‘form’ are one. It is the wholeness of reality.

To take you beyond your concern about the Void, I will point out that raw power has, at its very core, what we call Love—the essence of wholeness, Oneness and compassion. Love rules; it sources—all power, will and purpose. I am speaking of the impeccable power of Love.

RP: I’m glad you’re going there in this conversation. This is much more assuring. You’re saying what Huey Lewis wrote into a song years ago; “ The Power of Love” is one of my favorites. So, let’s go into this a bit. What is your quick definition of ‘love’?

AS: That’s easy: Love is all there is. I know it’s another song. Poetry has a way of conveying more than dry words like these. Love is the essence of the essence, and therefore empowers the heart of every aspect of creation, great and small. It is the spark of creativity—why Life procreates and evolves. Love equals Source in motion. It is the ultimate cause and purpose to be alive. Love reaches across the Cosmic vastness, yet is also fully present in the most intimate moments.

RP: Well, I’m glad to hear you say that. But it’s not exactly a ‘comforting’ thing. Love—with a capital ‘L’—seems kind of impersonal.

AS: What’s wrong with that? Should love only be ‘personal’?

RP: Well, I know the ‘persona’ is the artificial façade you souls use for us ‘incarnates’. It is the inferior, illusory ‘self ’. But ‘persons’ are also a big part of who we humans are. It’s how we feel and relate. It’s what we come home to, in our minds, at the end of the day. But I’m not saying ‘ego’. That never makes me feel truly comfortable.

AS: I understand. You want Love to be more active and visible in your world—in your personal life. That desire is an odd combination of selfish and selfless, for all humans. The oddness of it is that the selfish part blocks you from realizing that Love is already in you at all times. It’s what actually ‘makes your world go ‘round’. If you would stop wanting it so much, you would see it’s not ‘wanting’—lacking—in your life. Let me add that ‘impersonal’ is misleading. Love can be very personal, while at the same time being broadly transpersonal.

RP: OK. I’m over my egoistic, skeptical rant. I’m curious about how ‘transpersonal’ love is related to compassion? Is it just a synonym?

AS: No. Compassion—‘passion together’—is the operating system for love in relationship. It is the practical quality in Love that brings forth relative and shared consciousness, expressed through experience. It is the way love is articulated between and among creatures.

RP: All right. I like that. I’m sure I’ve heard it before, but it’s good to bring it in again. So, AS, given what we’ve been talking about—the essence power of the universe, love, and the great emptiness—I’m sensing we’ve stepped into a depth way beyond my capacity of mind to quite comprehend. I feel you’ve stripped away the veneer off my understanding. I’m apprehensive. Where are you taking me?

AS: It’s taking you into us. The Holy Unknown is our vehicle here. It is the foundation and agent of our journey into the spaceless space of soul, calling the shots. It’s what delivers ‘divine presence’—a synonym for ‘love’, by the way. Still, you are justified to be apprehensive in this territory. It’s nothing like what you have known in your mind, what you’ve been living in, low these many decades on Earth. This is not like that, because it is quite literally and precisely not like anything. It is Nothing!

Despite your apprehension, I assure you that all is well. Apprehension is becoming comprehension in you, ‘taking together’. You are drinking from the Well of All: Source. Love. Welcome back to your true nature, back from living—into Life. You are coming ‘full circle’, returning where you began, oh so long ago. Better said: You are returning to where you are beginning: The eternal Ouroboros.

RP: Whew! What you’re saying is starting to sink in. I was ‘seeing’ or imagining the garden and the park, the great tree and landscape, the infinite valley below, the road down the escarpment. The absolute nothingness behind it all, is like ringing in my ears, in my eyes; it’s what stands out more and more—like at the root of Self. This emptiness is blindness at the source of sight. It’s blowing my mind.

AS: Slow down, friend. It’s actually no different than your Earth experience. When you think of what’s actually all around you and your planet, and under it, it’s the same emptiness and void, the vacuum of space, dark matter. You and your world have always lived in this environment. There’s no other place to be, in my realm or yours.

RP: Well, yes. I see it’s true. But I’m looking for some comfort or well-being. I’m afraid, from what you’re describing, is that the only true form is formlessness; there’s nothing to grasp on to or be supported by. The only consolation, I guess, is at least I’m still conscious. And, to go a little further, I’m still who I really am. It’s all so damn strange.

AS: Feel more deeply now, son. There is much more!

RP: What do you mean? There’s Nothing! What more could there be? It’s all emptiness. Formlessness.

AS: Nay, there is more. There is openness. Holiness. The Unknown. Oneness. There is imagination and creativity. You do feel that? Creation, in and of itself, is the purpose of Life. And indeed it is way beyond personal. Death is about giving up the ‘persona’, taking off the mask of the separated self.

