Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil…

Letters From 500 blog is devoted to promoting an idea. To evolve into the state-of-enlightenment that makes our world better. It’s no secret that all the negative vibrations of human beings make this world worse than it was when there were none of us here. We were given this world, by whatever means, to have the experience of personal growth. We cannot sit on our laurels, as it were, and glide through life with ignorance and complacency. It’s part of our divine mission to grow, and evolve, and realize the one truth of many truths that makes this world so provocative. That is to realize our soul’s mission of transformation.

All the religions, that profess love and unity, seem to produce followers who fall short of the ideals, and who stray in spite of their attachment to the religion they hold claim to. Going beyond these brain-washed narratives we find ourselves at a crossroads of truth and delusion. We have to wake up. Awakening is not a snap of the fingers process. It’s a long journey that requires inner work and attention to the small ego self that dominates our present existence. We can do it. We must do it. There is no way out of it. Our lives are minuscule compared to the big picture. When death comes your way, you have either made a mark for love and compassion on your journey or you will have left behind a path of ignorance and destruction, and no one will say your name or care to remember you. What a sad legacy you will have left behind.

Robert passed this wonderful animated video to me and I needed to share it, in hope that some people will see the connection with their lives and find the joy centered in their hearts. What path do you want your life to travel?

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