You have had a mind, used a mind in your body form. Now blow it away. It is merely dust on the wind—ashes to ashes. Come back to me now. Live in my bosom. Beat at my heart. Hear in my ears. Taste with my tongue. Cherish the great, grand cosmic creation we have, together, loved and intended into being, into a perfect manifest des-tiny of All That Is. We are the All Self.

RP: If you say so, I’ll accept it. I guess I’m kind of tired of being a ‘person’ anyway. On the flip side of that, I just had an insight into a godly thing: the pain that conscious ‘divinity’ must feel in the face of all the divisiveness, anguish, and violence of humans. We produce so much of it in exercising our free will. Some have raised their fists toward the heavens and said, “If there was a God, how could He allow these atrocities to occur on Earth—fear and pestilence, cruelty and horror. How could God allow innocent children to suffer?”

It seems to me that this is very unfair to God. Divinity (or evolution or whatever) has granted us free will. And we want that; we crave it. But at the same time we are upset when that higher intelligence doesn’t intervene on our behalf—when we’re in trouble. We’re asking to have it both ways. My response is, “What part of ‘free’ don’t you understand?” Doesn’t our ‘free will’ require a hands-off attitude from the creator force?

Nevertheless, there is a beautiful prayer that I’ve invoked myself from time to time: “They will be done!” Please tell me how that fits into the equation? If we ask for divine will to “be done”, are we vainly attempting to suspend our individual will, our ‘free will’?

AS: That’s a good question—and a great paradox. As always, the only productive solution to a paradox is union. The way for divine essence to reply to that request is to see that the two wills are essentially one. From the person submitting this request, the attitude must be the same; she is not suspending her will, but merging it with the greater, higher will.

Your revelation is important and empathetic. You are merging your sensibility now, and seeing that God—to continue with the religious metaphor—feels every ounce of the pain that Her children create and endure. It is infinitely painful to be the divine presence and to witness the face of human ignorance and arrogance, perpetrating the hateful and hurtful experiences of this race. Yet it is all in the name of free will and conscious awakening that this ‘allowed’.

Free will means utter liberation at all levels of growth, beginning at the basest, most inhumane and brutal—rising up to the final union of exquisite, compassionate transcendence. It is all within the human spectrum! The gift of freedom means that human minds and hearts are allowed to go far astray from their essence. Gradually, over eons, over vast periods of struggle and torment—every bit of which divinity does fully feel—the human spirit comes forward. It gradually supplants and heals the ruder sensibilities and begins to flicker a candle’s light in the cold darkness.

The road is long and winding, through many a gloomy valley, many a trial and error. Now, after all the struggling, wrestling with the gigantic responsibility of freedom, your species is finally coming to awaken. Now, you are at last seeing yourselves as you are, as you have been, what you have wrought upon the face of the Earth. It is not a pretty sight. Yet in recognizing the grand ugliness and abysmal darkness, the candle burns brighter still.

The new generation of old souls—the one you have given birth to and are shepherding, even now, into this disheartened, ego-ravaged world—is rising up in strength and heart. They are speaking truth, as power, in the face of the ancient, disintegrating ghosts of authority.

These young-old souls are speaking in ever-clearer voices, in ever-greater numbers, in praise of Mother Earth, for the wellbeing of the planet—the repository of living creation in this corner of the universe. They are standing up, affirming the survival of all species against the bloated, rapacious mongers of domination. The new generation may seem meek, yet they shall indeed inherit this Earth!

Now, the pain that conscious divinity feels is real. She hears and registers every cry and scream of nature and humanity, every plea for mercy and deliverance. I know you have empathy with that sensation. The abuse that humanity is perpetrating with its free will cuts at the heart of the divine presence. It is terrible, excruciating and karmic. Humanity’s free will is responsible for that pain. Nonetheless, she is strong and infinitely enduring to withstand such affliction.

Know that, as you approach liberation, you are expunging the foul and fetid karma of your ancestors through the agency of awakening. You are fanning the candlelight into wicks of flaming, righteous vision. You do not undertake this for selfish reasons. Along with our whole soul tribe, you are redeeming the Earth—toward full conscious acceptance of our rightful place in this world and in all the dimensions of the greater spirit of Life.

This is the secret you yourselves have realized, by virtue of your own independent will. You have brought yourself here—to me. You have closed the gap between us of your own volition. It is the essence of your ‘end of life project’. This has been our fortune all along—the result of our drawing closer. It is what we have at last produced in this generation on Earth. I am pleased. The All Self is pleased and rejoicing. We have brought forth true partnership in Oneness.

RP: I understand. I get it at last. This has been your design from the start—to give me and all of us—enough free will to actually wake up and become conscious co-creators with you, the All Soul. This is the ultimate destiny of being human—for each ‘free’ persona, each incarnation, and for the whole species: We are moving from individuation into undividedness.

Through the bizarre, tumultuous, awful Great Storm, through the angst and suffering and torture of horrific lives in this world, we are all coming through to the end. We have not died of it, alas, after all.

In the end, we have not ended. Our consciousness remains and lives more fully because we have challenged God in our hearts; we have challenged ourselves. We have come to know that we are the One being— the Oneness. We are the God! We have done all these things, in the name of divinity, to ourselves. Divinity has not saved us, because we knew that, being divine, we must save ourselves. “How can there be a God?” we have demanded in our distress. There is nothing for it, except for each and all of us to be God.

AS: Come with me here. Come closer. All is well. 

© 2019 Robert Lee Potter


  1. Hello ! I take it that my question about the Christos being mentioned as a level in the heirarchy not being responded to, means that I should meditate myself upon it to get my answer. This I have begun to do. So far I have come up with that it ties into it being the level where all souls are one. At least thats what I think it is referring to.


    1. Michael, as I mentioned, patience brings wonderful results. Here is the answer to your question:

      Hello! Good day to you.! I have just finished reading the third book, Amen. Wow. I of course will reread again. So much. ! Have a couple of questions. Is there a fourth book, Partnership in oneness? Second. The book mentions the Hierarchy. Of those mentioned, much is said except for the Christos. It is mentioned but not described much. Is this because not much is known? Could you possibly extrapolate on this?

      RP: Greetings, Omis.
It’s been a while since we spoke. I’m hoping you can respond to the question I received from a reader of the books. For some reason, I thought of you as the one to turn to on this matter. Let me know, please, if you would rather I direct it to someone else.

      Omis: Of course I am happy to reply to you and to your friends. I am quite an authority on the Christos, it turns out! [Smile.] I am an angelan—or ‘angel’, in other terms—and, therefore, very close to the energies of Buddha and Christ. As you may recall from Christian scriptures, Christ was described as “teacher” alike of angels and of men”.

      RP: So angelans have special access to the Christ energy?

      Omis: Well, any access to this energy is “special”. I would not say, at all, that my access is exclusive, however. Any human or angelan has equal access to this hallowed ground. What is ‘special’ about it can be linked to the word ‘species’, if you will allow me to expound. It comes from Latin, ‘specere’, meaning, to ‘look’ or to ‘spy’. To look or notice deeply is what our two species are best known for. The ultimate—paradoxical—expression for us is introspection.

      RP: You’re getting very deep suddenly.

      Omis: As is my nature, dear friend. I’ll bring it back to your question and be brief: Christos is significant to our two species, in particular. It is the highest office in the ranks of angels and humans. Before you ask, I’ll explain. The term ‘office’ refers to a creative function in the hierarchy of souls. All souls evolve. Eventually, each individual soul evolves greatly and takes on the function of Christos, as it matures and opens to cosmic inspiration and embrace of all Life within. At this point, our souls grow much more inclusive than any individual human or angelan soul is. The Christos is formed of multi-trillions of souls in one body.

      The ‘salvation’, referred to in Christian parlance, for example, refers to the gradual incorporation of lesser souls into the greater One Soul. That high functionary being has been called Christos or Buddha Nature. Salvation is simply a gathering of introspective awareness, such that all karma and impurity in the lower natures is transcended and dissolved.

      The human and angelan species are gradually moving into the ‘special’ state of consciousness that focuses all the many lifetimes of all the many souls on Earth that have found the inward path to liberation. Christos and Buddha Nature mean ‘freedom’. All souls strive ultimately toward perfect freedom. Every inquiry and aspiration directs itself there, in the end.

      Now, I think that is probably enough of an answer for the present time. It will certainly give you something to mull over. Just be aware that Christos is not a religious figure—to wit, not simply the man Jesus—except as it has been appropriated to that single religion known as Christianity. The real Christos far transcends all religions, all individuated souls. Be blessed, dear ones. And, as I like to remind you: Accept your blessings!

      RP: OK, Omis. Thank you for your insights. I will indeed mull over your comments. They are definitely more than I expected. Until we meet again…


  2. Hello ! Good day to you.! I have just finished reading the third book, Amen. Wow I of course will reread again. So much. ! Have a couple of questions. Is there a fourth book, Partnership in oneness ? Second. The book mentions the Hierarchy. Of those mentioned, much is said except for the Christos. It is mentioned but not described much. Is this because not much is known ? Could you possibly extrapolate on this.?


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